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Modern Living Room Décor Ideas: The Alpine Edition

In this post, we’re showcasing a diversity of examples from OVO Network properties to inspire modern living room décor ideas. This is Alpine chalet décor with a stylish, contemporary twist! Let’s get started…

Chalet Stellaone

  • This considered space well demonstrates a variety of modern living room décor ideas. The statement blue runs throughout the soft furnishings, as well as the solid wood coffee tables.
  • The cylindrical fireplace and playful artwork add both warmth and character.

Chalet Woodman

  • Vibrant yellows and oranges tie in with the warm-toned wood, providing a cheerful atmosphere at Chalet Woodman.
  • The collection of varying height pendant lights create a natural divide between the spacious living and dining spaces.

Lodge Alta Clusa

  • If you’re after modern living décor room ideas that also incorporate classic Alpine design features, check out Lodge Alta Clusa.
  • Meticulous attention to detail within every aspect of the furniture and design elements makes for a well-balanced space.
  • The placements of the distinctive suspended Gyrofocus fireplace and l-shaped sofa draw the eye to the far-reaching views.

Chalet Parakima

  • An up-to-date feel is created by the modern fireplace with clear log store and a partially-glass coffee table.
  • In-keeping artwork and a generous sofa atop a thick rug with handsome views make for a pleasing living space.

Bleu Infini

  • This double lounge is the epitome of clean contemporary style, with a striking central feature fireplace and statement lighting fixtures.
  • Small touches such as illuminated steps up to the secondary lounge area add to the indulgent feel.
  • The abundance of well-chosen and bespoke seating arrangements on offer makes for an excellent socialising space for large groups.

Balmaz Lodge

  • The towering yet minimal feature fireplace makes the most of the lofty ceiling heights at Balmaz Lodge.
  • Two generously sized and comfy sofas are arranged to wrap around and enclose the living space.

Chalet Ruisselet

  • If you’re looking for modern living room décor ideas with an opulent feel, this lavish offering at Chalet Ruisselet is a great example.
  • The polished glass table, mirrored cabinet, glass and crystal lighting fixtures and furry blankets all deepen the look.

Chalet Kalyssia

  • Modern doesn’t have to mean white and bright! The rich colour scheme in Chalet Kalyssia creates a sumptuous feel to the space.
  • The perfectly framed dramatic mountain view and eye-catching blown glass pendant lighting add to the luxurious ambience.

Chocoon Lodge

  • A sophisticated blend of soft neutral colours in Chocoon Lodge makes the panoramic mountain views the star of the show.
  • The feeling of spaciousness is further enhanced by the tall ceiling height and dazzling pendant light.

Chalet Les Brévins

  • The industrial-inspired tiled flooring and fire surround contrast well with the comfortable sofas and armchair in Chalet Les Brévins.
  • The unique suspended fireplace is the perfect centrepiece, serving to enhance the Alpine chalet décor feel.

Sweet Nest Lodge

  • The flue of the attractive feature fireplace soars up the double-height vaulted ceilings in Sweet Nest Lodge.
  • Extra cosy sofas with headrests and a blend of purples and greens accents provide a pleasant space to unwind.

Chalet Riparian

  • This bright, sociable space provides excellent inspiration for a chic and modern living room fireplace idea.
  • The glass-encased fireplace is viewable from all angles, with the two distinct seating areas, the dining area and the sleek kitchen enjoying the view.

We hope this gives you a welcome variety of modern living room décor ideas for your property! For more on modern and traditional chalet décor styles, why not take a look over our guide to achieving alpine chalet décor and our post titled traditional vs modern chalet décor. And there’s additional reading to be found in our plentiful construction and design archives.

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