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Home Decor Part 3: Furniture – traditional or contemporary?

The property has been purchased, the spaces configured, the fireplace installed. Next it’s time to think about the furniture. Do you choose traditional furnishings, go for a contemporary feel, or a mixture of both? Continuing our series of tips and tricks to create a cosy chalet style, these images speak for themselves…

Clean modern dining table for 16 at Chalet Colombine in illard sur Thônes near La Clusaz

When the table is for 16 people, it is important to keep the furniture simple so that the space doesn’t feel cluttered. Chalet Colombine combines a simple wooden table with classic modern chairs in white and raw wood, then the glass floor gives a view onto the newly installed basement swimming pool.

Modern family suite at chocoon lodge in Manigod

Leaving the steps up to the bespoke single beds with open treads leaves plenty of light and room to breathe for all of the occupants of this family suite at Chocoon Lodge! The vertical wood design separating the two single beds adds to the original style too.

The sanded walls and white furniture work to brighten this bedroom at Chalet Le Meridien Etale

Typically old farm houses have small window openings and low ceilings, which can make for quite sombre bedroom spaces. The ceiling and wooden walls in this bedroom at Chalet le Meridien Etale were sanded back to their natural state, and the furniture, including the gorgeous traditional sleigh has been painted white.

Traditional farmhouse kitchen at chalet ladroit

While most of the furnishings at Chalet Ladroit are contemporary, the traditional farmhouse kitchen was retained. By installing a new modern range, and new work surfaces the kitchen is practical as well as beautiful.

Traditional summer kitchen with drop down table at Chalet Patagonia

The drop down table – une table de berger – in the summer kitchen at Chalet Patagonia is traditionally found in many old farm buildings and chalets and a very practical design. With its local handmade pottery, and wooden benches this kitchen is totally different to the sleek high tech main kitchen upstairs.

Modern kitchen and dining space at Chalet Snow Chic in Morzine

Contemporary all the way! The contrast between the straight lines of the kitchen and the curves of the dining table chairs and overhead lighting at Chalet Snow Chic are very easy on the eye.

Are you looking to decorate your property in a chalet style that suits you? Would you like professional advice on decorating and managing your projects? Don’t hesitate to contact our interior stylists.

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