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Adding a home cinema to your rental property in the Alps

With so much competition out there, owners of all types of rental properties are facing more challenges when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Holidaymakers are on the hunt for unique stays and properties which offer them something that they can’t experience in their own homes. So, what actions can you take to secure bookings?

Ultimately, many factors affect your booking success including pricing, the quality of your property/photography, successful marketing and much more. But, in this series, we’re focusing on chalet equipment and the associated considerations, costs and benefits that come with investing in additional features.

In this post, we pay particular attention to home cinemas and the costs, considerations, pros and cons of adding one to your property.

A grey cinema room with LED ceiling lights showing Avatar on the projector screen
Grey decor and staggered seating create an opulent feel at this property in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville.

What to consider before investing in a home cinema


Many owners convert an unused space into a home cinema, such as a garage, basement, or mazot. For the room to be considered a home cinema as opposed to a lounge, it needs to have a large screen and sound system that together, recreate a cinema experience.

The size will depend on the capacity of your property. It may not be realistic for all guests to sit in there at once, but it should be large enough that groups of friends or at least all the children can enjoy it together.

If you’re planning on extending in order to build your home cinema, you will need to consider planning permission. Contact your local Mairie (Town Hall) for more information.

Chalet Colombine's home cinema with red walls, plush reclining seats and a large screen
The owners of Chalet Colombine in Villards-sur-Thônes have pulled out all the stops to create a real home theatre experience!

The costs

Adding a home cinema to your rental property is a relatively large investment.

Your costs will vary greatly depending on a few factors including:

  • Size of the room,
  • Materials and decorations (carpets, lights…),
  • Quality and type of equipment,
  • Electrical work or soundproofing that may be required.

Here’s a rough breakdown of the costs you can expect:

Projector screenFrom 300 €
Projector (various types)From 250 to 3600 €
RemotesFrom 50 to 100 €
SeatsFrom 300€ to 7000€
Source: ooreka & Home Cinema Modules

You can find more detailed costs for installing a home cinema in France on the ooreka website.

There will also be added costs for seating/side tables, as well as lighting, accessories/artwork and increased energy bills.

The advantages of adding a home cinema to your property

1. They’re popular with families

Home cinemas are a fantastic source of entertainment for families with kids and teens. They’ll have their own space to hang out and watch films together whilst the parents relax in the living spaces.

2. They help to boost occupancy rates

Home cinemas can be used all year round, but are particularly good for improving occupancy rates in the off-season.

Guests travelling to the Alps for a cosy autumn break can relax with a hot chocolate in front of a film, or enjoy movie nights in spring before the warmer evenings arrive.

A spacious cinema room with dark walls and large grey and purple sofas
There’s plenty of space to unwind in this roomy home cinema in Argentière.

3. You can earn more

If you invest in impressive chalet equipment, you can justify increasing your prices, as people will be willing to pay more.

At first, you will, of course, be paying back the cost of installation, but once you have covered this as well as your bills, you can reap the rewards of the additional profit.

4. They boost guest satisfaction

Guest satisfaction is vital when it comes to running a successful rental business. On the whole, it is easier to retain loyal guests who spread the word about your property, than to try and acquire new ones due to guests not wanting to return.

Positive reviews are a great way of grabbing the attention of future guests and increasing the level of trust in your property – and extra chalet equipment is often mentioned in glowing reviews.

Here are some reviews of OVO Network partner properties which showcase the popularity of private home cinemas…

Huge thanks for letting us stay in this lovely chalet, with all its equipment and a fantastic home cinema.

François D – March 2020 – Chalet Le Charmieux, Le Grand Bornand

Pool, hot tub, home cinema… the comfort of this outstanding chalet charmed us all completely.

Florian D – May 2021 – Chalet Colombine, Villards-sur-Thônes

Adults and teenagers both loved the home cinema!

Bernard F – July 2018 – La Ferme du Gran Shan, Villards-sur-Thônes
Neutral coloured home cinema with comfy grey sofas and a large projector screen and sound system
The cosy cinema room at La Ferme du Gran Shan.

The disadvantages of adding a home cinema to your property

  • The cost – installing a home cinema is a pretty significant investment,
  • They may not help to attract summer bookings,
  • They’re not as popular as hot tubs or swimming pools.
A red cinema room with poufs and fluffy rugs.
The spacious cinema room at Chalet Le Charmieux, Le Grand Bornand is perfect for kids and teens.

Our top tips

  • Take high-quality, well-staged photographs of your home cinema and list them clearly on your website,
  • Consider the decor – the lighting, artwork and general ambience should create a novel experience,
  • Make sure you provide plenty of films to watch. We’d recommend installing a smart projector with the Netflix app downloaded and providing login details for guests to use, (make sure to change login details regularly). Alternatively, guests may choose to log in to their own accounts.
A cinema room with red sofas on two levels and a wide screen, with natural wood walls
It’s a great idea to place sofas at two different levels to accommodate a large capacity, like at this luxury chalet in Morzine.

For more ideas on how to maximise your bookings and increase your revenue, head to our ‘Earn more’ archives. Or, contact our revenue management experts to learn how much more you can earn per year by installing a home cinema.

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