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Our guide to achieving Alpine chalet decor

Alpine chalet decor is a style that captures the true essence of mountain living.

Inspired by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, this decor embraces a harmonious blend of rusticity, elegance, and warmth. The main attributes encompass natural materials, rich and earthy tones, and the use of plush textiles.

So, whether you’re a seasoned interior design enthusiast, a chalet owner who is redecorating or you’re simply looking to infuse your space with Alpine-inspired charm, this comprehensive guide will provide you with expert tips and insights to help you achieve the perfect Alpine chalet decor…

How to create an Alpine chalet decor

Embrace natural materials

Rustic living room at Chalet Xanadu
Natural materials and colours are mirrored throughout the living spaces at Chalet Xanadu, Montriond

The first thing to focus on is materials that bring the warmth and authenticity of nature indoors.

Wood, stone, and other natural elements all play a significant role in creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Therefore, incorporating these materials throughout your space, whether through flooring, furniture, or accents, can add a sense of rustic charm.

Dining room with fireplace at La Ferme de Mila
Using stone and wood to form the construction of your property is a brilliant way to bring the outdoors in. La Ferme de Mila, St Jean de Sixt
Hot tub with stone arch and mountain views at Chalet Goville
This stone arch at Chalet Goville, La Giettaz beautifully frames the picture-perfect view of the pistes
A bathroom with wooden sink and mirror
Focal pieces which use organic materials such as this wooden sink at Chalet Happyview, Le Grand Bornand enhance the space

To highlight the natural beauty of the materials, consider exposed beams, stone walls, and rustic furniture pieces.

By showcasing the raw beauty of these elements, you can effortlessly capture the essence of Alpine charm.

Family suite with exposed wooden beams at La Ferme de Mila, St Jean de Sixt
Commanding wooden pillars and beams emanate the surrounding nature and woodland at La Ferme de Mila, St Jean de Sixt

Opt for earthy tones

Dining room with burnt orange chairs at Chalet Happyview
Burnt orange dining chairs and dark accents create a rich and elegant look – Chalet Happyview in Le Grand Bornand

To achieve an Alpine chalet decor that embodies the natural landscapes, incorporating rich and earthy tones is key.

Start off by selecting a colour palette inspired by the raw materials and surrounding environment.

Bedroom with earthy beige tones at La Ferme de Mila
La Ferme de Mila, St Jean de Sixt employs a modest yet impactful approach, perfectly encapsulating nature’s colour palette
Earthy-toned living room at Chalet des Hottes
A mixture of greys, browns and gold, this space at Chalet des Hottes in Morillon blends seamlessly with its surroundings

Opt for warm browns, deep greens, and earthy greys that mimic the elements found in the Alpine landscape. This helps to create a sense of harmony and tranquillity in your space.

Use these colours on walls, furniture, and accessories to establish a cohesive and immersive ambience.

Living room with deep brown furniture at Chalet Solly Nook
The leather sofa and grey armchairs at Chalet Solly Nook, Châtel embody a classic aesthetic infused with retro flair
Living room at Chalet Le Meridien Etale with orange and green accents
The colour scheme used at Le Meridien Etale, Manigod captures the essence of autumn, and evokes a tranquil mood

Introduce cosy textiles and soft furnishings

Living room with fluffy throws and rug at Chalet Mahouet
The fluffy rugs and throws at Chalet Backflip, La Clusaz add texture and warmth to the room

Luxurious fabrics such as wool, faux fur, and chunky knits are excellent choices for blankets, pillows, and upholstery.

These materials provide a soft touch and also evoke a sense of warmth and comfort reminiscent of a mountain retreat.

Cosy bedroom with fluffy throws at Chalet Angelia
Though understated in colour, the matching cushions and throw at Chalet Angelia, Le Grand Bornand represent a classic Alpine look
Living area at Chalet Riparian
The owners of Chalet Riparian, La Clusaz have cleverly paired smooth fabrics with textural pieces

To create more depth and visual interest, experiment with layering different textures and fabrics throughout the space.

For example, combine smooth wool throws with fluffy faux fur pillows or mix chunky knits with smooth velvet upholstery, to create a subtle sense of contrast.

At Lodge Alta Clusa, La Clusaz, plush rugs, throws and cushions in neutral tones have been used to accentuate this cosy reading corner

If you want to add a touch of tradition, you can also introduce patterned textiles with classic motifs, such as plaids, checks, or Alpine prints.

