General Terms and Conditions

Use of OVO Network's website


1. Acceptance of terms

These General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as "GCU") defines the conditions of use and access by any person willing to book a property listed (hereinafter referred to as the “User(s”) or “Guest(s)”) on the website This website is operated by OVO Network of 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London England WC2H 9JQ (hereinafter referred to as "OVO Network").  User(s”) or “Guest(s) agrees to these GCU and therefore waives the right to invoke any contradictory document.

The User agrees that OVO Network may modify these GCU at a later date and that the use of the website will always be governed by the latest conditions in effect on the day of the order.

No document other than latest conditions in effect on the day of the order may create any obligations of the parties or derogate from them unless they are the subject of a writing signed by the parties.

The GCU are accessible at all times on the website and will prevail, as the case may be, on any other prior version or any other contradictory document. The User has the right to request that the GCU be sent to him by OVO Network by e-mail. It may also be saved, edited or copied, it being understood that the safeguarding, editing or copying of this document are at the User’s sole responsibility, as these GCU may be subject to modifications.

2. Who is OVO Network and what do we do for you?

OVO Network provides an online web service, property portal and individual property websites (OVO Service or Platform) to enable an owner or representative of an owner (Property Manager) (hereinafter referred to as the “Owner”) of a holiday rental property and those using the property (User or Guests) to connect, exchange information and conclude rental transactions with each other in relation to the rental of the Owner’s property.

3. OVO Network status

OVO Network provides you a technology Platform.  It is a web based marketplace where Guests can view listings of, and obtain information about, properties offered for short term rental by Owners. The Platform acts only as a venue and only for Users and Owners to interact with each other. The Platform is not, and does not become, a party to any contractual relationship between the Guest and the Owner, and does not mediate between the Guest and the Owner in the event of any dispute arising between them.

For the avoidance of doubt, OVO Network never acts as a principal with any of the transactions or services available on or through the Platform. As between the Guest and the Owner, nothing in this Agreement or in their use of the Platform creates or is intended to establish any agency relationship, partnership or joint venture between OVO Network and the Guest.

In recognition of this, Users acknowledge that any claim they may have that is in any way connected with a dispute with an Owner property sourced through the Platform must be brought directly against that Owner and not OVO Network.

Similarly, any claim that an Owner may have that is in any way connected with a dispute with a Guest booking connected with the Owner’s property advertised on our site must be brought directly against that Guest and not OVO Network.

OVO Network is not a rental agency, booking agent or tour operator.  OVO Network is a technology Platform provider that connects owners with guests and facilitates the reservation of the property and the payment of the bookings.  OVO Network does not handle payments made by guests.  OVO Network is not itself a party to any rental transaction, whether as agent, principal or otherwise and has no liability in respect of any such transaction or otherwise.

4. Booking - reservation

It is the User's responsibility to select on the website the property/properties they wish to book for the periods of availability displayed, according to the following terms:

4.1 Navigation within the website (

The User may take cognizance of the various properties offered for booking by the Owner of these properties and listed on the website. The User may browse freely on the various pages of the website, without being committed to book any Property.

Guests will be able to fulfil and submit a booking form to the Owners immediately, in real-time, based upon the information provided in the listing by the Owner.

4.2 Listing of the Properties

Please note that the properties are listed on the Platform on the basis of the criteria chosen by potential guests and when several properties fulfil the criteria chosen by guests, on a random basis which changes each day.

4.3 Availability

The properties offered for rental by the Owner on the website are available only at the period(s) mentioned on the website.  Availability may vary on the same day depending on the bookings recorded by the Owner. OVO Network makes  frequent updates to the website based on the information provided by the  Owners.  OVO Network cannot be held responsible for availability being displayed but at the precise moment the User wants to book the Property may no longer be available.

4.4 Registering a Booking

If the User wishes to book a property for one of the periods available on the website, they will express this interest by clicking on the website.

The booking form shall detail in particular: the property/properties booked, the period(s) reserved, any additional options chosen by the User, the corresponding price, as well as the total amount of the order, and the User's contact details.

The User will be able to correct any errors before confirming their booking.

If the Users want additional services offered by the Owner which are not included in the details of the Property, the User shall also ask for the corresponding options proposed on the website.

The User must fill out the booking form provided to them in the Platform accurately, including the information necessary for their identification, including their surname, first name, postal address. In addition, the User must provide their e-mail address which will be personal and confidential and which they will need to identify themselves later on the website. The User is informed and accepts that the seizure of these two identifiers is proof of their identity and their consent.

It will be up to the User to confirm before the confirmation of the booking :

  • that they are acting as an individual on behalf of themselves and for their group or friends or family,
  • or if they are acting as an agency on behalf of another individual or other individuals.

The Platform is initially configured for registrations by individuals and not by agencies – in case of a booking by an agency, the User will be redirected to another booking page (see below section “booking by agencies”).

4.5 Validation of the booking – Booking summary

The booking form completed by the User or the booking summary displayed by the Platform immediately after the submission of the booking form (and sent to the User by email) will constitute the booking agreement or a rental agreement between yourself and the Owner.

