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With a growing portfolio of high-end properties, we’re always looking for new Property Managers...

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If you're thinking about a career in Property Management we can help, with beautiful properties, professional training and year-round support.

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If you’re already a Property Manager in the French Alps, why not find out more about the benefits of working with OVO Network and the support we offer?

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We're recruiting Property Managers!

We are currently recruiting Property Managers for new owners who are adding their properties to OVO Network. Locations include -





Les Gets


St Gervais

St Jean D'Aulps/ Seytroux

L' Espace Diamant


Managers make a crucial contribution to a successful property rental business and all of our Managers must agree to work to the OVO Network Accredited Manager Charter. This clearly outlines the standards required, and our professional training programmes have been designed to build the skills and knowledge you will need.


OVO Network Training Programmes

We’ve teamed up with highly-respected local Property Management Companies, who share our commitment to exceptional hospitality cleaning and preparation of properties for guests.

Working together, we’ve developed a choice of high-quality training packages, at a fair price, to support you in your future career with OVO Network.

Course 1: OVO Network Online Training

Online training course on how to become an Accredited OVO Network Manager.

  • Contacts for setting up as an auto-entrepreneur
  • Introduction to our back-office system
  • OVO Network Manager Charter, including expectations, problem-solving protocol, and timeline
  • Expected rate of pay
  • What to include in a pre-arrival email
  • Hospitality cleaning and preparation of the property for guests
  • The minimum service level required to guarantee effective guest and owner support
  • Insurance claim management
  • Setting up a local support team to provide supplementary guest services and experiences


Course 2: OVO Network In-Situ Training

Half-day training course in hospitality cleaning, and preparing for guests.

  • Takes place at the property you manage/clean
  • Accompanied review of how each room should be prepared and presented
  • Advice on cleaning your property, for guests and owners with high expectations
  • Provision of quality eco-friendly cleaning products

(Please note: Course 1 and Course 2 can run independently or concurrently.)

Price: 250€

Are you interested in becoming an OVO Network Accredited Manager?

Got a question?

Why has OVO Network Guest and Property Management training moved online?

With the impact of Covid-19 still being felt across our industry, we took the decision to move our Manager training online. This enabled Managers across the French Alps to safely continue with their OVO Network training, while respecting travel restrictions and social distancing.

Why do managers who want to work with OVO Network have to pay 100€ for Online Course 1 - How to become an Accredited OVO Network Manager?

We have invested in these online training courses to provide professional level training for our property managers, with the courses available in two languages. Developed for both new and existing managers, they provide valuable skills and techniques and therefore have a value and a cost.

Previously our training materials were developed over time, with overhead costs spread over many years. While this expertise forms the basis of our new training, we have evolved the courses into a more structured, dynamic training solution.

How do I access the online training?

Our online training course is hosted via Google Classrooms, therefore applicants need to have a Google account.

Is Course 1 obligatory?

Yes. All new managers, including owner managers, who contact us after 1 June 2021 with a view to working together must take Course 1. Course 2 is not obligatory, more on Course 2 below. 

Why is Course 1 obligatory?

The central role of Course 1 is to ensure a consistent level of service for guests and owners across all properties and destinations. Once the minimum levels of service are achieved, managers are free to focus on offering additional add on services. The core material then serves as an online manager handbook, which you can refer to as required.

I am an owner and I intend to manage my property myself. Do I have to pay for Course 1?

No. Owner managers pay a joining fee to become a part of OVO Network, therefore there is no fee for Course 1.

I already manage one of your chalets. I would be interested to see how manager training has evolved since we began our partnership. Is that possible?

Yes. Our current manager community continually shares good practice, ideas and experiences. We are therefore happy to provide Course 1 free of charge to existing managers, thank you for your input!

Does taking the training courses guarantee a partnership with OVO Network?

Completion of Course 1 does not guarantee a job with an OVO Network owner. The choice of Manager and offer of a contract is made by the owner not by OVO Network.

A friend of mine manages a property very similar to OVO Network properties. How does the owner find out about joining OVO Network?

Ask your friend or the owner to click on the ‘Add Your Property’ link in the top right of our home page, and choose the business solution that suits them best. 

If we end up adding the chalet we will then pay a referral fee to you as a thank you for the introduction. Find out more here.

How much does Course 2 cost?

Course 2 is an in-situ, half-day training course in hospitality cleaning, and preparing for guests. It costs 250€.

Is course 2 obligatory?

No it isn’t. However, it is a great way to launch a new property rental business, as well as a new working relationship between owners, managers and the OVO Network team. We are all interdependent, it is vital that we all understand each other’s role to ensure a successful partnership.

Who pays for course 2?

Some owners have signalled that they are willing to pay for this course, which they will attend with their property manager and cleaners. Taking a course which ensures that the chalet team is working to consistent standards from the outset, is preferable to paying out claims for compensation to unhappy guests. By taking this course, the chalet team can create a workflow to ensure the property runs smoothly and is well presented.

Who delivers Course 2?

Our training providers are all OVO Network team members, with previous or current guest and property management experience. We have French and English bilingual training providers.

How long is Course 2?

The course generally takes around four hours, so a morning or an afternoon.

Why is this course not online?

Training Chalet Teams in the properties they will manage is the ideal practical environment in which to consider tasks per space, frequency of tasks and best cleaning products to use. Trainers will also cover protocols regarding Covid 19, as well as hospitality and how to present properties.

What happens if a Manager moves on after completing the course?

We will supply all who attend the course with the training materials. If there has been a successful working relationship between the manager and owner, they are likely to be happy to train their replacement, and you will have the training materials to hand.