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Private spa facilities improve guest well-being, enjoyment, and occupancy rates all year round

Private spa facilities are the focus of part 4 of our series on ‘Extra facilities we know guests love’.  As with previous posts on ski rooms, private petanque courts, and outdoor spaces we know what our guests enjoy, and below we try to guide owners on how to give guests what they want!

Through our search monitoring, we are seeing more and more guests searching for chalets with private hot tubs, saunas, hammams, swim spas and swimming pools. And statistically chalets with one – or more – of these spa facilities enjoy higher occupancy rates throughout the year. 

If you’re considering investing in new facilities, take inspiration from some of the gorgeous spaces our owners have created below.

Ten things to consider when adding private spa facilities to improve guest well-being

  1. Provide extra spa towels, bath robes and products.
  2. Provide clear, simple instructions for safe use – and any prohibited use – close by.
  3. Where possible, organise maintenance training for your manager.
  4. Keep a maintenance log, observe cleaning regimes, and service regularly as per manufacturer recommendations.
  5. Keep strong cleaning / disinfecting products locked away, out of children’s reach.
  6. Take out a maintenance contract or extended guarantee, and have the relevant local number on hand before you need it. 
  7. Ensure any repairs are carried out straightaway. If the spa facilities were the reasons your guests chose your chalet above others, it will not go down well if the services they booked are not available.
  8. Factor in extra cleaning/maintenance time and other overheads per changeover.
  9. Ask Managers to politely remind guests to respect neighbours when they are using the facilities.
  10. Provide alternatives to glasses – broken glass in water is dangerous and costly.

As well as showing beautiful photographs of the facilities on your website and in adverts, we include detailed information and descriptions too. This helps guests make an informed choice and book the property that meets their groups requirements – considering things like seasonal availability, dimensions, depth, heating and so on.

Don’t forget, if your family or friends use your property they too will enjoy and benefit from the facilities! Get inspired with the ideas below – and get in touch if you’d like to discuss your plans.

1. Chalets with hot tub

Indoors or out, once an electric powered hot tub reaches temperature, it is guest ready 24 hours a day. Different models come with bubbles, fountains, underwater massage heads, coloured lighting, speakers and waterproof phone docks. Guests can enjoy their perfect playlists too!

The hot tub in the private spa at Lodge Fauspe
The hot tub at Lodge Fauspe La Clusaz.

2. Ski chalets with Scandinavian baths

The characteristic circular design of a wooden Scandinavian bath is, for some, the ‘real deal’. They blend into natural surroundings well, with the water heated either by an immersed stove or an external wood-fired boiler. It’s also possible to buy these baths with jets for bubbles.

The Scandinavian bath at Chalet le Meridien – Tournette in Manigod.

3. Alpine chalets with hybrid hot tubs

These hot tubs look like traditional wooden baths, yet operate like a hot tub as the water heater and filtration system are hidden beneath the steps.

Hot tubs are by far and away the most popular spa facility that our owners choose to add. To view our ski chalets with hot tubs click here

4. Holiday rentals with indoor saunas

If you prefer to detox, relax aching muscles and improve blood circulation in ‘dry hot heat’ (between 10 and 25% humidity), in scented wooden surroundings, opt for a sauna.

The indoor sauna at Chalet Behansa
The indoor sauna at Chalet Behansa, Les Gets.

5. Holiday accommodation with a barrel sauna

With benches and curved lens-like windows facing magnificent views, it’s easy to see why barrel saunas are so popular. They look equally as good from the outside!

The view from the barrel sauna at Chalet Manoe
The view from the barrel sauna at Chalet Manoe in Manigod.

6. Chalets with hammams

Scented essential oils clear the airways, while skin is deep cleansed, and tired aching limbs relax in the ‘humid warm hug’ of a ceramic tile lined hammam. This enveloping detox, provides a completely different style of relaxation.

The hammam at Chalet Nova in Manigod
The hammam at Chalet Pralor – Le Nova in Manigod

Click here to view OVO Network chalets with hammams.

7. Ski chalets with indoor swim spas

Cheaper to install and run than a swimming pool, swim spas are like long hot tubs with a deep central groove so that guests can stand, and a counter current to swim against. They are increasing in popularity and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The indoor swim spa at Chelt Flocon Magique in St Jean de Sixt
The indoor swim spa at Chalet Flocon Magique in St Jean de Sixt, near La Clusaz.

8. Holiday homes with outdoor swim spas

Outdoor swim spas are perfect for groups where some guests prefer to exercise while others around them relax in the sunshine, or, in this case in the neighbouring hot tub.

The exterior swim spa and jacuzzi at Chalet Le Mousqueton La Clusaz
The outdoor swim spa at Chalet Le Mousqueton La Clusaz.

9. Chalets with outdoor pools

Normally only available in the summer, unless heated, a private pool while on holiday is for many the ultimate luxury.

The heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi at Chalet Beauvoir 12 in St Jean de Sixt
The outdoor pool at Chalet Beauvoir 12 in St Jean de Sixt is heated all year round.
The outdoor pool and jacuzzi at le Manoir de Leschaux in Petit Bornand.
The outdoor pool at Le Manoir de Leschaux in Petit Bornand is available during the summer.

10. Alpine chalets with indoor pools

If you can, and you want to increase your bookings all year round, a private indoor heated pool is the golden ticket. With poolside showers, beach areas, fountains, counter currents, key pad secured access, pool toys and flotation aids for the kids, and views while swimming, guests have so much to look forward to when they stay in a property with an indoor pool.  

The view from the indoor pool at Lodge La Source in Montisbrand near Thônes.
The indoor pool at Lodge La Source in Les Clefs near Manigod,in the Aravis.

Why not offer a combination of complementary spa facilities?

Most of our chalets offer one spa facility, 75 OVO Network properties have hot tubs and saunas. Some of our most successful rentals offer three spa facilities, and four of our properties provide a sauna, a hammam, a hot tub and a pool.

If you have a beautiful Alpine chalet in the northern French Alps with spa facilities that equal or better what you can see above, we would love to speak to you! For information on how to add your property to OVO Network click below.

Next time we look at some amazing spaces for kids – so important to OVO Network given that our core guest client base is families

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