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How to Attract Wellness Travellers to Your Holiday Rental Property

Wellness travel is growing rapidly in popularity, with Policy Advice stating that it represents 17% of all worldwide tourism spending.

Here, we explore how to tap into this lucrative market by making your rental property a hit with health and wellness travellers looking for new holiday experiences.

1. Invest in Facilities

Spa facilities

Spa facilities and wellness travel go hand in hand. Swimming pools, swim spas, saunas, hot tubs and steam rooms are all high on the list for those looking to prioritise health on holiday. 

This hot tub, set in a dedicated corner of Chalet Goville not only guarantees relaxation but also offers stunning natural views of the surrounding mountains.
The view from the hot tub at Cristal des Neiges is sure to help you connect with nature, recharge and reset.

Gym facilities

If you have the capacity, a well thought out gym space with modern equipment and a TV will go down a storm. If not, there are plenty of other options. A mirrored wall, yoga mats, small weights and other accessible equipment like gym balls, resistance bands, skipping ropes and the like are all great ideas.

Gym with mountain views
Check out this gym with a view at Chalet Happyview!

2. Create a quiet space

Activities that calm the mind are high on the agenda for those pursuing wellness travel opportunities. Think mediation, yoga, or simply taking a moment to read and relax.

Making a peaceful space in your property dedicated to quiet pursuits is a fantastic idea. Bonus points if it comes with natural light and a view!

Cosy reading corner in a traditional ski chalet
This cosy reading corner at Chalet Gueret is an idyllic spot to unwind with a book and enjoy some alone time.

3. Focus on outdoor spaces

Your outdoor areas are just as essential as your interiors! Making the most of being in nature is a key desire of those interested in wellness travel. Optimise your offering by creating a functional and appealing outdoor environment. Think fire pits, outdoor pools and hot tubs, high-quality sun loungers and ambient lighting. 

Swimming pool with mountain view at sunset
Imagine how great a morning yoga session by the pool at Chalet Manoe would be for your well-being!

4. Provide wellness information

Take the stress out of finding suitable activities for guests by offering them a selection of local recommended options. Include good yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors, massage and physiotherapy services and a chef a domicile to prepare healthy, high-quality meals.

Mention notable nearby walking, running, hiking and cycling routes for all abilities. Having some handy walking sticks for hikers is a nice touch!

We can thoroughly recommend Tania from MovementWise, a company that appeals immensely to wellness travellers looking to develop a holistic plan not just for their holiday, but for life.

6. Carefully consider location

The setting of your holiday property can have a huge impact on its desirability to wellness travellers.

When searching for a suitable trip, many look for a tranquil location with amazing views, natural beauty spots, lakes and scenic walks on the doorstep. 

If you already own a holiday rental property, consider the best things your location has to offer and highlight them! If you’re looking to buy a property to market to wellness travellers, consider focusing on locations with naturally beautiful surroundings.

Panoramic lake view with villa
Check out the location of Chalet Lomatika! With an incredible amount of outdoor space and only a stone’s throw from the lake, it’s perfect for wellness travellers.

7. Understand the importance of food

Food is an enormous part of the health and wellness industry. Make the most of this by offering information on local bio and organic shops and markets.

It’s also a good idea to give information on retailers and restaurants that offer options for a variety of dietary needs including plant-based, vegan, dairy and gluten-free. 

Fruit and vegetbles at the Annecy Street market
The food market in Annecy is bursting with fresh produce!

8. Provide books and resources

For an easy yet thoughtful extra, why not purchase a range of appropriate books and resources? Topics such as alternative lifestyles, self-care and healthy recipes are ideal. 

9. Prioritise quality

It always pays to opt for good quality where possible. Guests notice and enjoy their stay that much more when they can get a great night’s sleep on sumptuous bed linens, wrap up in soft robes and use natural and organic toiletries.

10. Bring the outside in

A person doing yoga with lots of plants in the background

Adorn your property with greenery and low-maintenance plants, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also purify the air and create a pleasant sense of wellbeing. 

Wellness travel is here to stay, so it makes sense to do what you can to tap into this booming market. Speaking of future-proofing, why not also take steps towards making your holiday rental property more eco-friendly

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