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Adding a massage room to your rental property in the Alps

With countless Alpine properties for guests to choose from, it’s now more important than ever to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

There are many factors which affect your bookings including pricing, the quality of your property/photography, successful marketing and much more. But, in this series, we’re focusing on chalet equipment and the associated considerations, costs and benefits that come with investing in additional features.

With the wellness tourism industry booming, adding a massage room to your Alpine property is a simple way to help your property attract a wider range of guests. Here’s an introductory guide to adding a massage room to your rental property in the Alps…

What to consider before creating a massage room

Indoor space

First of all, you need a private space that is comfortable, relaxing and large enough to fit a massage table and allow a therapist to move around it.

If you have an unused room in your chalet, for example somewhere you previously used for storage, converting it into a massage room is fairly straightforward. It could be as easy as purchasing a massage table, adding some ambient lighting and heating the space.

Or you may, for example, have a very large area such as a garage or basement that you want to completely transform. In this case, a massage room may be part of a bigger project.

The owners of Chalet Le Mousqueton, La Clusaz refashioned their garage into a wellness zone and created an additional massage room next to the games room.

Massage room with massage table and folded towels, lamp and artwork.
The treatment room at Chalet Le Mousqueton, La Clusaz is functional yet relaxing.

Finding a local mobile massage therapist

Creating a space for people to enjoy a massage is great – but you also need to recommend someone local who can travel to the chalet to offer their services.

There’s high demand for massage therapists in the Alps due to ski injuries, sore muscles and guests who have a little extra budget to spend, especially in winter.

Ask around in your local area, do some online research and even try a few treatments to find the right contacts. Ideally, try and find at least one bilingual therapist so that non-French guests can communicate their needs with ease.

Whether you manage the property yourself or employ a guest manager, make sure one of you is on hand to book the appointment.

The lovely massage room in Chalet Julena, Thônes.

Massage room setup ideas

What are the investments?

As far as additional chalet equipment or facilities go, a massage room is a pretty low-cost choice. If you’re working with an existing room that needs little renovation or reconstruction, there will be few investments to make.

Here’s what you’ll need to purchase for a successful massage room:

Massage table

Expect to pay between 250 and 500 euros for a massage table. Advanced models can be in the thousands, but you won’t necessarily need a high-tech, professional model as it won’t be in constant use.

However, do prioritise quality and comfort. The last thing you want is for the table to break or hinder the guest’s experience in any way.


If you have room, a small cupboard for storing supplies is a good idea. However, it’s not essential as long as items can be easily accessed elsewhere in the property and the massage room has been set up properly for guests.


Purchase a simple dressing chair to place in the corner of the room where guests can sit to take their shoes off or discuss their needs with the therapist.

Coat hooks

Attach some coat hooks to the wall or back of the door so that guests can hang up any clothing they don’t want to crease.

A photo or ornamental hooks which look like tree branches with white robes hung on them
We love these ornamental hooks at Chalet Vivaldaim in Morillon. They’re a great way to bring a natural feel to your massage rooms in the Alps.

Pillows, linen and towels

Make sure to provide additional pillows, linen and towels and budget for the extra laundry costs.

We’d recommend purchasing towels in a separate colour from your bath towels so that you can easily distinguish between them.

You could also invest in a few fluffy robes and slippers for guests to wear after their treatment for a real sense of luxury!


A Bluetooth speaker which can be used to play relaxing music is a great idea. Models range from 30 – 100+ euros. Again, as this won’t be the main sound system for your chalet, and it’s likely the music will be played fairly quietly, it’s not necessary to purchase an extremely high-end solution.

Massage oils, lotions and creams

The likelihood is, most mobile therapists will bring their own products with them, but it’s a good idea to provide a small stock just in case.

Plus, premium products with attractive packaging make a great focal point in the room and create a spa-like feel.

Aromatherapy diffuser

An essential oil diffuser can be purchased for around 30 euros and helps to create a relaxing environment where guests can unwind.

Often made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo or crystal, they double up as lovely ornamental features for your wellness room.


Buy some neutral prints or artwork to hang in the massage room. Art that captures nature, the mountains or calming scenes will be in keeping with the ambience.

A dark room with two massage tables, folded towels and Buddha artwork
Dark tones, atmospheric lighting and matching artwork create a deeply relaxing mood at this Chamonix chalet, which allows space for two treatments at once.

The advantages of adding a massage room to your property

1. It’s a relatively low-cost option

As far as chalet equipment goes, massage rooms do not require the same level of ongoing maintenance as a hot tub or swimming pool, for example.

Once you have bought the equipment, apart from energy costs, occasional odd jobs and an extra room to clean on changeover day, the room will be entirely self-sufficient.

2. You can earn more

Investing in any kind of chalet equipment or extra facility justifies higher prices, as it represents an extra level of service and luxury available to guests during their stay.

Initially, you will be paying off the cost of installation or renovation, but once you have, you can enjoy some additional profit from your increased rates.

3. Promote low-season bookings

Massage rooms can be used all year round, and guests considering a break in the spring or autumn will look for additional facilities like this. This equipment is particularly appreciated after a hike or a bike trip in the off-season, and is likely to make a difference in guests’ decision when booking your chalet.

4. Tap into the wellness market

Policy Advice states that wellness travel represents 17% of all worldwide tourism spending. Therefore, investing in equipment or facilities that appeal to this market is a wise decision.

Other ideas to think about include yoga/gym equipment, providing information about local activities or investing in additional cooking appliances such as juicers or blenders.

5. Boost guest satisfaction

Guest satisfaction is key to running a successful rental business. Loyal guests spread the word about your property to friends and family, who may decide to book for themselves.

A wellness zone with sauna, steam room and massage room
The owners of Chalet Chasmere Spirit, Manigod have included a spacious massage room in their wellness zone.

The disadvantages of adding a massage room to your property

  • The return on investment – although investing in a massage room will appeal to a greater market and contribute to the luxury spa experience, it won’t make you as much money as a hot tub or a sauna might,
  • There will be additional cleaning on changeover day.


Massage rooms are brilliant facilities which give your chalet a luxury stamp, and can encourage more bookings in the off-season. However, they work better when they’re offered alongside additional facilities, such as a complete spa room, or a hot tub, sauna or swimming pool.

For more ideas on how to maximise your bookings and increase your revenue, head to our ‘Earn more’ archives. Or, contact our revenue management experts to learn how much more you can earn per year by installing a massage room.

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