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Decorative Textile Ideas for Your Chalet

Decorative textiles add so much to a space: comfort, style, texture and even warmth. They also help to produce photographs that show off a property to its full potential. 

In this blog, we’ll be discussing a comprehensive range of decorative textiles and interior decorative techniques. Think bed linens, curtains, rugs, throws and even cushion covers! 

We’ll look into how the fabrics, textures and colours you choose can help you achieve a truly individual style. 

Incorporating themes

Maison Keryaute mixes clean contemporary lines with warm neutrals and quirky cushion covers in this particular bedroom. It results in a fun, laid-back take on the animal deco theme. It also ties in with the vibrant pops of colour that can be found throughout this charming lakeside property.

A touch of glamour

These modern bedroom fabrics in Chalet Ibusta aren’t what you’d call traditional chalet-style decorative textiles! However, they add a highly fashionable and sumptuous feel to this well-appointed ensuite bedroom. 

Prints and images

For simple yet effective decorative textiles, try incorporating printed images that work to pull your chosen theme together. Take these original cushion covers in Chalet Levant Blanc for example. Not only do they add a unique novelty touch, but they also draw on the themes and colours of the space perfectly.

Comfort is king

This mezzanine chill-out area in Chalet Behansa is a great example of carefully considered interior decorative techniques. From the soft, herringbone patterned rug to the fluffy cushions atop cobalt blue sofas, it’s equal parts comfortable and stylish. 

Pairing that with the industrial style shelving, side tables and traditional wooden walls results in a relaxing and harmonious space.

Cosy comfort out of doors

If you have outdoor areas for guests to enjoy in winter, make sure to add throws and sheepskins to keep them comfortable and toasty warm! 

These excellent examples from Chalet Les Cerises and Chalet Cosyneige also demonstrate how doing so can simultaneously level up the look of your alfresco areas. 

Be bold!

A vivid colour scheme like this bright tangerine palette at Chalet Argali transforms and brings to life largely neutral spaces. Don’t shy away from bold prints and colours – many guests are drawn to something different when staying away from home!

Rugs and cushions

Complimentary coloured rugs like these at Chalet Riparian define the two separate lounge areas within the sociable open-plan space. Carefully chosen cushion covers and throws in keeping with the colour scheme enhance the effect, whilst adding further texture and warmth. 

This thick pile patterned rug in the home cinema at Chalet Parakima adds a plush comfort factor to the hard wood floor. It also incorporates all of the elements of the cool tranquil colour scheme, effortlessly tying the look together. 


Lodge Les Fougeres‘ appealing living space shows how well-fitted curtains can frame out stunning views. Similarly, coloured cushion covers in both block colours and simple patterns effectively create continuity. 

As you can see from these examples, your choice of decorative textiles can dramatically transform and enhance your rental property. From cushions to curtains, every textile design element you opt for adds those extra touches that guests appreciate.

If you can’t get enough of interior decorative techniques, we recommend you head over to Liz Ockelton’s inspiring Instagram feed, as well as our blog on soft textiles for a cosy atmosphere. And for design services, home styling and more, check out what our trusted interior design partners can do for you!

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