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Snowmobiling to Skydiving, cruises to canyoning: make it a holiday to remember


We want to make sure that your holiday is everything you want it to be and more, so we have joined with local company Activ' Annecy. They organise a fantastic range of activities, so that your holidays are fun, memorable and full of truly exceptional experiences.

The professional team at Activ'Annecy are passionate about the mountains. Their mission is to help you make some exceptional holiday memories by offering a wide range of activities in Savoie and Haute Savoie.

Sarah is happy to answer your questions and organise your activities - you can get in touch with her by phone or email.

She has tried out all of the activities herself, so is well-placed to advise you on those most suited to you and your group. Whether you're on your own, with friends or family, there's something for everyone!


Contact Sarah:

Telephone: +33 (0)7 69 76 75 99


Alternatively, drop in and see her at the shop at 1 Faubourg Sainte Claire, 74 000 Annecy.



Tandem paragliding over Lake Annecy


One of the most popular activities in Haute Savoie! Prices from €85 per person

Accompanied by a qualified instructor, you can fly over Lake Annecy, the most beautiful place to paraglide in Europe. It’s an experience not to be missed!

Paragliding is open to anyone over the age of four: it’s a tranquil and unusual way to discover Lake Annecy and its mountains!

Fly from Doussard, from March to November, depending on weather conditions.



Tandem hang gliding over Lake Annecy and the Alps


The purest of flight sensations! Prices from €95 per person

Anyone can enjoy the calm and quiet of a tandem paragliding flight from the Col de la Forclaz, but if you like your fun a bit more on the extreme side, we recommend the more dynamic hang‑glider! During the flight, you’ll take in the stunning scenery from a horizontal position, which is said to be  the closest feeling you can get to flying like a bird.

Based in Doussard, from March to November, depending on weather conditions.

Tandem paragliding with skis

Tandem paragliding on skis in the French Alps


For snow lovers! Prices from €65 per person

Paragliding is also available in winter with a snowy take-off on skis in the ski resort of La Clusaz.

You will ski down a short slope with your pilot in control before flying over the ski resort.

Based In La Clusaz, from December to March, depending on weather conditions.


Speed riding in La Clusaz in the French Alps


For speed demons and thrill seekers! Prices from €100 per person

This activity is similar to tandem-paragliding with skis, but the wing is smaller, helping you to reach higher speeds of up to 100 kmph in the sky and a sensational descent! Speedriding flights are closer to the ground, accentuating the feeling of speed.

Discover pure exhilaration in tandem with your instructor — pure sensations and pure adrenaline!

Based in La Clusaz, from December to March, depending on weather conditions.

Hot-air ballooning

Hot air ballooning over the French Alps and Lake Annecy


Let yourself drift with the wind. Prices from €290 per person.

Take off from the shores of Lake Annecy for a one-hour flight. Who knows where you will land: your route depends on the weather, making each flight a unique experience. This extraordinary adventure promises a breathtaking view of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains. It’s the perfect activity for a romantic getaway.

Based in Talloires, from March to November, depending on weather conditions.

The gyrocopter

Gyrocopter flight in the Alps: very James Bond


Discover more landscapes. Prices from €240 per person

Discover the whole of Lake Annecy from the motorised gyrocopter — and the bonus is a superb view of Mont Blanc! Very responsive, the gyrocopter can fly so close to the ground by the lake that you will be able to explore the local flora and fauna.

Based in Annecy, all year round.


Tandem free-fall parachuting in the Alps


Looking for the ultimate thrill? Prices from €480 per person

Do you have to be a little bit crazy to jump out of a perfectly good helicopter? Well, yes!

After a thrilling 15-minute helicopter flight between the mountains of the Mont Blanc range, you will jump out, strapped to your instructor, at 5,000 meters, for 45 seconds of pure adrenaline! This is by far the most exhilarating jump in the region.

Based In Chamonix, all year round.

The Bun-J Ride

Bungee jumping from a ski jump over a canyon


Bungee jumping with a difference! Prices from €75 per person

Get up some speed on a bike or a toboggan, or just run down the 28-metre ramp before leaping into the void! With two elastic bungees attached to your waist, you can throw all sorts of shapes, so be inventive!

For more fun, share this moment with a friend by doing a tandem jump with a sledge.

Adrenaline rush and fun guaranteed!

Based in Tignes from December to April and in Saint Jean de Sixt from May to November.


