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Our Top 19 Chalet Bedroom Ideas

Searching for alpine bedroom decor inspiration for your rental property? This hand-picked selection of 19 chalet bedroom ideas has just about everything. From contemporary to traditional – and everything in between! Let’s take a look…

Modern Bedroom Ideas

Chalet Lomatika


Understated yet effective, this bedroom in Chalet Lomatika features delicate artwork, a tranquil garden view and a glass-screened balcony.

Chalet Kalyssia


This darker-toned bedroom has a sumptuous feel and impressive attention to detail. The cut rug mirrors the geometric floor pattern, which is also reflected in the raised artwork and bedside lamps.

Lodge Alta Clusa


The open en suite bathroom in this bedroom in Lodge Alta Clusa is cleverly separated off via the headboard. It makes full use of the ceiling heights with a tall rainfall shower and features a deluxe freestanding oval bathtub.

Chalet Stellaone


There’s an excellent use of space here with the bed placed at an angle and a versatile study/dressing area with a TV above. Easy access to the terrace makes for the perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee.

Chalet Les Brévins


Jump straight into the glass walk-in shower in the morning in this bedroom in Chalet Les Brévins, which merges seamlessly into its decor.

Zaru Lodge


This example from Zaru Lodge demonstrates the ideal blend of exposed natural wood married with soft textiles, including fluffy rugs, cushions and a plush throw. Add to that beautiful mountain views and you won’t want to get out of bed!

Chalet Caramel


The sunny skylight creates a bright and open feel at Chalet Caramel. Vivid blue cushions add a pop of colour whilst the swing arm reading lights bring a modern touch.

Balmaz Lodge


Pools of warm natural light fill this bedroom, with its balcony and white rendered wall with built-in reading lights acting as a stylish headboard.

Family Bedroom Ideas

Chalet Le Buhel


Cool design elements like the mountain-mimicking wall art and well-chosen lighting make this family bedroom a fun place to be.

Chocoon Lodge


This well-thought-out modern chalet bedroom has two carefully crafted bunks suspended above the main bed with dual ladder access.

Chalet Ibusta


This bed has its own peaceful nook with a partition wall separating it from the desk beneath the stairs to the mezzanine above, which is home to a single bed.

Traditional Bedroom Ideas

Chalet Gueret


Chalet Gueret showcases a statement piece of alpine bedroom furniture with this ornate sleigh bed.

Chalet Keramis


Crisp white bedding contrasts perfectly with the rich wood and snowy trees in this traditional chalet-style bedroom.

Chalet Le Meridien Etale


This cosy bedroom ensures a good night’s sleep, with two sleigh beds and crimson curtains and cushions.

Chalet Patagonia


Built-in wardrobes to either side of the bed and an adaptable dressing table shelf make this an incredibly functional bedroom.

More Inspiring Chalet Bedrooms

Chalet Vivaldaim


Contemporary and traditional styles merge effortlessly together here, with chic French-style furniture and subtle modern touches.

Chalet Behansa


A comfortable twin room with beds to sink into, sliding doors to the terrace and a faux deer head to retain the alpine feel.

Maison Keryaute


Maison Keryaute’s characterful bedroom boasts unique wall art, fun cushions and practical drawers set back into the alcove.

Chalet Goville


Golden hues in both the lighting and soft furnishings create an opulent feel to this luxury chalet bedroom.

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