Owner Referral Programme

Refer us to a property owner and receive 250€

We’re always looking for gorgeous properties in the French Alps

Earn 250€ by referring us to them!

How does it work?

Step 1

Refer a property that meets OVO Network's criteria

Step 2

The property owner estimates their rental income below

Step 3

Owner signs a ‘Complete’ contract with OVO Network

Step 4

You receive 250€ and the owner gets a 100€ discount!

Ask the owner to estimate their rental income here:

Estimate your income

We're always looking for beautiful properties in the French Alps. Take a look at our portfolio and if you know other properties like these get in touch.

Located in the French Alps

Offering outstanding facilities

Sleeping 4 to 20+ guests

Already rented or not

Two ways to claim your reward...

Option 1:

Request a gift card of 250€ (TVA included) for the shop of your choice


Option 2:

Send your invoice for 250€ (TVA included) and RIB to accounts@ovonetwork.com

Please note: 

  • It is essential that the owner includes your name and email address in the income calculator form, so that we can contact you!
  • The 250€ reward bonus and 100€ owner discount only apply to owners who sign a Complete* contract.

* We offer three different kinds of rental solutions. This reward only applies for owners who sign a Complete contract with OVO Network.

Referral program FAQ

Who can refer OVO Network?

Anyone can refer us to a new property owner!

What if the owner ends up signing a Lite or Pro contract and not a Complete contract with OVO Network?

This programme rewards referrals which lead to the signature of a Complete contract. However, a lot of our owners who start on our Lite or Pro contracts do transfer to becoming Complete OVO Network partners in future. In this case, we commit to recontacting you to give you your referral reward.

How does OVO Network know that I referred an owner?

When the owner completes the income calculator form, there is a section for the owner to specify who referred them to OVO Network.

What is OVO Network Complete?

OVO Network Complete is the solution for property owners who want to own a successful holiday rental business without it taking over their life. Our bilingual team will manage guest relations & bookings, analyse business performance and provide professional marketing, SEO, photography & copywriting. It is an easy way to grow bookings and maximise owner's income — all with minimal owner involvement.

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