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Multi Pass: your low-price multi-activity pass for the Portes du Soleil

The Multi Pass is the ultimate way to enjoy a fun-filled family holiday in the Portes du Soleil. With this card, you can enjoy as many as 70 activities in the resort’s 12 villages at reduced prices, so there’s something for everyone!

But what is the Multi Pass? How can you get one? And what activities are included? This article answers all these questions, to help you enjoy an exciting family holiday.

The Multi Pass, a must for a family holiday in the Portes du Soleil

A mother and her two daughters wave their arms on the chairlift in  the Portes du Soleil
Hooray for the Multi Pass! © Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil

Reduced price access to a range of activities

You’ll enjoy a whole range of benefits with this multi-activity card and here are just a few examples of what you can expect:

  • 6 swimming pools and lakes where you can cool off after a long day of walking;
  • 6 museums and cultural sites to discover the mountain heritage in a fun and interactive way;
  • 3 miniature golf courses which are a great way to round off the day with the whole family;
  • 1 ice rink where you can take your first steps on the ice;
  • 1 indoor climbing wall, for training before tackling the summits;
  • 8 tennis courts where you can enjoy a match in the mountains;
  • 6 holiday trains which are an excellent way to discover your chosen resort;
  • 6 inter-resort shuttles: to go from one village to another without a car;
  • 400km of hiking trails accessible by ski lifts: make the most of the vast number of trails available in the Portes du Soleil.

Some activities are free when you buy a Multi Pass, while others offer attractive discounts.

Make the most of your holiday in the Portes de Soleil! © Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil

Reduced prices for the whole family

A family sitting on the grass at the side of a mountain lake
Enjoy a family day out for less © Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil

There are two choices with the Multi Pass:

  • An accommodation provider may buy several cards for the entire season, through the local tourist office. The card is offered on arrival at the chalet and must be returned at the end of the stay and this way guests can use the card as often as they like, free of charge.
  • The accommodation provider can become a member of Multi Pass, which reduces the price of the pass to €3 per day of the stay. Guests must opt in to the Multi Pass for the whole of their stay and the minimum duration of the pass is two days. If your stay lasts seven days, you will have to pay for all seven days, ie €17.50. For this price, you can enjoy a wide range of activities in the Portes du Soleil resorts.

Good to know: the Multi Pass is still free for children under 5… so why wait? This card is the key to a sporting, relaxing and fun mountain holiday!

How to get your multi-activity pass

A hand holds a multipass in front of some mountains
For a holiday full of fun! © Office de Tourisme Région Dents du Midi

If you want to buy the Multi Pass, just go to the tourist office and pay directly for the number of days you want. The 2024 card is available between 24 May and 3 November and a guide is available at all tourist offices, giving details of all the activities and information linked to the Multi Pass.

Our Multi Pass Properties in Portes du Soleil


What activities are included?


An evening  stroll in a street in a Portes du Soleil resort
Enjoy a fun-packed holiday in Morzine © Office de Tourisme de Morzine

This card offers definite advantages, with access to a wide range of activities which include:

Frisbee golf

This original family activity makes a change from ordinary golf, instead, you’ll aim your Frisbee at a basket! Focus and concentration are essential for a fun time, but players of all ages are welcome.

A young boy throws a frisbee on the grass
Frisbee golf is a lot of fun! © Jatocreate, Pixabay

The aquatic centre

This is a great place to avoid the summer heat! So pack your swimming costumes for a relaxing day in Morzine’s water complex, with indoor and outdoor pools.

An aquatic centre with several different pools
A refreshing way to entertain the family © Espace aquatique de Morzine

Indiana Parc Morzine

This adventure park in the middle of the forest is open to the whole family. You’ll find a range of tree-top adventure courses to suit all ages and abilities, with great views from the highest heights and it’s a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time!

A child wearing a harness and helmet tackles a tree-top adventure course
Get a great view from the tops of the trees © Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil

Summer sledge

Sledging isn’t just for winter! Still one of the most popular leisure activities in the Portes du Soleil resorts in summer, this activity guarantees fun for the whole family.

A woman and her daughter on the summer sledge
Speed down the slopes with your Multipass ! © Ollie Godbold, Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil

Bee discovery workshop

Discover the world of bees in a fun way and let the beekeeper show you around an “educational beehive” where you’ll learn everything you need to know about these useful little creatures. From the principles of beekeeping to honey production, all ages will be fascinated!

Busy bees on a plank of wood
You’ll be as busy as a bee with your Multi Pass © Atelier Apiculture, Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil

If you’d like to know more about the activities available with your Multi Pass, head to the Portes du Soleil’s official website and click on the resort you want to visit.


Visitors wander around a pretty mountain resort in summer
The pretty main street of Châtel © Office de Tourisme de Châtel

The little train

Hop on board and enjoy a visit to the traditional village of Châtel onboard the little train. It’s an easy way to admire the mountain architecture and the surrounding scenery!

