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How to create a cycling-friendly chalet

Cycling enthusiasts are always on the lookout for their next thrilling adventure, and what better destination than the picturesque landscapes of the French Alps? So, if you own a holiday rental property in this breathtaking region, tapping into the cycling market could be a lucrative endeavour.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into 17 invaluable tips that will not only attract cyclists to your chalet but also elevate your property’s desirability and maximise your real estate investment.

1. Obtain the Accueil Vélo Label

Firstly, if your chalet is located in the French Alps, we’d recommend acquiring the Accueil Vélo Label. This small green logo, widely recognisable by the general public and sportsmen, ensures high visibility and the promise of a quality welcome for cyclists and mountain bikers in France.

Obtaining this label will help you to secure more bookings, including in the off-season and widen your property’s marketing reach amongst an active audience. You can find out more about the Accueil Vélo Label in our handy guide below:

2. Optimise location and accessibility

When it comes to cyclist accommodation, location plays a pivotal role in ensuring an optimal experience for your guests. Here are some key factors to consider:

Clear access to cycling routes

Investing in a chalet with easy access to popular cycling routes is paramount. Look for a property near well-maintained paths or trails that cater to different skill levels. This not only saves time on transportation but also allows cyclists to immerse themselves in the biking experience right from their doorstep.

Proximity to cycling-friendly amenities

Highlighting the chalet’s proximity to essential cycling amenities enhances its appeal. When you’re searching for your chalet, identify properties that are conveniently located near bike shops, repair stations, and rental services. This ensures that cyclists have quick access to equipment, repairs, and any necessary assistance during their stay.

Guided tours and exploration

Those who want to explore the region on two wheels will appreciate the convenience of booking guided tours that provide local insights and well-curated routes. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do some research and find out if your local area offers guided cycling tours or experiences and share that information with your guests.

A man cycles along an Alpine road holding his thumb out
The location of your chalet is key to securing bookings from cyclists – photo by Yury Kirillov

3. Provide secure bike storage

Ensuring the safety of cyclists’ valuable equipment is vital, so make sure to offer weather-proof, secure bike storage facilities and remember to tailor them to accommodate various types of bikes, including road and mountain bikes.

Bike storage at Chalet Crechoua
Check out this handy bike storage area at Chalet Crechoua, La Giettaz

4. Create cycling-focused amenities

Elevate the cycling experience by equipping your chalet with amenities designed for bikers such as:

  • Bike washing stations;
  • A workshop area with a few basic tools for fixing punctures and running simple repairs;
  • A washing machine and dryer for cycling gear and attire;
  • A charging point, to cater for the increasing popularity of electric bikes.
A bike storage area with racks and a pump
This bike storage and maintenance area at Chalet Alyssum, Le Grand Bornand is perfect for carrying out basic repairs

5. Offer local cycling knowledge

Empower cyclists with valuable local insights by curating a guidebook of nearby cycling routes, complete with difficulty levels and scenic highlights.

You can also strengthen connections with local cycling clubs and experts who can provide advice and additional services.

6. Guarantee comfortable rest and recovery

Acknowledge the physical demands of cycling by providing comfortable bedding and ample relaxation spaces for tired cyclists. Consider offering spa and wellness facilities to aid in post-ride recovery as well as features like gyms and massage tables, which enhance the comfort and well-being of sporty guests.

7. Provide high-speed internet

Facilitate seamless planning and communication for cyclists by providing reliable high-speed internet. This allows guests to easily research routes, share their experiences on social media, and stay connected during their stay.

8. Accommodate group travel

Recognise the appeal of group cycling getaways and offer spacious areas suitable for larger groups. Carefully consider your communal spaces, both indoors and outdoors, ensuring they’re places where cyclists can gather after their rides to share stories and celebrate their achievements.

A group of people in matching outfits cycle along a road
Consider how many cyclists your property can accommodate and aim to make it comfortable for the maximum amount of guests – photo by Tuvalum

9. Curate specialised packages

Aim to cater to cyclists’ preferences by crafting cycling-themed packages which include guided tours, equipment rental discounts, and exclusive partnerships with local biking establishments. These types of packages showcase your commitment to enhancing the biking experience and can be a way of supporting local businesses.

10. Put safety first

Prioritise safety by outlining relevant safety measures and emergency protocols for cyclists. For example, provide information about nearby medical facilities or emergency contacts and consider recommending specialised apps that offer route planning and access to emergency services.

11. Showcase your sustainability efforts

Attract environmentally conscious cyclists by showcasing your property’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainability. You can do this by highlighting initiatives that align with cyclists’ values, demonstrating your dedication to responsible tourism.

12. Emphasise multi-season appeal

Emphasise the year-round attractions and activities available in the area, with a focus on cycling. For example, highlight the benefits of spring and autumn, which offer milder weather, fewer tourists, lower prices and optimal cycling conditions.

A couple cycle down a mountain passage
The off-season can be the perfect time for a cycling holiday – photo by CLEMENT Ader

13. Encourage guest reviews and testimonials

Let satisfied cycling guests share their experiences through detailed reviews and testimonials. Add a touch of authenticity by encouraging guests to provide insights into their biking journeys, including photos and videos, to inspire future visitors.

14. Highlight local events and races

Showcase your knowledge by staying up-to-date with local cycling events and races and amke sure to inform guests about them in advance.

For example, the Tour de France is a huge attraction for avid cyclists and many OVO Network partner chalets are located just a stone’s throw away from the esteemed routes. This is a huge selling point for many of our guests, not only for spectating during the competition but throughout the entire year, when many of them will attempt the routes themselves.

You can also offer assistance with registration or even provide special offers and deals during specific cycling events to attract enthusiasts.

A group of men compete in a cycling race
Research local cycling events and keep your guests informed – photo by Rob Wingate

15. Prioritise flexibility and convenience

Recognise the unique schedule of cyclists by offering flexible check-in/check-out times to accommodate early morning or late evening rides.

16. Strive for continuous improvement

Welcome feedback from cycling guests to identify opportunities for improvement. Demonstrating your commitment to improving the cycling experience over time ensures that your chalet remains a preferred choice for avid cyclists.

17. Recommend additional services

If you want to go the extra mile to attract cyclists to your property, then make use of your local network and recommend the services available in your area. This could include massage therapists and sports rehabilitation services to soothe aches and pains or even a private chef who can whip up a feast for guests after a long ride.

A man has a shoulder massage
Call on your local network to offer extra services which may be of interest to your guests


Incorporating cyclist-friendly features into your chalet not only enhances the experience for biking enthusiasts but also sets your property apart as a preferred destination. By optimising location, providing tailored amenities, fostering local connections, and prioritising comfort and safety, you’re crafting a haven that resonates with cyclists’ needs and passions.

As you continuously improve and adapt based on feedback, your chalet becomes a hub for unforgettable cycling adventures, creating lasting memories for guests and ensuring your place in the cycling community’s heart!

Interested in running a cycling-friendly rental chalet?

Collaborating with OVO Network is the game-changer you need for maximising your profits and guest satisfaction. We offer comprehensive support, including expert advice on optimising your property for cyclists, marketing strategies that attract your target audience, and streamlined management services that ensure seamless operations.

With a track record of excellence in the chalet rental industry, partnering with OVO Network equips you with the tools to create an exceptional cycling-friendly chalet experience that stands out in the competitive market.

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