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Top Tips for Successful Property Photography

Property photography has a very specific aim. Much more than just simple snapshots, these pictures need to show off your property at its best, highlighting its potential so you can encourage bookings from guests. They should enhance every feature of your property as well as the space, the decor and the ambiance…

A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes. And if you want your pictures to make an impact, you need to follow a few golden rules and use a few tips and tricks: choose your shot and your angle carefully, and highlight the quality and features of the property. All of these criteria will help to make your photography more inspiring. 

The dining room at Chalet Alti in Le Grand Bornand
Chalet Alti, Le Grand Bornand
The living room at  Chalet Bleu Infini in La Clusaz
Chalet Bleu Infini, La Clusaz

Competition between properties is fierce, both online and in agencies, so great photography will help your property stand out from the rest. Particularly good images are likely to catch the eye of potential guests, giving you a greater chance of getting their booking. Guests are highly likely to research and compare properties before booking, so it’s important that your chalet sticks in their mind.

In fact, according to Boom, 70% of website visitors want to view photography and/or video before they decide to book and 90% say photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale.

Hot tub at Chalet Goville, La Giettaz
Chalet Goville, La Giettaz

The criteria for great holiday let photography

If you want to make sure you capture the perfect photos, it’s vital you have the correct equipment or you call in the professionals. A successful photo is one that catches the eye. These tips will help you understand how to take a first-class property photo.

Home staging and furnishing

Home staging is the process of decorating and dressing an interior to capture its full potential. You want to make the space as attractive and appealing as possible. The aim is to help guests picture spending a great holiday at your property, so this makeover needs to give the impression of a modern, clean, welcoming, well-furnished and comfortable home.

If home staging is not something you feel able to do yourself, professional home stagers like Caroline Mary, who is an expert in decor and renovation, specialise in bringing out the very best in your property.

As a general rule, think about the decor of your property, and choose something that reflects your style and has general appeal, and opt for furniture that will photograph well.

Living room at Chalet Kalyssia in Saint-Jorioz
Chalet Kalyssia in Saint-Jorioz
Dining room at Chalet Happyview in Le Grand Bornand
Chalet Happyview in Le Grand Bornand

Choosing your angles

Choosing your angle carefully is important, whatever you are photographing. A camera with a wide-angle function is vital to bring out the beauty of your interior, your room sizes, high ceilings and a sense of space. An SLR camera with interchangeable lenses is the most flexible option. The angles will make all the difference when showing off your spaces.

Bedroom at Chalet Kalyssia in Saint-Jorioz
Chalet Kalyssia in Saint-Jorioz
Living room at Chalet Happyview in Le Grand Bornand
Chalet Happyview, Le Grand Bornand

The decor

Go for a neutral decor that reflects your taste – you want potential guests to see themselves in your home. Sometimes, small investments in your decor can make all the difference. Cushions, throws and trays of hot drinks after a long day on the slopes will all help go make holidaymakers want to come and spend time in your chalet. These little extras will turn your property into a cosy haven where they can imagine spending happy times with their friends or family.

You can also ring the changes with seasonal decorations: candles, a Christmas tree, stockings hanging from the mantelpiece … all these things will make your property look welcoming, and invite them to visit.

Living room at Chalet Tinatha in La Clusaz
Chalet Tinatha, La Clusaz
Bedroom and ensuite at Lodge Alta Clusa in La Clusaz
Lodge Alta Clusa, La Clusaz

Quality and resolution of real estate photographs

The quality of your images is critical, so make sure you use a high-resolution digital camera.

Although today’s camera phones are constantly improving in quality, they can’t come close to a decent camera when it comes to image quality, editing and a professional result.

Take wide shots with vertical edges that capture the whole of the room. Make the most of the light – you can also use a flash to add brightness.

Drones can be used to great effect to show the exterior view of your chalet. They can enhance the look of your property by showing the surroundings, the local shops and t

Outdoor pool at Chalet Happyview, Le Grand Bornand
Chalet Happyview, Le Grand Bornand
Indoor swimming pool at Zaru Lodge, La Clusaz
Zaru Lodge, La Clusaz

Light and the right time to shoot

Choosing the right time for your photoshoot isn’t easy: you want to portray a great ambiance and a place where you can enjoy spending time with friends and family. A great sunset seen through the window or a subdued atmosphere as dusk falls can make great backdrops for your property photos. It’s best to focus on daylight pictures, but you can get creative by using lamps, candles or other light sources to take twilight or night shots. But be careful – you’ll need to be quick to capture that perfect light. You may only have a few seconds!

Outdoor pool at Villa Flying Dragon in Talloires
Villa Flying Dragon in Talloires
Outdoor pool at Chalet Manoe, Manigod
Chalet Manoe, Manigod

Tips for good property photographs

Use a tripod

A tripod is particularly useful as it will allow you to take steady pictures, vary your exposure and check your settings. And if your tripod is set at the same height throughout the shoot, it will make all of your pictures consistent. This will reflect your professionalism and looks good too. Don’t underestimate the benefits of this accessory!

Dining room at Chalet Stellaone in La Clusaz
Chalet Stellaone in La Clusaz
Living room at Chalet Victorina in La Giettaz
Chalet Victorina, La Giettaz

Taking exterior shots

Exterior pictures are just as important as interiors! You’re not just selling your chalet, but also the environment and the activities that go with it. A play area, a garden, slopes where children can sledge, a terrace where you can get together in the evenings … your exterior shots are a real bonus that you should think about offering. They help to make your property more than just a rental – it’s a real experience for your holiday guests.

Exterior shot at Chalet Riparian in La Clusaz
Chalet Riparian in La Clusaz

Editing your photographs

Take your photos, but remember to retouch them afterwards! But take care that you don’t use editing to cheat, hiding or erasing important elements of your property. Your pictures must be an honest representation of your chalet. Editing should be used just to enhance certain features of your chalet.

Living room at Rocalillie Lodge in Saint-Gervais
Chalet Woodman , Saint-Gervais
Dining room at Chalet Ibusta, Le Grand Bornand
Chalet Ibusta, Le Grand Bornand

Taking horizontal images

As a general rule, you should focus on horizontal images, which give a wider and more immersive view than upright images. However, upright images can be used in your social media, to vary the perspectives.

Living room in LoftYaute in Sévrier
LoftYaute, Sévrier

Now it’s up to you! We hope this article has been helpful in showing you how to take great photographs of your property. Share your pictures on our social media, and discover how OVO Network property photography can help you earn more from your property. 

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