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15 Storage Ideas for Rental Properties in the French Alps

Let’s get creative with storage! There are plenty of clever and attractive ways to incorporate rental property storage solutions into your chalet or apartment. In this post, we’ll explore some of our favourite storage tips and tricks, with inspiration from OVO Network properties including:

  • Sports equipment storage
  • Bedroom storage
  • Bathroom storage
  • Kitchen and pantry storage

Read on to find inspiration for your holiday rental property…

Sports equipment storage

This well thought out equipment store in Le Tresorium is the ultimate all-in-one solution, with ample space for housing skis, golf equipment, bikes and even empty suitcases.

The generously proportioned kit room in Chalet Hartza is well-stocked with ski racks and boot warmers, making storing a variety of sports equipment a breeze.

Helios View Lodge’s modern ski room benefits from both boot warmers and a ‘HYGI’ drying cupboard, which disinfects and dries equipment ready for re-use.

Bedroom storage

Chalet Hartza utilises functional open wardrobes in this bedroom, allowing guests to easily browse their attire at a glance. 

This seamlessly integrated wardrobe in Chalet Cosyneige serves as a privacy divider in this kids’ triple bedroom. Additionally, inset shelves behind the headboard provide handy space for books, games, laptops and teddy bears! 

The owners of Chalet Guimauve have skilfully utilised the space under this raised platform bed to create a functional storage area.

These aesthetically pleasing cupboards in Chalet Riparian are in fact lockers – housing boot warmers and shelving for drying wet kit out of sight.

For truly inspired storage tips and tricks, look no further than Chalet Bleu Infini! Each of these neighbouring kids’ bedrooms contains 3 single beds at varying heights with under-bed storage. 

The space between the wardrobes in each room ingeniously hides a sliding door and wall which can be opened to create a large room, or closed to form two smaller, private rooms.

This floor plan for Chalet Woodman demonstrates how each of the second-floor bedrooms is accessed via a spacious dressing room. All of the bedrooms have bedside tables and a chest of drawers, too. 

Mirrored sliding wardrobe doors hide an abundance of storage space in this bedroom in Chalet Musini. They also reflect the bright light and incredible views back into the room. On top of that, they don’t take up any valuable space in the room when opened.

Bathroom storage

We love baskets! This bathroom at Chalet Alpachic shows why. They add, texture, colour and effective storage. They’re especially useful for keeping guests’ bath and shower products tidy. Add toothbrush mugs and soap dishes to complete the ensemble.

Chalet Julena’s tranquil shower room features handy under-sink shelving – a great place to store easily accessible spare dry towels. 

Kitchen and pantry storage

Self-catered properties require enough space for guests to store their food. Take some storage tips and tricks from this open shelving in Chalet Vivaldaim

While some chalets opt for pantries, this is a brilliant alternative. Food items arranged neatly in labelled containers on display are both pleasing to the eye and practical.

We also recommend you check out Berchen for beautiful and sustainable kitchen storage solutions. 

Open shelves like those in Chalet Cosyneige can be used as room dividers. They also provide a brilliant opportunity to inject personality via decorative items. If your shelves surround a log fire like these, remember to add a convenient log store!

Manager’s store

Don’t forget, managers need lockable storage areas for things like:

  • bed linens
  • towels 
  • bath mats
  • consumables
  • cleaning materials 
  • spa products to be kept of children’s reach
  • spare light bulbs
  • batteries for remote controls
  • spare HDMI cables
  • spare crockery and glassware
  • storage for soft summer textiles in stormy weather and the furniture itself through winter.

We hope we’ve inspired you with this plethora of rental property storage solutions and storage tips and tricks that you can utilise yourself!

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