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Marketing the Outdoor Pool at Your Holiday Rental

Rental properties with indoor pools are highly sought after all year round, for obvious reasons. However, outdoor pools are also extremely popular with summer guests. A chalet with a private outdoor heated pool can make for an extended summer season and plenty of extra fun!

In this post, we focus mainly on chalets with private pools, however, the information can be applied to any type of holiday rental property. Here’s what you need to consider

Owners of chalets with a private outdoor pool will need to meet strict legal requirements regarding the facilities’ installation, maintenance and security.

Where there is water, there is a risk, so you will need to have everything in place to ensure the safety of your guests.

Your pool supplier will also be able to assist with maintenance contracts. 

1. Share safety measures

Chalet Gueret

  • Put guests’ minds at ease by detailing restrictions and noting whether the pool is secure and fenced off. Those with pets and small children will require this important information.
  • Make sure to consider your neighbours, as well as the necessary procedures needed to safely close the pool both at night and at the end of a stay.

2. Note whether it’s private or shared

Chalet Bonnevie

  • This is a big consideration for many guests, especially for those with families, so ensure you make it clear.
  • If the pool is shared with neighbouring guests, explain who has access and how it works.

3. Showcase the pool with quality photography

Chalet Happyview

  • The quality of the photography available to your prospective guests directly impacts the success of your rental business. 
  • Photography plays an extremely informative role in the booking process for guests. 
  • According to Boom, 90% of online buyers state that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale. So, ensuring high-quality photos of your outdoor swimming pool are listed on your site is vital.
  • Outdoor pools increase the booking value of your property, so guests will want to see it in detail before committing to stay!

4. Clarify when it’s available

Chalet Beauvoir 12

  • Generally speaking, outdoor pools are mainly available to guests in the summer months. (Except our partner property Beauvoir 12 above, which, unusually, is heated all year round!)
  • Clearly state your availability dates – normally these will coincide with dates that heating commences and concludes. 
  • The majority of our owners offer their outdoor pools in the summer, with some opening as early as May. With three public holidays in France across May, those booking a break at this time will appreciate the use of a heated pool! The majority will close facilities around September, with some as late as October.
  • Ultimately, what works for owners will depend on balancing the cost of heating the pool with the extra income generated from it.

5. Explain when it will be in the sun

Chalet Woodman

  • The position of your pool is key for many guests. People will want to know if they’ll be able to use it in full sun, or if it’s shaded. So make sure to detail the times of day when your pool benefits from the sun’s rays so that they can enjoy it to its full potential.

6. State the water temperature

Manoir de Leschaux

  • You don’t want guests having any nasty surprises with a cold pool – especially in the French Alps!

7. Mention the type of filtration system 

Villa Flying Dragon

  • Your property manager should have the contact details of the pool maintenance company for this information.

8. Provide dimensions and depth

Chalet Le Mousqueton

  • This is another safety consideration that guests will need to be informed of, especially those with younger children.
  • Additionally, make sure to state how many people can be in the pool at any one time.

9. List extra facilities

Chalet Manoe

  • Mention things like counter current, jets, lighting, or steps. 
  • List if there is a step for supervised younger children to use? 
  • If you provide flotation aids, make sure to highlight this too.
  • Ensure that your photos clearly show the available facilities around the pool, such as deckchairs, non-glass drink holders, towel hooks, parasols and suchlike. 

10. Mention added extras

Chalet Kalyssia

  • If you have a chalet with a private outdoor pool, it’s preferable to provide towels for guests. This prevents them from having to keep extra space in their suitcases! 
  • We recommend purchasing towels in a different colour from your standard bath towels so that you can easily differentiate them.
  • One of our owners also provides a selection of Crocs which guests can use, which can be soaked with an anti-bacterial product between bookings.

Do you own a chalet in the French Alps?

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