The red and yellow little train full of visitors in the summer
All aboard the little train! © Office de Tourisme de Châtel

C l’aventure Châtel

Young children aged from two to 12 will love this indoor playground, where the aim is to have as much fun as you can! The 400m² play area has ball pools, a toboggan run, trampolines, a slide and climbing nets. Plus, it’s also a great place for parents to take a breather and watch their little ones enjoying themselves!

Young girls enjoying the ball pool, surrounded by plastic balls of various colours
Fun is guaranteed in the ball pool! © L. Meyer, Châtel


Fly over the hamlet of Plaine-Dranse at almost 100km/h, whilst attached to a harness 240 metres above the ground on this thrilling zip wire. The panoramic view is an added bonus!

A person attached to a cable in the air flies between the trees in the middle of the mountains.
Get a bird’s eye view of the mountains © L. Meyer, Châtel

Bungee trampolining

Let your children burn off some energy and try out some tricks in complete safety! Wearing a harness attached to a bungee cord, they will be able to bounce as much as they please right in the heart of the mountains.

Two little girls try out the bungee trampoline in front of a mountain slope
Jump for joy on this bungee trampoline! © JF Vuarand, Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil

Châtel Fun Bike

Experience new thrills with this exhilarating activity that seamlessly combines BMX biking and laser biathlon shooting. The BMX, designed with its thick tires, is especially well-suited for alpine trails.

Embark on a thrilling journey as you ride down a mountain trail, and then transition seamlessly to the laser gun shooting segment. However, keep in mind that maintaining focus is crucial for achieving the best accuracy in hitting your targets!

A woman wearing a helmet rides over a wooden pontoon on a BMX bike
Enjoy some BMX fun in the forest © L. Meyer, Châtel

Les Gets

A view over the village of Les Gets and its swimming lake
Be prepared for an active holiday in Les Gets © Facebook Les Gets


Head out on a unique hiking experience at Mont-Caly, where you can explore the trails in a completely different way. Equipped with an elastic lanyard fastened to their waist, guests can allow themselves to be guided by the Nordic dog leading the way. Following the dog’s pace not only makes walking easier but also creates an enjoyable activity, perfect for families to relish together.

Introduction to archery

Whatever your level, this one-hour archery session is for everyone, whether you are learning, improving or perfecting your technique. So why not take the whole family along?

An arrow planted in an archery target with rings of yellow, red, blue and black
This archery session is sure to hit the target © Istockphoto, Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil


Delight in the refreshing coolness of the water as you slide down a canyon and skillfully tackle the jumps. Rest assured, all the necessary equipment will be readily provided for you; the only prerequisite is knowing how to swim. Embrace this exhilarating activity, which offers a winning opportunity to explore the joys of the mountains during the summer season!

Four people wearing wetsuits and helmets slide down a mountain stream
Canyoning is a refreshing and fun way to get down a mountain! © Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil
  • The Ecoles leisure lake: The whole family will enjoy a day at this swimming lake. There’s a waterslide, a beach volleyball court, a multi-sports pitch, children’s play areas and a restaurant which are all set around a lake that’s open for swimming!
Four people throw a ball to each other in a swimming lake, in front of an inflatable assault course
So many ways to have fun at this swimming lake © Manon Guenont, Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil
  • The Mountain E-Park: Try a new activity in the Portes du Soleil at this school specialising in electric all-terrain bikes! It’s both fun and good for the planet, so don’t miss out!
A child rides a moto cross in the grass as a chairlift passes overhead
Enjoy an electric bike ride in the mountains © Edwige Cousseau, Office de Tourisme des Portes du Soleil

La Chapelle d’Abondance

  • La Chèvrerie des Thoules : do not miss out on an exciting family activity! After meeting Caroline and Gérard’s goats, discover the secrets of the farm and go back to your OVO Network chalet with some delicious cheese!
  • White-water rafting : enjoy a family-friendly activity that is both refreshing and adrenaline-filled! Accompanied by a guide, take a seat aboard a raft and go down the river, navigating through rapids and calmer sections. All necessary equipment is available on site, the only prerequisite being knowing how to swim.

Montriond et Saint Jean d’Aulps

  • Mountain Karting : discover the Roc d’Enfer resort in a new way, driving your own all-terrain go-kart! Whether you’d like to challenge your family and friends or prefer to enjoy a relaxed tour, you are sure to share a fun time together.
  • Paragliding : discover the mountains from a unique perspective when taking part in a discovery paragliding session, and enjoy amazing views of the alpine nature. An absolute must for those seeking thrills and an unbeatable sense of freedom!

The Multi Pass is the must-have pass for an unforgettable family holiday in the Portes du Soleil resorts. Guests of all ages will enjoy an active holiday, taking advantage of the many activities available with this multi-activity card.

If you’re keen to learn more about events and activities in the Alps, as well as the latest chalet offerings, make sure to sign up for the OVO Network newsletter.

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Enjoy a holiday in the Portes du Soleil


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