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Decorating your chalet for Christmas: this year’s essentials

Homemade Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree with baubles and garlands of lights outside… as the festive season approaches, your future guests are looking forward to one thing – getting together to celebrate Christmas with their family in your chalet. And what could be better than spending your holidays in a charming mountain resort to get you into that magical Christmas spirit?

You can add your own touch of magic to their holiday by decorating your chalet with all sorts of Christmas adornments. The aim is to conjure up a warm and friendly holiday atmosphere so that your guests feel at home. Here are some of the Christmas decorating trends for 2023.

The on-trend colours for Christmas 2023

Trends change and evolve over time, and Christmas decorations are no exception. Every year, we’re faced with a multitude of new themes and styles. Red, gold and green are the classic colours, but what is new this year? Here are the latest trends – it’s up to you to decide what suits your chalet best.

Traditional colours

Three photos showing red, green and gold decorations for a traditional Christmas
Choose red, green and gold decor to give your chalet a traditional look © Vegaoo Party

The traditional red and green theme is still very much in fashion. A great Christmas classic, it never goes out of fashion. But even these much-loved traditional colours can be modernised.

For a fresher look, revisit this traditional colour palette by adding cheerful shades such as yellow, purple or blue, for example. And opt for more original decorations – something a little unusual.

It’s a timeless look that everyone will love.

50 shades of white for a wintry Christmas

Three pictures showing how white and blue can give your Christmas decor a Polar look
There’s nothing like a touch of white and blue to give your decor a frosty look © Vegaoo Party

A snow-tipped Christmas tree, a large white star, and white gift wrapping… white is a major trend for the holidays. Its magical, fairy-tale feel will be much appreciated by your guests, who will feel as if they have fallen into a fantasy world.

To make your atmosphere even more polar, complement the white with shades of blue.

A rose-tinted fairytale Christmas

Pink decorations, feathers and glitter bring a fairytale feel to these Christmas decorations
Pink is a theme which will make your Christmas rosy © Vegaoo Party

Stick to one colour for a chic and sophisticated Christmas – and this year white shares that stage with every shade of pink.

Rose gold with glitter, powder or simply on its own… these shades will bring softness to your interior. It’s a really enchanting change for a subtle, delicious Christmas from times gone by.

If you like, you can push this “fairy garden” theme to the limit, by adding fantastic animals such as unicorns and butterflies as well as fairies and giant flowers (pink, naturally) and perhaps glowing mushrooms!

Raw and organic colours for a natural Christmas

Three pictures reflecting a natural and organic Christtmas, using plants and natural colours
A plant-based, organic theme suggests a natural and eco-friendly Christmas © Vegaoo Party

Another big trend in recent years has been natural and organic colours and materials, together with materials such as linen, wood, jute, paper, cotton, ceramics and glass. Pair this with stoneware candle holders, wooden table mats or a linen tablecloth.

This theme is mainly about conscientious consumption, but it also revisits traditional holiday features with elements that bring a modern, contemporary feel to your decor. Your guests will love this new twist and the green message behind it!

Add plant-based accents such as pine cones, holly, mistletoe or fir branches to finish off your decor. These little details will make all the difference, making your chalet even more welcoming.

Christmas baubles, garlands and a tree – the essentials

However you decide to decorate your chalet for Christmas, there are certain staple decor items. Here are the five essentials for a successful Christmas makeover:

The tree

Whether you go for natural or artificial, green or white, small or large, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The good thing about an artificial tree is that it will last for several years. However, it won’t look the same. For a natural and more luxurious finish, opt for a real tree. Your guests will appreciate it. The sight and smell of a real tree, for many, brings back memories of childhood and conjures the magic of Christmas.

Be careful not to put your tree up too early – it would be a shame for it to lose too many needles by Christmas Day!

If you want to stay faithful to your green beliefs, we advise you to choose an FSC*-certified tree from sustainable forests or opt for a reusable tree made from wood or recycled cardboard, for example. Here are some good examples:

Then you can dress it with beautiful garlands, baubles, candy canes and other Christmas accessories, in keeping with the theme you have chosen for your chalet.

*Forest Stewardship Council: an organisation that promotes ecological, social and economic forest management.

Festive lights

Lights decorate presents underneath the tree
It’s not Christmas without plenty of fairy lights © Alisa Anton

What sort of Christmas would it be without plenty of lights? Garlands, candles, lanterns… Christmas is all about light – so you can’t have too many. In addition to the tree, which must be covered in twinkling fairy lights, you can also put lights on your table, your windowsills or even your furniture.

And don’t forget outside lights, that will greet your guests before they even step into the chalet.

Again, choose them with care – try to stick to your theme and don’t mix too many colours (two or three is the maximum).

Decorating your table

A dinner table decorated for Christmas with pretty baubles, napkins and festive biscuits
Don’t forget to keep some decorations for your Christmas dinner table © Picjumbocom

Your holiday guests will appreciate being able to get together around a beautifully decorated and well-laid table. After all, this is where they will share special Christmas moments.

Remember to provide them with various decorative items such as tablecloths, table runners or placemats, glittery pine cones, candles and lights, chic tableware, centrepieces and napkins – they all contribute to the atmosphere around the table.

Of course, all of this should be in keeping with the theme and colours you have chosen for your decorations in the rest of the chalet.

Gift wrap

It’s not something you’d usually think of, but providing a couple of rolls of gift wrap could save many a Christmas! In a hurry to leave for their holidays, they may have arrived with unwrapped presents, and forgotten to pack wrapping paper – pop a few spare rolls in the cupboards along with some tape and scissors.

The Advent calendar

A child reaches for a number on this natural advent calendar
An advent calendar in your chalet will help young children with the countdown to Christmas © Dari IIi

This last point is not a must, but it’s a nice little extra for your guests. Children will love opening their boxes filled with surprises while they wait for Santa to arrive.

If you’re crafty, you could even make it yourself with recycled materials, such as scraps of fabric, wood and paper. There are several ways of doing this, and you could even re-use it from one year to the next. You can then fill it with all sorts of small gifts – little mottos, homemade biscuits or chocolates are all sure to be appreciated.

Ideas for homemade decorations

Making an advent crown out of fir branches, wire and fir cones
Put your own stamp on your Christmas chalet deco by making your own decorations! © Getty Images

As mentioned earlier, one of the major trends in 2023 is to opt for an authentic, sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas. As well as giving your decorations a natural theme, the decorations are also more sustainable.

Why not create your own decorations? Using recycled materials such as cardboard, fabric scraps, craft paper etc, you can make all sorts of decorations for your property.

You could also set aside some craft materials for your guests – they are sure to have a great time making Christmas decorations with their families!

You’ll find plenty of DIY ideas on the internet, with plenty of pictures and instructions. Here are some examples:

And if you’re not very crafty, or you just don’t have the time to start making Christmas decorations, you can find businesses and craftspeople who make decorations by hand from recycled materials (wood, glass etc). Check out the Etsy website, for example – you’ll find designs for all styles and budgets. They are a good alternative to the plastic decorations you can find in supermarkets.

So now you know all you need to know about the trends for Christmas this year. Take your time and think about how you want to decorate your chalet. Your guests will appreciate your efforts when they get together for the holidays.

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