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Our Top 16 Chalet Dining Room Ideas

Searching for interior design ideas for your Alpine chalet dining room? Then this varied selection of dining spaces from OVO Network properties is just what you’ve been looking for! Keep on scrolling to discover an abundance of chalet dining room inspiration with concepts to suit all tastes and styles.

Chalet Goville

  • The sophisticated dining room at Chalet Goville cleverly integrates the buildings’ wooden beam infrastructure within its unique table design.

Chalet Belle Cour

  • This thick, rustic dining table is a great centrepiece to this space, illuminated by an industrial suspended triple lighting fixture.

Authentic Lodge Spa 

  • The tables arranged in an L-formation make great use of the available space within this characterful dining area. There’s not far to go to settle down by the fire after a satisfying meal, either!

Chalet Angelia

  • A seamless balance of comfort and style is achieved in Chalet Angelina via deluxe dining chairs and a trio of warm ambient lighting.

Lodge Alta Clusa

  • The expansive modern chalet dining room at Lodge Alta Clusa enjoys vast vaulted ceilings and an assortment of elevated views.

Chalet Ibusta

  • A charming feel is achieved at Chalet Ibusta, with a colourful, traditional cosy rug and distinctive furniture choices.
  • The elegant above-table chandelier adds a delicate touch, whilst also reflecting light in pleasing patterns throughout the room.

Chalet Colombine

  • Another sociable setup ideal for large groups, this dining room benefits from a deluge of natural light via wide glazed sliding doors.

Chalet Woodman

  • The statement dividing lighting fixture and cheerful colour scheme at Chalet Woodman make for a thoroughly pleasant dining experience.

Chalet Hollygotty

  • This radiant dining room boasts a tranquil wooded outlook and plush seating with velvet and sheepskin textures.

Chalet Happyview

  • Perfectly positioned in the sprawling open-plan living area is this attractive dining area with a view of the fire.
  • Large stone tiled flooring running throughout coupled with tall ceiling heights further enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Bleu Infini

  • There’s excellent use of the vast space on offer here. Luxurious styling defines Bleu Infini’s dining area, with sumptuous tan leather chairs and sleek statement lighting.

Chalet Stellaone

  • Comfy window seats beside framed views and French doors to the terrace make this a versatile and multi-purpose space.
  • Dual bronze lighting above the table and a bright white illuminated snowflake on the wall add both colour and character.

Chalet Les Vosnes

  • This chic dining area sits well in the open plan lounge/dining space, with a bright view via the balcony.
  • Bench seating with a pair of unique woven chairs at the heads of the table and a conveniently placed wine fridge creates a casual, relaxed feel!

Lodge Arpitan

  • The well-thought-out colour scheme at Lodge Arpitan pairs teals and greys with pops of warm mustard yellow.
  • Excellent evergreen views are afforded across the terrace through sizeable balcony doors, complimenting the wealth of bare natural wood.

Chalet Panoramic Lodge

  • This handsome raw edge banquet-style dining table beside the bright picture window has ample seating space for bigger groups.

Chalet Alti

  • This dining space offers mealtimes with a view, with far-reaching dual aspects of the terrace and mountains beyond.
  • The spherical pendant lights suspended at differing levels above the table blend beautifully with the natural snowy landscape.

It’s hard to decide which of these striking chalet dining room ideas impresses the most! We hope you’ve taken away plenty of design elements that will suit your own property. Debating between modern and traditional styles for your dining area? Then why not check out our other posts? We’ve got 9 Traditional Dining Room Ideas for Your Alpine Property and 10 Modern Dining Room Ideas for Your Alpine Property. For more, take a leisurely browse through our construction and design archives.

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