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4-star to 5-star: how to improve your chalet rating

In France, just like a rating system for hotels, there is also a classification system for rental chalets. Based on a detailed list of criteria, classification experts will award your chalet a star rating from 1-5, with 4-star and 5-star chalets deemed the most comfortable and luxurious.

In this post, we explain how you can progress from a 4-star to a 5-star rating. Before you start, we’d recommend first reading the following posts to gain a broader understanding of the classification system:

Read on to find out how to achieve the maximum chalet rating…

The advantages of obtaining a 5-star chalet rating

In addition to some tax benefits, one of the core advantages of earning a 5-star rating is the marketing benefits.

A classification of any level is a national reference that is clear and easily identifiable by guests who can quickly and clearly understand the level of equipment and comfort. Just like for a hotel, a 5-star rating represents the highest level of comfort and luxury, meaning your property will likely appeal to a more affluent market.


However, it is important to consider the expectations that come with a 5-star rating.

Guests will be expecting the highest standards of quality when they arrive, meaning there is less room for error. It’s also important to note that ‘luxury’ means different things to different guests, and once you have reached the 5-star rating, there’s still a big window of opportunity to refine your property even further.

Ultimately your website and photography should always accurately reflect your chalet, so guests know exactly what they are paying for.

4-star vs 5-star requirements

The classification is based on a point system, with each requirement assigned a number of points. Some conditions are “mandatory”, and others are “optional” or “à la carte”.

To achieve a certain rating, you must score a number of “compulsory” points and a number of “optional” points for the desired category.

A certain number of prerequisites apply to all properties regarding quality and standards.

You need to reach 100% of the mandatory points. However, if your property is missing something which allows you to hit all of the mandatory points, you may, in some cases replace it with the ‘a la carte’/optional points. But, do note, you would need to meet a minimum of 3 ‘a la carte’/optional points to replace 1 mandatory point.

To achieve a 4-star rating, you must hit 100% of the mandatory points per category, as well as 30% of the ‘a la carte’/optional points. And for a 5-star rating, you must achieve 100% of the mandatory points per category, plus 40% of the optional criteria.

In this section, we will focus on the basic requirements needed for a 4-star chalet vs a 5-star chalet. In addition to this, owners can choose to invest in additional facilities which will award them more points and contribute towards a higher rating.

What makes a 4-star property?

Definition of 4 stars: very comfortable, high-quality accommodation.

Guests can expect very high standards from a 4-star property and should find all they need for a comfortable, high-end stay.

Beds will be made up for the arrival of guests, a greater range of tableware will be available, and an espresso machine is essential, as well as a welcome gift.

What do you need for a 4-star rating?

The following are in addition to the criteria required for the 1 to 3-star rating.

  • Access to additional channels not included in the TNT offer
  • Double glazing windows
  • An electric tumble dryer for properties of 6-person capacity or more
  • A switch or control system for lighting near the bed
  • A shower room equipped with;
    • A washbasin with hot water and a larger-than-standard shower,
    • And/or a bathtub equipped with a hand shower and larger-than-standard shower screen
  • Additional tableware: 1 champagne glass and 1 aperitif glass per person
  • An espresso machine
  • A dishwasher for properties of 2-person capacity or more
  • A light leisure, relaxation or sports facility (examples include at least 3 board games, at least 2 outdoor games, a hot tub, table tennis/football, etc)
  • Electrical adaptors
  • A website dedicated to the property, which must also exist in a second language

What makes a 5-star property?

Definition of 5 stars: very high standard accommodation in a luxurious setting.

A 5-star rating is the highest classification you can receive. However, it’s important to note that different groups have different perceptions of ‘luxury’. Two properties could have a 5-star rating, however, one may have just hit the threshold, whereas another may offer significantly more in terms of facilities, decor and space.

What do you need for a 5-star rating?

The following are in addition to the criteria required for the 1 to 4-star rating.

  • 2 paid international channels
  • Air conditioning
  • Equipment to stream movies such as Netflix or Amazon prime
  • A Bluetooth speaker
  • At least one WC in the bathroom (private)
  • Electric towel racks


As you can see, the jump is not as big as some may expect, with only 6 additional checkpoints to pass. Nonetheless, do remember, the 5-star classification requires you to hit all the basic criteria of the preceding categories first, as well as the minimum amount of points.

If you want to find out more about the star rating system in France, then visit 2 B & G Qualité or contact David at to organise obtaining an official classification for your property rental business. You can also download Atout France’s full guide (French only) here.

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