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How COVID-19 Made Renting a Ski Chalet in France More Popular than Ever

Following the start of COVID-19, renting a French ski chalet snuck into popularity as the world entered an era in which people wanted to break free. 

Whether people are doing it to retreat to nature, get in touch with loved ones, or simply reconnect with themselves, renting a ski chalet in France has greatly aided the cause for newfound freedom. 

Now more than ever, renting out a ski chalet is a good investment in both the summer and winter seasons. This article will highlight all the most valuable reasons why. 

Why Did the Search Term “Chalet” Spike after COVID-19?

As the world set foot into the new decade, the most unforeseen event occurred. The term “chalet” would soon experience far more traction than average as a result, but let’s delve a bit deeper into why.

The Pandemic and Its Effect on Renting Ski Chalets

COVID-19 unexpectedly took the entire world by storm in late 2019 and still affects so many people as we head into 2022. Coronavirus led to the first pandemic in a decade, causing countries all around the globe to enter temporary lockdowns. 

Even the countries that allowed citizens to go outside of their homes, or attend events in large groups, still had mask mandates at the very least. For a lot of these same countries, COVID-19 vaccinations would also, later on, be added to the list of requirements. 

This sudden outbreak, transitioning many to self-quarantine, encouraged people to plan ‘getaways’ not necessarily to avoid sickness but rather as a mechanism to peacefully and comfortably commence isolation given all the new restrictions.

With this budding desire to escape the clutches of COVID-19, people began booking their trips, removing themselves from the growing issues and concerns during the pandemic. 

Of course, like any large-scale event with a major impact, people had doubts. But, disregarding personal belief, countries shut down as a safety precaution, prompting many to act accordingly on what coping methods suited their needs.

Particularly in France, the number of searches connected to renting a ski chalet increased unfathomably. From then on, chalets shifted into the ideal bolt for freedom for many individuals.

Current Data Supporting Ski Chalet Rentals

According to Google Trends, in France and worldwide, the word searches for “chalet” collapsed tremendously at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. However, this decrease did not last long as the ski chalet rentals impressively bounced back during the summer and winter months alike.

The data displays that the term “chalet” in France reached an all-time peak score of 100 in February 2021 before dipping back down given the transition into the Spring months. Throughout May and August 2021, the score grew once more until September arrived.

As of November and December 2021, Google searches are rising again, making this the perfect time for ski chalet owners to rent out their spaces.  

Similarly, on the worldwide chart of Google Trends, “chalet” reached a score of 93 in January 2021 before lightly decreasing once again in the Spring. The score continues to escalate as December commences, further proving the relevance of ski chalets on a global scale.

What Are the Benefits of Renting Out a Ski Chalet?

If you own a ski chalet, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve when deciding to rent out your place to potential guests. Here are some of the key benefits of ski chalet rentals, making it a valuable asset class for all owners and investors. 

1. Remote Working

An increasing number of companies are allowing people to work remotely. Executives looking for a great place to work while away from home might consider a sizable chalet with multiple rooms to be a decent fit. 

Ski chalets worthy of remote working will have some requirements, counting in that the room offers WiFi and a generous amount of workspace apt for optimal concentration and isolation. 

2. Flight Shaming

As we continue to search for more eco-friendly ways to travel, the preference for driving or taking the train over flying during the holidays heightens. 

Ski chalets located in the French Alps account for the driving distance to many urban, Western European areas for the convenience of any potential traveller.

3. Summer Activities

Properties like Chalet Beauvoir 12 are popular in the summer, with fantastic outdoor facilities making it easy to stay in away from the crowds if guests want to!

Along with winter activities proving the prominence of ski chalets, summer makes this novel property a popular place to stay as well. Furthermore, French villages and ski stations placed further emphasis on several activities suitable for the summer. 

These summer activities include hiking, biking, attending festivals, and practising yoga on various retreats. It makes renting a ski chalet pertinent for many sightseers and visitors. 

As a result, bookings for ski chalets arrive during the holidays in addition to the summer months. Chalet owners who value their revenue will find this very beneficial, as it allows them to depend on bookings throughout most of the year, rather than just a couple of months.


The number of people who adore the outdoor lifestyle continuously expands as travel restrictions and lockdowns pose difficulties for anyone hoping for more liberation from their cities.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is always present as our lives go on, with school, work, friends, and family reunions. Renting a chalet is a great way to get away from it all for people who want a change of scenery.

These factors encourage chalet owners to rent out their properties through professionals who can assure them of a promising number of bookings and reasonable control of what happens in their property.

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