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Our Top Ideas for Rooms with Sloped Ceilings

Low-sloped ceilings are extremely common, particularly in alpine properties. Whilst guest comfort is essential, maximising every inch of the space available is key to ensuring your rental property stands out among the crowd. So, it’s a good idea to plan the purpose of these rooms so they are the most functional they can be.

In this post, we highlight sloped ceiling design ideas from OVO Network properties in the Alps. However, there’s plenty of inspiration to apply to any home, whatever the location!

Sloped ceiling bedroom decorating ideas

A mezzanine bedroom with a TV built into a sloped ceiling.

The owners of Chalet Kalyssia made great use of their sloped ceiling by adding a TV as a focal point for guests. Due to the mezzanine layout, the owners have taken advantage of the ceiling to make up for the reduced wall space.

A sloped bedroom with yellow beds.

This unique bed at Helios View Lodge not only adds a pop of colour but utilises the shape of the room by propping it up to a 45° angle. It’s the perfect cosy corner for kids and adults alike!

A sloped bedroom with double bed and storage under the eaves.

Using the lowest end of the room as storage space allows you to position the bed where guests will be able to stand easily. At Lodge Fauspe they have installed a bespoke cupboard and placed a small chest of drawers under the eaves. This helps to optimise the highest points of the bedroom.

A twin room with shelved headboards above single beds with red cushions.

Building into the wall or opting for a shelved headboard omits the need for bedside tables. Reducing the need for extra furniture leaves more space for guests, so it’s beneficial for rooms on the smaller side. This feature wall at Chalet Hollygotty is perfect for storing small personal items.

A sloped bedroom with an in build bathrooms and twinnable beds.

This stylish guest room at Chalet Goville even features a built-in bathroom, so it’s a great example of maximising the space available! The double bed can separate, allowing this ensuite to transform into a twin room if desired.

A loft-style bedroom with plenty of natural light.

This bright attic room at Chalet Les Vosnes retains a minimal style. They’ve avoided overcrowding the walls by using the beams to fix artwork and lighting to. The result is a relaxing, uncluttered and functional space.

Lighting and design ideas

A double bedroom with skylights built into the sloped ceiling providing a mountain view.

You can’t beat the view out of the skylights at Balmaz Lodge! Often, sloped ceilings may be in attics or darker areas of the home, but adding a skylight floods the room with natural light and brings the outdoors in.

A family suite in a sloped room with low-set windows and a bespoke single bed.

This family suite at Chalet Angelia showcases highly creative approaches to lighting and design. The window on the shortest wall brightens the room, along with the upward-facing lights which reflect to illuminate the eaves. A bespoke upper bed not only creates an exciting sleeping spot for kids but allows for extra capacity without occupying floor space.

A twin room with large sofas.

Two beds are separated by a parting wall in this suite at Chalet Zamaro, allowing for a little extra privacy. The room is well lit to create a fresh and open ambience.

A double bedroom with strip lighting under the eaves and a sofa in the corner.

The use of strip lighting in this suite at Chalet Woodman subtly brightens the darkest areas of the room and adds a different design aspect.

A sloped room with bookshelves and a large sofa and TV.

We love this sloped ceiling design idea from the owners of Chalet Morclan. A cosy corner stocked with plenty of books sits neatly behind a comfy sofa for watching TV, which is ideal if guests are after some quiet time alone.

A reading room with skylights and a mountain view.

This tranquil nook at Zaru Lodge is immersed in natural light. Guests can marvel at the mountain views and starry skies from the comfort of their chalet!

Low-sloped ceiling bedroom ideas for kids

Although it sounds a little obvious, rooms with lower ceilings are perfectly suited for shorter guests. Kids don’t have to duck as much if headspace is limited, plus these spaces make for a cosy hideout!

A triple bedroom with wooden walls and flooring and a skylight.

This bedroom at Chalet Bellanis is great for families with older children. The wooden panelling creates a cosy cabin atmosphere whilst the skylight brings you closer to the surrounding nature.

A kids dorm room with bright bed linen and a large window, with games on the floor.

Children will love this fun dorm room at Chalet Le Mousqueton. Games, bean bags and bright colours create a lively atmosphere where younger guests can enjoy sleepovers every night of their holiday!

A cosy kids room with games and patterned bed linen.

This snug hideout at Chalet Pajules is perfect for resting after a long day on the pistes. Adding a fluffy rug means kids have space to sit and play games. Plus the patterned linen can be swapped with plain sheets to transform the room for older guests.

A family suite built with traditional wood, including games and toys.

The owners of Chalet Alti have provided plenty of toys and games to keep little ones entertained whilst creating a functional space. The space under the bunk bed can be used either for storage or as a fun play space.

A bright kids room with a low sloped ceiling and storage boxes.

Chalet Ysopi’s neatly configured kids’ bedroom is a great example of how to make the most of low ceilings. Arranging the beds this way means guests don’t have to duck too much to get from one end of the room to the other.

A sloped mezzanine bedroom for kids with a single bed and lantern lighting.

This mezzanine at Chalet Ibusta adds a great deal of character to the double room situated below. Youngsters can make this separate space their own, with parents not too far away if needed.

A dorm room for younger kids with a large toy box.

We love this bespoke dorm design from Chalet Charmar. Beds have been built into the low ceiling space, leaving plenty of room for kids to play with the contents of the generous toy chest!

A family suite with twin beds made up with toys and games.

A family suite is always a big plus for groups with young children. The smaller sloped room for two little ones at Chalet Stellaone connects with a double room for grown-ups, creating a quiet contained space.

Games rooms and play rooms

Games rooms and playrooms are big selling points for families. If you have the space, consider converting rooms with sloped ceilings into recreational areas. You can, in turn, attract more family bookings and increase your revenue.

A loft style games room with table tennis, bean bags and games.

Instead of opting for more bedrooms, the owners of La Ferme du Gran Shan created a fun area for kids to enjoy in this loft-style room. Kitted out with table football, comfy bean bags, games and books, there’s definitely enough to keep younger guests occupied!

A sloped games room with a feature hanging fireplace, pool table and stone floor.

Perfect for teens and adults, this sloped room at Chalet Colombine is far from wasted! Combining comfort and style, and featuring an impressive fireplace, it’s a great place to relax after a day on the slopes!

An office/games room with a computer and table tennis.

If you’re looking for sloped ceiling office ideas, then Chalet Ibusta is a great example. Appealing to home workers and families alike, they’ve enhanced an exposed area to create a communal space for a variety of guests.

A sloped games room with a large sofa and bean bags plus tennis table.

Mellow and welcoming can be used to describe this comfy lounge spot at Chalet Behansa. Guests can kick back and relax on the large sofa and older kids will love having their own den to hang out in!

Sloped ceiling storage ideas

Storage is always a key factor in any rental property. There needs to be ample space for guests’ items without obstructing the flow of the room. A big consideration here is the angles within the room. Wardrobes often have flat tops, and when added to a sloped room, can often make it look distracting and cramped.

The below examples from Chalet Hychris and Chalet Pajules demonstrate the use of bespoke fitted storage to create a seamless look…

We hope you have found these ideas useful. Whether you’re building from scratch, renovating, or simply looking for inspiration, our construction and design archives are full of handy tips to help!

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