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Increase Low Season Bookings at Your Ski Chalet

Although there will naturally be less demand for your property at off-peak times, there is plenty you can do to boost your low season bookings. In this post, we share some top tips about what you can do to help keep your calendar as full as possible all year round…

Think about what guests want

  • Provide a thoughtful, memorable gesture like a welcome basket to make your property stand out.
  • Offer ideas for activities nearby, such as hiking routes, cycle paths, events and experiences that are unique to the area.
  • Consider the kinds of facilities that appeal to families with kids of pre-school age.
  • If you have a smaller capacity property like an apartment, market romantic breaks for couples. Think hot tubs, attractive views, stylish lighting, quality cooking facilities, etc. 
  • More mature guests may not necessarily be as interested in the adrenaline sports normally associated with the Alps, but there’s still a diversity of activities and events open to them. Make sure to highlight these along with local transport links, and review the comfort and ease of use of your spaces.
  • Wellness travellers, hikers, cyclists and active individuals may also be keen to avoid the crowds and heat of the high season. 
  • Corporate and remote workers looking for a change of scenery are another good group to target. 

Adjust prices and offer promotions

  • Your prices should reflect the lesser demand for low season bookings. In some destinations, certain activities, events and facilities might not be as readily available, so guests will want to really make the most of your property.
  • Think about how your pricing compares to others to help inform decisions on whether or not to offer promotions.
  • But don’t drop below your minimum price and sacrifice profit margins! Always account for your usual overheads, such as cleaning teams, property management and maintenance.

Lower your minimum length of stay

  • Your minimum stay may be around 7 days in high season to attract families on their holidays, whereas you can afford to be more flexible in off-peak seasons to secure more bookings. Some guests prefer multiple shorter breaks throughout the year, whilst many avoid peak travel times to evade traffic and crowds. 
  • Don’t forget to factor in public holidays! Check out this list of 11 key public holiday dates in France that may increase demand.
  • Consider offering a higher degree of flexibility on arrival and departure days. Those wanting to stay for a long weekend may want to arrive on a Friday and leave on a Monday. If your calendar is set for a Saturday or Sunday arrival, this may put them off. Adjust accordingly – but do ensure your manager and cleaning teams are available. 

Highlight your property’s extra facilities and features

  • For low season bookings, guests may well be spending more time in your property than at other times of the year, so they’ll likely want to make even more use of facilities such as hot tubs, saunas, home cinemas and games rooms. 
  • Ensure you highlight these amenities on your properties’ website, and if you have the capacity to add an extra facility for guests to enjoy, then all the better!
  • Consider what stood out about your property when you bought it. Was it those stunning views, that perfect location? What appealed to you will likely appeal to others, so show it off in all its glory!

Ensure your website is current, honest and accurate

  • Your website should reflect exactly what guests will find on arrival
  • Photography should reflect your property honestly whilst still showcasing all it has to offer.
  • Your website copy should also be accurate and provide relevant information that applies to each season. For instance, if you have an outdoor pool that opens just for the summer months, ensure you make that clear to avoid confusion or disappointment. 

We hope this has given you plenty of ideas for how to secure more low season bookings for your property. Remember, flexibility, attention to detail and standing out from the crowd are all key to getting the most out of off-peak!

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