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9 Traditional Dining Room Ideas for Your Alpine Property

Dreaming up traditional dining room ideas for your Alpine rental property? Looking for some inspiration and design concepts? Then check out this range of fabulous dining spaces from OVO Network properties to get you well on your way!

Chalet Goville

  • Gorgeous flagstone floors flow throughout this open-plan space, creating a feeling of continuity.
  • The 16-seater bespoke table is cleverly built into the central supporting beam with added lighting to further brighten the dining table.

Chalet Keramis

  • Opulent red coupled with rich assorted tones of wood throughout make for a truly inviting dining experience in Chalet Keramis.
  • Easy access to the bar and a view to the mezzanine level above create a wholly sociable space.
  • The striking dining chairs with metal accents and a statement circular lighting fixture add extra drama to the room.

La Ferme à Juju

  • Take a pew at the table in La Ferme à Juju, with a variety of diverse seating options on offer.
  • The corresponding dresser is not only useful for storage, but also acts as an eye-catching display of carefully chosen decorative crockery and earthenware.

Chalet Gueret

  • Chalet Gueret’s dining room boasts a thick, handsome wooden table and rustic hardwood flooring.
  • A large wooden chest acts as the ideal divider between the cosy dining and living spaces.

Chalet La Vieille Ferme 

  • Terracotta tiled floors and a great view of the stone-built open fire make this traditional dining room idea a real winner.
  • A diversity of chair styles and a dining bench create a characterful feel, whilst scarlet pillar and table candles add extra warmth.

Lodge Fauspe

  • Lodge Fauspe skilfully displays a number of traditional Alpine-style design features in its well-appointed dining area.
  • Natural materials used on the dining chairs and sideboard, along with eclectic furry lampshades and a clustered antler ceiling light all add to the charm.

Chalet Charmar

  • The excellent use of open grain woodwork throughout, including benches and slatted radiator covers, is a great go-to traditional dining room idea.
  • This perfectly contrasts with the large, concrete-style floor tiles and pairs of glass-shaded pendant lights suspended above the table.

Chalet Le Meridien – Tournette

  • The vaulted ceiling makes for an impressive dining space, with incredible mountain views and natural light streaming onto the table.
  • A neutral colour scheme with a white painted table and taupe lampshade and curtains adds tranquillity to the room.

Chalet Le Meridien – Etale

  • This beautifully traditional dining room has a home-away-from-home feel, with a view of the range cooker.
  • There’s ample space for mealtimes, with a pair of in-keeping sideboards for storage and a mirror reflecting light back into the room.

We hope this has inspired some creative thoughts on how to style the dining space in your rental property. Considering a more contemporary look? Then why not head over to our post on 10 Modern Dining Room Ideas for Your Alpine Property? Make sure you also check out our Top Dining Room Ideas for Rental Properties! For related reading, we can recommend browsing our extensive construction and design archives.

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