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15 Stylish Lighting Ideas for your Chalet

Lighting can have a significant impact on the overall ambience of your rental property. It can help to create a cosy, warm feel or a bright, modern atmosphere. In this blog, we’ll discuss both indoor and outdoor lighting ideas. We’ll also provide inspiration for creative ways to utilise lighting in your rental property, courtesy of OVO Network properties.

Indoor lighting ideas

Dining table lighting

Check out the dramatic statement pendant lighting placed at variable heights above the dining table in Chalet Woodman

Creating an appetizing ambience, it also serves to effectively define the dining area within the sociable open plan living space. 

Lighting ideas: Dining room

Kitchen lighting

Lighting ideas: Kitchen

The clever use of lighting in the American-style kitchen at Chalet Panoramic Lodge creates a fun centrepiece for guests to gather around. The use of brassy tones creates a bit of warmth, which compliments the use of cooler grey colours within the stone countertops and floors.

Wall lighting

The attractive yet understated wall lights in Helios View Lodge add to the tranquil feel of the bedroom. They also serve a dual purpose, featuring individual directional reading lights.

Lighting ideas: Bedroom

Table lights

The carefully placed feature table lamps on the console table at Arpitan Lodge make for an excellent room divider.

Lighting ideas: Table lights

Floor lamps 

This contemporary overreaching arc floor lamp in Lodge Alta Clusa adds both architectural style and a gentle evening glow.

Lighting ideas: Floor lighting

Bedside lamps 

The matching pair of tripod lamps at Victorina add a subtle touch of Nordic style. They also cleverly incorporate a bedside table within the legs!

Lighting ideas: Bedside lamps

Feature lighting 

The hidden lighting strips above the beds in Peille throw subtle lighting upwards to highlight the handsome wooden beams. The result? A delicate yet warm, ambient effect.

Lighting ideas: feature lighting

Bathroom lighting 

The illuminated lighting built into the large, sleek bathroom mirror in Hartza is both practical and stylish.

Lighting ideas: bathroom lighting

Reading lights 

Each of the beds in this charming family suite in Meringue has a control for their own individual adjustable reading light. 

Lighting ideas: reading lights

Multiple lights 

This clustered pendant fixture in Victorina comprises chic filament bulbs, producing a warming glow. It also draws the eye to the tall vaulted ceilings, whilst candles arranged above the fireplace create an intimate feel.

Lighting ideas: multiple lights

Overhead lighting 

The chandelier above the bed in Vivaldaim adds a touch of luxury and works perfectly with the classic French styling.

Lighting ideas: overhead lighting

Outdoor lighting ideas

Outdoor facilities lighting

Chalet Colombine’s enviable alfresco space is seamlessly illuminated throughout the dining, fire pit and hot tub areas, creating an idyllic evening atmosphere.

Lighting ideas: outdoor facilities lighting

Outdoor terrace lighting

Terrace lighting at Chalet Argali efficiently brightens the deck, tiered planting and of course, the pétanque court!

Lighting ideas: outdoor terrace lighting

Outdoor pool lighting

Two great examples of outdoor pool and hot tub lighting can be found at Chalet Beauvoir 12 and Chalet Alti.

Lighting ideas: pool lighting

The pool at Chalet Beauvoir 12 has both integrated lighting and a practical spotlight deck.

Lighting ideas: pool lighting

Chalet Alti boasts a variety of well-placed downlighting fixtures in its desirable sheltered outdoor hot tub area – including a gorgeous night sky star effect.

Outdoor candles

Scattered lanterns with candles inside at Chalet Alpachic create a cosy natural radiance to the open-air seating area and jacuzzi. 

Lighting ideas: outdoor candles

A few bonus lighting ideas!

  • Install automatic safety lighting on exterior stairs, garages and parking areas.
  • Have a master switch per zone to close down all lights at once.
  • Improve sustainability by having timers on corridor lighting.
  • LED bulbs are energy efficient. Make sure to buy the specific bulbs if you want to control them with a dimmer switch.
  • Vary the types of bulbs you use depending on area. E.g., bright lights for workspaces and low light options for living areas.
  • Keep plenty of spare bulbs at the property and make sure cleaning teams or the manager check that all bulbs are working each transfer day.

We hope this blog has given you plenty of creative and inspiring lighting ideas to consider!

We also have some brilliant trusted interior design partners who can provide you with tailored lighting designs for your chalet.

For more interior ideas, head on over to our decor series where we explore a broad range of design elements.

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