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Our Guide to Achieving Alpine Chalet Decor

Alpine chalet decor is a timeless look that always works well in rental properties in the French Alps. You can effectively create this popular style by selecting and installing high-quality furniture, accessories and features.

Here, we cover the key areas for property owners to focus on including:

  • Fireplaces
  • Wood
  • Furniture
  • Soft textiles
  • Accessories
  • Lighting

… along with some top chalet decorating ideas.


There’s nothing quite like a crackling fireplace to create that true alpine chalet ambience. In fact, 251 of our properties have them, and the majority of those that don’t are apartments. 

Living room

You don’t have to just stick to traditional designs to get the alpine look, either. Check out Lodge Alta Clusa’s super sleek Gryo Focus feature fireplace for example. It creates a stunning focal point within the comfortable living area and adds to the modern alpine feel.


Wood is a fundamental element of quintessential alpine chalet décor, as well as being extensively used in construction and furniture. 

View of the property

It also works superbly in wellness facilities, such as traditional hot tubs and barrel saunas. Chalet Vivaldaim’s breath-taking outdoor area is a prime example of how to make the most of this versatile natural material.


Both traditional and contemporary styles complement the alpine chalet décor look. Bespoke is the ultimate option – especially where there are unusual spaces to work with.


Take this well-designed 6 sleeper kids bunk bedroom at Chalet Manoe, with two pull-out bunks below the bottom bunk.

Soft textiles

Typically, floors tend to follow the wood theme, with either a handsome parquet or hardwood, and the odd tiled finish. 

Bedroom 3

For this reason, attractive occasional rugs and luxurious throws add welcome texture and softness. Some owners opt for carpets in bedrooms to add warmth, such as those at Rocalillie Lodge.


Whilst you want guests to feel comfortable, family photos and personal items are best removed or stored before their arrival. This helps the property feel like a ‘home away from home’ and ensures that guests feel as though it’s truly their own for their stay.

Locally sourced, interesting accessories add character and charm, helping finish off the ultimate alpine chalet décor appearance.

Maison Keryaute has some stunning light fixtures, colourful artwork and well-chosen accessories that add wonderful originality and personality.


Well-considered lighting is an absolute must if you want to make your alpine chalet décor truly sing. There are endless chalet decorating ideas that cleverly incorporate lighting options that serve to elevate the ambience of your property.

These ‘up-lighters’ in Chalet Hartza work both decoratively, and as useful reading lights with switches by the bedside.  

Some dos and don’ts

  • Don’t assume everything has to be red to achieve the alpine effect!
  • Hearts and paintings of cows are lovely, but perhaps overused and cliché – try branching out!
  • Animal skins and deer heads may be traditional, but can put animal lovers and vegan guests off.
  • Support local artisans and artists by commissioning bespoke pieces that make your chalet stand out from the crowd.
  • Locally sourced materials also work to retain and promote the local flavour.
  • Don’t buy everything from one shop – mix it up for a personalised look!
  • Do buy matching crockery, glassware and cutlery for continuity – and always have a stock of replacements handy.

We hope we’ve inspired you with some novel chalet decorating ideas to help you achieve the ideal alpine chalet décor! It’s a look that will certainly never go out of style, so it makes sense to invest in quality finishes and furnishings. 

For more on how alpine chalets are built, see our blog detailing the incredible construction journey of Rocallillie Lodge. And while you’re at it, why not take a look at how our trusted interior design partners can assist you?