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Traditional chalet decoration: Top 10 furniture and decor essentials

Want to nail traditional chalet decoration in your rental property?

Keen to find the best traditional chalet furniture to achieve that classic Alpine style?

In this post, we’ll be looking at key decor and furniture pieces that will help you to do just that. From fur to fireplaces, we’re covering all the essentials to ensure that your guests enjoy an authentic cosy chalet experience. 

Traditional chalet decoration 

Vintage skis

A pair of retro skis make a fantastic and versatile statement piece to display on the wall of your chalet. 

Take this dining room in Chalet Gueret, where the crossed-over skis blend perfectly with the abundance of traditional wood.

They also catch the eye and add a touch of Alpine style to this fun games room in Chalet Keramis


Another classic that will be sure to tie into any traditional Alpine chalet theme is antlers. Whether real or faux, they never look out of place and can be utilised in a variety of different settings.

The sociable open-plan living space in Chalet Patagonia makes good use of the raised ceiling space above double doors.

In Arpitan Lodge, this unique chandelier demonstrates how antlers can be used in a diversity of interesting ways. 


Speaking of lighting fixtures, they’re another great way to add charm to your spaces. Take a look at this traditional chandelier suspended above the table in Chalet Gueret, matched with a similar style wall sconce.

Traditional chalet decoration at Chalet Guest with dining area chandelier and wall sconces
Chalet Gueret’s traditional dining area

This chic glass chandelier complements the elegant French classic-styled theme in this bedroom in Chalet Vivaldaim. 

Chalet le Meridien Etale features warm-toned flooring and crimson table lamps that tie in well with the cosy, rustic feel. 


Artworks are a brilliant way to add some character to your chalet and create a more personalised feel. For traditional chalet decoration with art, choose pieces that reflect the area.

For example, this striking deer portrait above the fire in Chalet Bonnevie is the ideal finishing touch to bring the room together.

And the dining room in Chalet Des Enfants features a charming French wine bistro canvas. Other popular choices include old-style maps of the surrounding area and locally produced art. 

Traditional textures 

The chalet materials you select can have a big impact on the overall feel of your space. Not only do fabrics such as wool add to the traditional look, but they also add comfort and softness.

Consider the rugs, cushions and blankets that will not only make your guests feel cosy, but also exude Alpine charm.

We don’t recommend using real animal skins and fur – there are many great faux options available that will be preferable to some guests.

Chalet Ibusta's dining room with traditional chalet decoration including a colourful rug beneath the dining table
Chalet Ibusta’s dining area

The rug in this bright dining space in Chalet Ibusta adds a strong traditional feel to the space.

There are also a variety of attractive textures, colours and pieces within this striking living space in Chalet Timan

Chalet Timan's living room with traditional chalet decoration and a variety of soft furnishings
Chalet Timan’s authentically Alpine living space

Traditional chalet furniture


The quintessential crackling fireplace is a must-have for any traditional theme, and there are so many fantastic options.

Exposed stone surrounds and hearths always go down well, as well as a wooden-clad canopy that matches the structure of the chalet. Whether large or small, a fire is always appreciated by guests. 

Chalet Victorina's traditional chalet decoration, rustic living room with stone built open fire
Chalet Victorina’s rustic living room with an open fire

This impressive open-fire setup at Chalet Victorina is a great example, with a trio of comfy sofas around to enjoy the warmth. 


Bedrooms are another room in which to create the authentic Alpine feel through furniture.

Sleigh beds, with their attractive scroll detail ends, add a luxury French feel to a bedroom. 

Chalet le Meridien Etale has a stylish white-painted sleigh bed with corresponding bedside tables that contrast well with the exposed wood and warm red accents.

The handsome and ornate mahogany sleigh bed in Chalet Gueret oozes traditional grandeur. 

Dining tables and chairs

A solid wood dining table and a set of good quality dining chairs are great traditional chalet furniture investments. 

Chalet Keramis' dining room with large wood table, chandelier and chairs
The impressive dining room at Chalet Keramis

Chalet Keramis’ dining space showcases this, with its large dark wood table and selection of eye-catching chairs with inset decorative wire detailing. 

Tables and sideboards

Don’t forget your cabinets, sideboards, coffee and side tables.

Again, solid wood is a suitable choice that creates a timeless look for any space.

The pine cabinet in La Ferme à Juju is a useful sideboard with storage, complements its surroundings and creates a wonderful display item. 

Chalet Tolar’s coffee table adds richness to the room and an alternative wood tone to the walls and fireplace.

Lounge chairs 

A good traditional lounge chair can not only be the perfect space for guests to cosy up by the fire or get stuck into a good book, but they’re also ideal traditional statement pieces for your living spaces.

Traditional chalet decoration in Chalet Gueret's living space with bookshelves and a pair of chairs
Chalet Gueret’s peaceful living space

For example, this pair of comfy neutral wingback chairs in Chalet Gueret add to the calm and cosy feel of the room.

Here are some more cosy reading corner ideas for your rental property if you’re in need of inspiration.

Traditional elegance never goes out of style, especially in alpine settings. We hope this post has given you some ideas for your traditional chalet decoration and furniture.

For more, don’t miss our cosy living room ideas and traditional dining room ideas. If you’re weighing up between the old and the new, our take on traditional vs. modern chalet decor is just the thing.

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