The booking shall only be considered as a firm agreement and the Owner shall only be bound by the booking, once the following steps have ALL been completed:

  • once you receive the booking confirmation
  • once payment of the deposit is received by the Owner. 

An email will then be sent to the User from the Platform to the User confirming the booking.

In any case the User agrees that by submitting a booking form they are committed to comply with this booking (subject to confirmation of the booking by the Owner as mentioned here above).

The booking form will be registered in OVO Network Platform, which is kept on a reliable and durable basis and will be considered as proof of the User's commitment.

The User may choose the method of payment (as offered in the Platform) to pay the deposit shown in the booking form and will proceed to the payment of the booking(s) and other options chosen by them as shown in the booking form under the conditions mentioned.

For bookings, which are not paid by credit card on the website or by wire transfer to the bank account references provided by the Owner through the Platform to the User, the User must send the corresponding payment to the address mentioned in the booking as soon as possible.

4.6 Booking by agencies

It is up to a User acting as an agency or more generally acting not on his behalf but on behalf of other persons to specify it at the booking. If no specification is done, the Owner shall validly consider that the booking is directly done by the person having fulfilled the booking form and on the behalf of this person.

The User shall be aware that by booking a property on behalf of other persons, the User shall be personally committed to comply with the terms and conditions of the booking and that the User shall be personally responsible of any failure from this (these) other person(s) to comply with the terms of the booking.

Please be informed that Covid policy shall not be applicable to bookings made by an agency.

4.7 Follow-up of the booking

The User may at any time contact the Owner directly or through the Platform in order to be informed of the follow-up of his order.

5. Prices

5.1 General conditions – Means of payments

The Properties are rented for the periods and at the prices in force on the website, when the booking form is fulfilled by the User and registered by OVO Network.

Prices are those chosen by the Owner. OVO Network does not determine the price of the bookings. The Owner can modify their prices at any time.

Prices include services and products listed on the booking form with the exclusion of any other services or products which are not expressly mentioned.

Prices do not include insurance for cancellation of bookings.

Price includes the right to use the Platform and the service rendered by OVO Network.

The price indicated in the booking form published by OVO Network is the definitive price applied by the Owner and includes the costs of products and services mentioned in the booking form.

Deposits and payments for individual or group bookings are subject to one transaction/payment for the deposit and one transaction for the balance payment. For groups this is usually handled by the Party Leader.

Payments can be made by wire transfer to the bank account references provided by the Owner to the User and shall include a reference to the booking number.

5.2 Dates of Payment of the Deposit and the Balance

Dates of payment of any amounts are defined by the Owner – the Owner may decide to cancel a booking in case of non-payment of any amount on the date a payment is due.

6. Cancellation or change of booking

Any cancellation or change of a booking by either the Owner or the Guest shall be dealt directly between the Owner and the Guest – OVO Network shall not act as a representative of any Owner or Guest for such cancellation or change of bookings.

7. Limitation of liability

By using the OVO Network service, the User agrees that OVO Network:

  • shall incur no liability or responsibility in connection with the booking agreements signed with the Owner,
  • shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses resulting from the use of or inability to use the Platform.

OVO Network cannot be held responsible or in breach for any delay or non-compliance resulting from the occurrence of a case of force majeure, pandemics or government or local authority instructions to close destinations or properties.

8. Data privacy

All personal data transmitted directly or indirectly to OVO Network is processed. For further details and to view our full privacy and data protection policy visit the page below on our website:  On this page you will find details of the types of data collected, their retention period, the purposes of their processing, the personal data shared by OVO Network with its partners, our data hosting arrangements and the measures implemented by OVO Network to ensure their security.

For further details and to view our cookie policy visit the page below on our website:  On this page you will find details concerning your rights of access, opposition, rectification, update, deletion and limitation of the processing of your personal data as well as the practical means by which you can exercise these rights.

9. Invalidity

If any provision or part of a provision of these terms is found by any court or authority of competent jurisdiction to be unlawful, otherwise invalid or unenforceable, such provision or part-provision will be struck out of these terms and the remainder of these terms will apply as if the offending provision or part-provision had never been agreed.

10. Assignment 

You may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these terms without our prior written consent. We may transfer any of our rights or obligations under these terms without your prior written consent.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and all matters arising out of or relating to these terms (including non-contractual disputes or claims and their interpretation) shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales to the extent that such law is not overridden by applicable mandatory law, for example local consumer protection laws applying to you.

If there is an inconsistency between any of the provisions of this English language version and a translated version, the provisions of this English language version shall prevail.

Any claim or dispute arising out of or relating to these terms (including non-contractual disputes or claims and their interpretation) shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

12. Contact information

  1. All notices to OVO Network under these terms and conditions should be done in writing and delivered via email to
  2. You may also mail written notices to:

    OVO Software Services Limited
    71-75 Shelton Street 
    Covent Garden 
    London WC2H 9JQ
    United Kingdom

Last updated: 01/07/2022