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Essential Chalet Interior Accessories

The right chalet interior accessories can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of your rental property. Don’t be scared to put your own stamp on a place and choose pieces that add character and originality. After all, you want your chalet to stand out amongst the rest!

In this blog post, we discuss various chalet interior accessories including:

  • Ornaments and accessories (including upcycled accessories)
  • Artwork
  • Mirrors and plants
  • Shelving

and some handy do’s and don’ts. Read on to find out more…

Ornaments & accessories

The bathroom at Chalet Vivaldaim featuring a unique towel hook.

These funky coat hooks at Chalet Vivaldaim bring a touch of nature indoors and make a change from the norm. The metal stag head ornament in this setting similarly adds interest and a natural artistic form. 

The dining space at a Ferme du Gran Shan with colourful chairs and a wall of clocks.

You don’t have to stick to traditional paintings and artwork – take this wall of clocks at La Ferme du Gran Shan. It provides an almost sculptural feel in the living space, as well as adding that individual touch.

The neutral living space at Dorealp with subtle glass vases as features on the coffee tables.

These glass ornaments at Dorealp bring a focal point to the centre of the room. Pairing them with rustic wooden tables creates a complimentary sense of contrast.

Flowers and plants

Grey bathroom at Chalet Argali with a plant and stone sink.

Never underestimate the power of flowers! Flora and fauna are timeless chalet interior accessories that can bring something to any space. You can use real or artificial plants to break up flat white or wooden walls and bring the outside in. They also work brilliantly in bathrooms, like this example at Chalet Argali.

The contemporary living space at Loft Yaute with yellow sofa, armchairs and plants

Another brilliant example of the power of plants is from LoftYaute. We especially love the hanging baskets underneath the stairs which create a boho-inspired, contemporary feel.


Dining room at Chalet Bonnevie with the table set and a mirror placed above it.

Mirrors serve so many purposes. They are practical, make spaces appear bigger and brighter, and reflect back views. Take this mirror with a rustic wooden surround in Chalet Bonnevie’s dining area to see what we mean!

Artwork and prints

The bright and colourful dining space at Maison Keryaute with bold artwork and a statement over head lamp.

The colourful artworks in Maison Keryaute perfectly complement the other creative styling choices. White walls with colourful accessories are an excellent way to enhance your spaces and create an inviting environment that potential guests will be drawn to. 

The bedroom at Panormaic Lodge featuring an up-cycled frame with local art, a bed and plants.

In the renovations of Panoramic Lodge, the owners decided to retain the original window frames to be used as decor elements. They have cleverly utilised them to make one-of-a-kind casings for the vintage ski resort posters dotted throughout the property. A perfect example of sustainable chalet interior accessories that add personality!

Statement prints

The stairwell at Chalet Victorina with a large stag head image and wooden interiors.

A larger-scale, well-lit painting shows attention to detail and acts as a focal point in a room. This handsome monochrome stag piece in Chalet Victorina contrasts well with its warm woody surroundings.

The living room at Chalet Le Mousqueton displaying bold colours and a unique fireplace.

Bright colours are a running theme at Chalet Le Mousqueton, and this statement print is no different. The bold tones create a contemporary feel alongside the modern fireplace.

Graphic art

A subtle bedroom at Chalet Zamaro featuring a corner desk and a graphic print on the wall.

This graphic illustration from Black Peuf fits perfectly in its minimalist surroundings at Chalet Zamaro. Including ski-themed art within your chalet helps create a sense of novelty for the guests.

A dark, cosy reading corner with a large graphic print hanging above the sofa.

This large graphic print at Chalet Ruisselet offers a fresh focal point to this seating space. It’s important not to forget about communal spaces such as these, which may not necessarily be your most-used rooms. They can create cosy reading spaces for guests wanting some quiet time!

Wall art

Red text art spelling 'ski', 'neige' and 'snow & surf' hang on a dark wall in a twin bedroom at Chalet Victorina

Another fabulous idea from Chalet Victorina is this striking 3D wall feature using ski-related words and images.

They tie in with the contemporary interior design style and create a modern yet comfortable feel.

Large text art spelling 'Kitz Buhel' hangs on a wooden wall in a playroom with a pool table and sofas.

Chalet Le Buhel demonstrates a similar use of text art in their playroom.

This really helps the photography pop and could even help guests remember your property’s name!

Pairs & sets

A double bedroom featuring a pair of reindeer prints, a desk, bed and orange chair.

If you’re not sure about adding one statement artwork, look for a couple of pieces or a collection, for continuity. This pretty pair of paintings in Chalet Argali add a delicate dash of colour and balance well with the neutral scheme.

The living room at LoftYaute featuring a mustard coloured sofa, a pair of instrumental prints and a TV.

This second example from LoftYaute showcases the use of pairs. These pieces frame the central plant feature and create a gallery-like feel.

Decorative shelves

A neutral coloured dining space at Chalet Riparian with feature shelving storing books and accessories.

The large shelving unit in Chalet Riparian shows how bespoke fitted furniture can level up the look of a property.

They also demonstrate a great way to display chalet interior accessories such as vases, books and games. Remember, if you do provide books in your French rental property, make sure there are both French and English options available!

The living room at Chalet Alti which has grey sofas, a suspended fireplace and a bespoke shelving unit.

Similarly, these bespoke built-in shelves at Lodge Alta Clusa are perfect for storing books and accessories without taking up unnecessary room.

When it comes to unusual shapes or corners in your chalet, we always advise that you opt for bespoke furniture that takes advantage of tricky spaces. Enquire with local artisans and carpenters to help you achieve a truly unique result.

Do’s and don’ts

  • If you’d be upset if it was damaged or broken, remove it from the property.
  • Items that won’t be available to guests shouldn’t be in photos.
  • Do remember your cleaning team! Too many accessories mean more time is required.
  • Vases, planters and bottles add detail and look amazing.
  • Keep in mind that animal skulls, animal skin rugs and cushion covers are not to everyone’s taste.
  • If you put candles out, assume guests will use them. Wax will drip onto furniture unless you use battery-powered alternatives.
  • Everyone loves a map! Framed 3D maps of the Alps are available – do consider framing them to avoid wearing the top of Mont Blanc away!

For even more inspiration, head on over to our blog post all about chalet interior accessories. Or, find out about our interior design partners and what they can do for you.

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