A double bed with Savoyarde throws in Chalet Ourson du Passieu
The owners of Chalet Ourson du Passieu, Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle have embraced the Savoyard theme in this double bedroom

Incorporate rustic furniture and accessories

Rustic furniture is essential to cultivating an authentic Alpine style and accessories allow you to create engaging focal points while adding your own personal touch and tastes into the space.


When selecting furniture, opt for sturdy and handcrafted units made from natural materials like reclaimed wood.

These not only bring a sense of durability and longevity but also showcase the beauty of local craftsmanship.

Three leather chairs are placed aroudn acoffee table at La Ferme de Mila
Combining a retro look with classic farmhouse touches, this cosy corner at La Ferme de Mila is the perfect place to enjoy a drink or kick back with a book
Rustic dining table at Chalet Goville
The owners of Chalet Goville, La Giettaz have achieved a rustic farmhouse look which draws on traditional style with contemporary touches
Three armchairs are placed around a coffee table next to a piano
Solid wood, brown leather and cow prints paired with modern hints evoke a unique Alpine look, whilst the piano brings a touch of class and elegance at Zaru Lodge, La Clusaz

In some cases, for example, if you’re dealing with an unusual space such as a tight corner or sloped ceiling, consider having bespoke furniture built which is made to measure. This makes use of your property’s nooks and crannies and allows you to showcase pieces which are completely individual. And if it’s within your budget, you can personalise the pieces with carved details or unique designs.

A bathroom with a wooden design sink
The sink unit at Chalet Ourson du Passieu, Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle goes beyond practical function, also serving as an interesting design feature


To further enhance the rustic atmosphere, consider incorporating vintage embellishments or decorative antique accents. Wooden skis, snowshoes, and mountain-themed artwork, for example, serve as nostalgic reminders of Alpine culture and outdoor activities. These unique pieces add character and a sense of history to your decor, but remember to keep it subtle and tasteful. Overusing Alpine ornaments could age your chalet or create an overly sentimental style.

Cosy living room with fireplace and antique alpine elements
Antique snowshoes and a sledge coffee table tell a story of their own in this cosy living room at Chalet Keramis, Morillon
Chalet Colombine, Villards-sur-Thônes draws on classic masculine style with dark leather and robust pieces, coupled with mountain influences such as the stag’s head and faux fur cushions

Install a fireplace

A cylindrical log burner at Lodge La Source
This industrial-looking wood burner at Lodge La Source, Les Clefs originated in Canada and blows out the hot air it produces

No Alpine chalet decor is complete without the addition of a fireplace, which instantly enhances the cosy ambience.

Whether you opt for a traditional stone centrepiece or a more modern wood-burning stove, the fireplace becomes the heart of the chalet. It not only brings people together but provides a focal point that adds both aesthetic and functional value to the space.

When it comes to selecting your fireplace, there are endless designs to choose from. Opt for one which will blend effortlessly into your space and match the rest of your decor choices. Take a look at the guide below to find more inspiration:

A modern black fireplace separates twp contemporary living rooms
The modern fireplace at Bleu Infini, La Clusaz acts as both a captivating focal point and a room divider


A dining table with red chairs and a striking lamp above it
The striking pendant light draws attention to the central focus of the room, whilst the subtle strip lighting illuminates the top half of the room – Chalet Beau Caillou, Saint Gervais

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and ambience in your chalet. Opting for warm, soft lighting options, including candles, ambient lamps, and even fairy lights is essential to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. These choices emit a gentle, diffused glow that adds warmth and comfort to the space.

A dining table looking out onto mountains with a gold pendant lamp above it
A combination of bold ceiling lights and table lamps provides a variety of lighting options at Zaru Lodge, La Clusaz

Strategic placement of fixtures throughout the chalet is key. Consider using table lamps or wall fixtures to provide soft brightness in seating areas or reading nooks, however, consider that a more direct light may be needed at times.

A double bed with mustard colour bedding below a decorative fan light
The stunning decorative pendant light offers muted warmth, whilst the bedside lights allow for more direct light when needed – La Ferme de Mila, St Jean de Sixt


By incorporating natural materials, soft textiles, rustic furniture, and warm lighting, you can effortlessly create a welcoming atmosphere that exudes Alpine charm.

This detailed guide has provided you with expert advice and insights to help you embark on this decor journey. With these tips at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to transform your space into a haven of Alpine-inspired comfort.

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