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Home Decor Part 2: Wood – essential for achieving Alpine chalet ambiance

Cover image: Sweet Nest Lodge

We’ve previously looked at how a fireplace can provide a cosy mountain style to any space. In this latest post we focus on the use of that all important chalet building material – wood, which can be used in the structure of a build, for decoration or furniture.

The triple bunk bed kids dorm at Chalet Patagonia features bespoke bunk beds made from rough hewn pine to give a cosy ‘cabin in the woods’ feel.

The classic combination of wood and local stone, as shown here at La Vieille Ferme, is traditional as well as practical and beautiful.

The security barriers on these gorgeous bunk beds at Lodge Le Grizzly are practical, and bring an attractive rustic farmhouse look.

Contrast the impressive beauty of wood with white plastered walls, then compliment with thick warm velvet curtains, and soft colourful rugs as at La Ferme de Marie.

For a sleek contemporary chalet style, combine wood with white walls and black metal, as at Chalet La Frasse.

Bois brossé is wood heated to very high temperatures, cooled, then brushed, removing the dust formed between the grain of the wood, to reveal the most beautiful textures and patterns, as seen here on the walls at Chalet Andreanna.

The owners of La ferme du Gran Shan used restored tools discovered during the renovations as furniture and decorative items throughout the farm – a respectful nod to the history of the building.

Duplicate the solid wooden wall look in your home using thick horizontal wood panelling. Choose from rough hewn, bois brossé, irregular or regular width planks to suit the space and furnishings, then break up the wood with a contrasting colour wall as seen here at Aravis Lodge.

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