How does OVO Network define a luxury property?

Investors are increasingly focusing on the luxury market in the Alps because of its many advantages. A luxury property is often recognised by its high price, but this alone does not define a luxury chalet. At OVO Network, we believe certain important criteria must be met to achieve this label.

A luxury property in the Alps must have all the equipment a guest would expect, as well as high-quality design and architectural interest. Location is another important point, as is space, and the layout. In the mountains, luxury often means a sense of relaxation and well-being and at OVO Network, you can choose from 117 luxury properties for your mountain holidays.

Are you the owner of an Alpine chalet, wondering if your property meets the luxury standard? Here are the detailed criteria you need to consider…

Luxury at OVO Network

OVO Network’s properties are all of a high standard, offering comfort and favourable facilities to all of the guests who stay there. However, even though they all meet the highest standards, they are not all considered ‘luxury’. For a property to earn this label, it also has to look luxurious and be pleasing to the eye. Villa Flying Dragon in Talloires is just one of these properties.

A luxury property must also meet three of the five criteria explained below. You can decide which of the criteria is most important and relevant to you and find all of our luxury properties on our dedicated web page.

A detached property is usually key

At OVO Network, a luxury property is usually detached, and not part of a complex. So, a flat in a building is unlikely to be considered luxurious. For us, luxury would refer to a self-contained chalet, where guests can enjoy privacy and independence during their stay, and feel at ease in their own space. These values are less common in hotels and apartments.

A good ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms

For a property to be considered luxurious, it must be comfortable and pleasant to live in, as well as spacious and highly attractive. For this reason, the number of bathrooms must reflect the advertised capacity. At OVO Network, we consider the ideal ratio to be one bath or shower room per bedroom.

For example, a property like Chalet Joux Verte, in Les Gets, which has four bedrooms and four bathrooms has a ratio of 1 (4 divided by 4). This means guests are comfortable and enjoy the privacy that a luxury property should provide.

As a minimum, a luxury property should have a ratio of 0.6, which is two bathrooms for every three bedrooms. If there are not enough bathrooms, guests will have to share them and the perception of luxury will be affected.

Room to move: at least 15 m² of space per person

In the context of a chalet, luxury means, amongst other things, a sense of comfort and freedom. Therefore, our criteria call for large spaces which are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, that provide enough personal space for every guest. At OVO Network, we set this at a minimum of 15 m² per person.

How can you work out if your property fulfils this standard? It’s very simple – just divide the total area of the chalet by the number of people it can accommodate. For example, Chalet Behansa in Les Gets has a total surface area of 236m² and can accommodate 10 guests, so each guest has almost 24m² of personal space (236/10=23.6).

A bedroom at Chalet Behansa, in the Alps
This bedroom at Chalet Behansa is more than spacious enough for two guests and their belongings.

OVO Network shares the standards of some 5-star hotels, especially when it comes to bed sizes. In a 5-star hotel, it is common to find king (180x200cm) or queen (160x200cm) size beds in at least half of the rooms.

In an OVO Network chalet, you will rarely find a 140x190cm bed. Private bathrooms with separate WCs are also a real asset and turn a bedroom into a luxury suite.

A 5-star classification

All properties on our platform are officially inspected and classified or will be in the near future. To be considered a luxury property, a chalet must obtain a 5-star classification, further justifying its high-end status.

This classification is obtained at the request of the owner and is based on 243 criteria. You can check the list of classified accommodations here.

Wellness facilities: a sauna, hot tub or swimming pool

Properties offering wellness facilities such as a private spa, a swimming pool, a hot tub or a steam room attract loyal guests.

Facilities like these are synonymous with relaxation and luxury and are a wonderful way to unwind at the end of a day in the mountains.

This is another of OVO Network’s criteria for being classified as a luxury property. It could be a swimming pool, a sauna or a hot tub as in Zaru Lodge in La Clusaz or Chalet Hartza in Le Grand Bornand. For more information, read our article on spa facilities here.

Do you own a luxury chalet in the Alps that you would like to rent out? Does it meet at least three of the criteria listed above? Would you like to improve your occupancy or start renting your property out?

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