Canyoning trips with guides in the French Alps


Need to cool off? Prices from €40 per person

Ideal for groups or families, canyoning is a fun activity for all to enjoy. We will help you choose a canyon suitable for your group’s physical ability and sense of adventure. You will slide down a watery canyon accompanied by a guide, with a series of jumps, abseiling descents and natural slides!

Different locations possible, from May to October depending on weather conditions.

Via ferrata

Via ferrata climbing around Annecy and the French Alps


A vertical hike! Prices from €35 per person

A cross between hiking and climbing, you'll set off for a walk along the cliffs on a circuit of boards, grips, ropes, ladders and sometimes zip lines.

Secured by a harness and accompanied by a guide, you will make your way along a rocky wall offering breathtaking views.

This activity can be done in a group or as a family, and can be adapted to all abilities and ages, from six and above.

Different locations are possible, from April to October.


Rock climbing for all levels in the French Alps


Get higher! Prices from €30 per person

Enjoy our beautiful mountains by trying out one of our favourite local sports — climbing!

We offer group or individual lessons for beginners so that anyone from the age of three can give it a go.

More experienced climbers can explore the main routes of the region, accompanied by a professional.

Different locations possible, from April to October.

Escape games

Escape games in Annecy and the French Alps


A fun and interesting game! Prices from €18 per person

Ideal for rainy days, your escape game, like a scavenger hunt, will have you searching for clues and answering puzzles.

Everybody can play! The spontaneity of children, the perseverance of teenagers, the wisdom of adults — it’s this mix of skills that will see your team succeed!

This is a team game for a bit of light-hearted fun.

Based in Annecy, all year round.


A private cruise on Lake Annecy


Discover Lake Annecy. Prices from €160 for four people

Make wonderful memories with your friends and family during a private cruise on Lake Annecy.

We can put together a tailor-made cruise on board our magnificent lounge boat, including some or all of the following:

  • an aperitif, plus lunch or dinner on board
  • music
  • swimming in the bay of Saint Jorioz
  • a safari to discover the history of the lake

Based in Annecy, from March to November.

Diving for beginners

Scuba diving in Lake Annecy


Explore the depths of Lake Annecy. Prices from €69

Said to be the cleanest lake in Europe, Lake Annecy is the perfect place for an introduction to diving.

Discover freshwater fish and the flora of the lake. Your instructor will also show you how to move and breathe underwater, and above all, how to relax under the water so that you can make the most of this peace and tranquillity. This is a real aquatic escape.

If you would prefer to stay on the surface of the water, why not pull on some flippers and try a bit of snorkelling? You’ll be surprised how much you can see. From 35€

Based In Annecy, July and August.


Summer dog sledging


The thrill of a lifetime! Prices from €55

Jump aboard the dog sledge in winter or try go-karting with dogs in the summer for an extraordinary experience on the historic Plateau de Glières, a protected natural site.

Your musher and 11 huskies will do all the work, so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. This one is sure to please the whole family!

On the Plateau des Glières, from October to March.


Snowmobile/skidoo hire in the French Alps


A different way to explore the mountains. Prices from €130

Explore the wilderness on a snowmobile. Your trip will include a speed section, off‑piste exploration, forest trails and trial areas. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our tours offer something a little bit different, to make sure your experience is unforgettable.

In Les Saisies from December to March, depending on weather conditions.


Segway on snow in the Alps


An effortless way to get about. Prices from €32

Would you like to discover the region effortlessly, having fun at the same time? A Segway tour is the perfect choice!

In summer, explore Annecy, which is known as the Venice of the Alps. In winter, all‑terrain tyres mean you can enjoy the snowy landscapes of the nearby ski resorts.

Your guide will take you on a gentle excursion or a more sporty adventure — the choice is yours. This is a new sensation worth discovering!

In Annecy and La Clusaz, all year round.


Hiking in the French Alps


Discover nature and get fit. From €150 per group (up to 12 people)

How about a summer hike, or snowshoeing in the winter? Fancy a walk on the wild side? You’ll be escorted by our mountain guide, who is passionate about the Alpine flora and fauna. An Annecy local, he knows everything about the region and will be happy to share his stories with you during your hike.

Our guide can also organise additional activities, perhaps a small Savoyard aperitif, where you can discover local produce, an introduction the musical Alphorn, or even a lesson in igloo building.

Let us take you on the most beautiful hikes chosen with your group in mind.

Different locations, from September to June.

For more information about adventure activities around Annecy, contact Activ' Annecy:

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