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Traditional vs Modern Chalet Decor

Some guests love the look of sleek modern chalet decor, while others prefer a more traditional, true alpine style. Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating a holiday chalet. 

At OVO Network, we receive equally positive feedback from guests staying in both ultra-contemporary and traditionally styled-chalets. In fact, many of our successful owners embrace and even merge the two approaches.

Get inspired by these amazing OVO Network properties and decide which style suits you.

Old and new

Chalet Vivaldaim

A bedroom with purple bed and chair displaying a mix of modern and traditional chalet decor

This bedroom at Chalet Vivaldaim is a brilliantly executed example of modern chalet decor intertwined with traditional chalet decor.

Notice that the furniture, such as the chaise longue and bed frame both exude classic French charm. In contrast, the soft furnishings and cushion covers featuring modern art bring a contemporary feel. 

Chalet Ibusta 

A modern/traditional dining room at Chalet Ibusta. The image features a wooden table and a bright floral rug.

Chalet Ibusta is another characterful mix of old and new designs. Take a look at this gorgeous farmhouse table and traditionally styled rug adding warmth, comfort and colour. The eye-catching waterfall chandelier above provides a subtle touch of modern elegance. 

Chalet Chamallow

A modern open plan kitchen and dining space at Chalet Chamallow featuring a spiral staircase

Chalet Chamallow also effortlessly achieves the modern and traditional blend. The cosy wood of the traditional alpine chalet construction contrasts beautifully with the black, industrial-style spiral staircase. 

Modern chalet decor…

Chalet Argali

A dining room with a modern red and black theme with white dining chairs at Chalet Argali

Check out the well-considered modern touches including the cut-out stairway, bright metallic light shades and divider screens in Chalet Argali. Coupled with vivid orange tones, they create an attractive combination.

Chalet Levant Blanc

A modern bedroom at Chalet Levant Blanc with geometric wallpaper

This striking geometric bedroom wallpaper in Chalet Levant Blanc is attention-grabbing for all the right reasons!

Many guests like a sense of novelty when staying away, so don’t be afraid to make a statement with bold design elements. 

This second example showcases more wallpaper flair with this sophisticated silver floral choice.

Combined with a contemporary studded leather armchair, it creates a peaceful corner of the chalet for reading and relaxing.

A pale blue hallway space with a leather chair and tiled flooring.

 Helios View Lodge

A dining room and kitchen area with a curved wood design and food on the table.

Artistic sweeping oak curves feature within the staircase, balcony and modern kitchen in Helios View Lodge. The result is an impressive architectural feel which celebrates both natural soft shapes and inventive contemporary design. 

Distinctive features

Aravis Lodge

A dining room featuring black chairs, a bright blue wall and wooden walls.

If you want to add interest but don’t want to do anything too drastic, take inspiration from Aravis Lodge. Its vivid blue feature wall adds pleasing colour to contrast against the wooden background, whilst simultaneously defining the sociable spotlit dining area. 

Chalet Bleu Infini

A modern dining room with big windows and orange seats.

Let the outside in with floor-to-ceiling picture windows and wide bi-fold doors like the stunning living and dining spaces at Chalet Bleu Infini. Using windows and doors to frame incredible views is a surefire way to take people’s breath away! Not only that, but it also serves to create light and airy spaces that are a joy to bask in.

Chalet Patagonia 

A traditional wooden living room featuring fluffy cushions, an open fireplace and candles.

Chalet Patagonia is a converted farm lovingly restored by its owners, who have carefully retained many wonderful original features. One of these is the main focal point in the living room – the handsome ski chalet fireplace. 

Alongside, the variety of warm natural tones, brown leather and soft accents enhance the cosy yet chic fireside feel. The design also demonstrates how the use of wood in both construction and furnishings amplifies that quintessential alpine look.

There are so many amazing options when it comes to decorating a holiday chalet. Will you opt for an inviting home-away-from-home style using traditional chalet decor? Perhaps you’d prefer a modern chalet decor with a sophisticated and contemporary feel? 

Can’t decide what’s best for you? Incorporating a mix of both design styles along with various standout features can be incredibly effective! If you need further advice, then find out how our experienced interior design partners can make your visions a reality.

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