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Europe’s Best Airports

Where are Europe’s best airports? We reveal the answer based on hard data.  

A lengthy wait for your flight is a fact of life for today’s travellers. So it’s important the airport in question gives you the best possible all-round experience.

As many people’s summer holiday season draws closer, our new study aims to matchmake you with the very best airport in 2022. We’ve considered six different data points in our latest study, including the number of shops and restaurants (airport amenities category), accommodation within 5km, parking costs per week, outbound flight routes and the distance to nearest city centres (KM). 

We’ve crunched the numbers and put the findings into this handy interactive tool. 

Which airport is the best in Europe? 

The data reveals that Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport is the very best in Europe, based on a combination of all data points. Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport ranks as runner up with Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport taking bronze position. Madrid and Istanbul’s international airports make up the remaining top five . 

At the bottom of the scale is Lyon and Glasgow airports with a poor combination of scores across the board.

Which airport has the most outbound flight routes?

There aren't too many better feelings than exploring the great world around us. The most convenient way to do just that is, today, by flying. The European airport with the highest number of outbound flights is Frankfurt’s airport with a huge 303 different potential flight paths. Istanbul Atatürk, Paris, Amsterdam Schiphol and London Heathrow make up the top five .  

Whether you’re making a trip for business, to see family or to lie on a beach without a care in the world, make sure you're in the know about where your airport of choice ranks. 
If you’re a bit of a travel planning nerd, check out one of our previous data studies like this child-friendly city breaks tool!

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