Save money with the Multi Pass: a family adventure at a reduced price

The cost of family holidays can soon add up, especially if you want to make the most of all the activities on offer. That’s where the Multi Pass can help – it’s a great way to discover the Portes du Soleil while spending less. Follow the Lefevre family during their stay in Châtel, and find out how the Multi Pass allows them to enjoy a fun-packed holiday without breaking the bank.

Discover the Portes du Soleil Multi Pass

The Multi Pass offers a wide range of activities, either free or at a reduced rate: swimming pools, ski lifts, mini-golf, tennis, museums, public transport and much more. Not only will it save you money, it will also allow you to discover a multitude of activities.

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An activity-packed week in Châtel, thanks to the Multi Pass

The Lefevre family’s holiday in Châtel

The Lefevre family are Paul, Marie and their four children Anna, Lucas, Emma and Maxime, as well as grandparents Jean and Claire. They decided to visit Châtel at the beginning of August and are staying in Chalet Q, a quiet property just a short distance from the centre of the village. The spacious chalet offers breathtaking views of the Abondance valley and is close to many activities.

Warm, designer interior in the luxury chalet with multi pass
The convivial stay at Chalet Q, à Châtel.
beautifully decorated wooden design room in a mountain chalet with Multipass
One of the rooms at Chalet Q, à Châtel.
spacious designer lounge in a top-of-the-range chalet in Châtel
Enjoy your holiday at Chalet Q

Free and cut-price activities with the Multi Pass

As soon as they arrive, the Lefevre family go straight out on their first activity: taking the ski lift up the mountains to admire the alpine views. Thanks to the Multi Pass, they have free access to the lifts, saving €8 per adult and €4 per child.

Family outing in Châtel thanks to the lifts included in the Multi pass
Discovering mountain trails ©L.Meyer – Châtel

The next day, after a stroll through the traditional village of Châtel, the family decide to take advantage of the municipal swimming pool, which is also free with the Multi Pass: a saving of €11 per adult and €7 per child. In just two days, the family saved €120.

A family enjoying the pool at Chatel under a blue sky thanks to the Multipass
A refreshing afternoon at Châtel ©L.Meyer – Châtel

A variety of activities for all ages

The Lefevre family are continuing their adventure with a tree-top ropes course for the children at the Châtel Aventure park. The Multi Pass saves them about €10 on admission. In the evening, they relax at the cinema, which is free with the Multi Pass. That saves them €63.

A little girl enjoying a tree-climbing activity thanks to the Multipass
Guaranteed fun at the Châtel Aventure park ©L.Meyer – Châtel

The following day, they use the ski lifts again to explore the mountains and finish the day with mini-golf games, then enjoy a walk and picnic together on the banks of Lac des Vonnes the next day. The parents and two of the children, eager for excitement, take tandem flights at Fantasticable, saving €18 with the Multi Pass.

On the last day, the ski lifts once again allow them to savour the last moments of their stay on the walking trails that criss-cross the Portes du Soleil.

View of the Vonnes mountain lake at Châtel
Relaxing by the Lac des Vonnes ©L.Meyer – Châtel

Savings made with the Multi Pass

Details of the money saved, thanks to the Multi Pass:

  • Using the ski lifts on three days for four adults and four children: €144
  • Swimming pool tickets for four adults and four children: €72
  • Entry to Châtel adventure park for four children with the Multi Pass : €87 (a saving of €10)
  • A visit to the cinema for four adults and four children: €63
  • Mini-golf for 4 adults and 4 children: €56
  • Tandem flights on Fantasticable with Multi Pass: €150 (a saving of €18)

In total, the Lefevre family saved  more than €360, and were able to make the most of the many activities that are available in the Châtel area. They went home happy, with some great memories of their stay.

For families, the Multi Pass is a great way to get the most out of their holidays while making significant savings. Children can have fun and discover new activities while parents can enjoy themselves without having to worry about the activity budget. Thanks to the Multi Pass, the Lefevre family were able to explore, have fun and relax while saving a considerable amount of money.

Staying at an OVO Network property with the Multi Pass is the ideal choice for a family holiday in the mountains without busting the budget.

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