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Mademoiselle Caroline – the illustrator in the Alps

Caroline Capodanno, better known as Mademoiselle Caroline, is a Parisienne illustrator who upped sticks and moved to the mountains. She now lives in Manigod with her husband and three children.

She is known and loved among French readers for her funny, light hearted line of comic books such as ‘Quitter Paris’, ‘Enceinte’ and “Mamaaaaan?!’.

Recently she has started to publish books in collaboration with authors on very different subjects, including depression (Chute Libre), travel (Touriste) and autism (La Différence Invisible).

In her most recent book, “Ma Vie d’Artiste”, she explains the difficulty of finding herself, her style and her confidence as a professional artist.
Mademoiselle Caroline Ma Vie d'Artiste

Mademoiselle Caroline’s art has also found its way into the world of beauty. A chance meeting with Véronique Marinho, founder of luxury manicure company Marinho Paris, on the slopes of Mount Sinaï led to the creation of Miss M. Miss M. is a glamorous and impertinent Parisienne with perfect nails, who has become the face of Marinho Paris. Meet Miss M. and find out more about Marinho Paris here.

Mademoiselle Caroline's character Miss M for Marinho Paris

Finally, Caroline also goes by another name, “Babayaga”, for her other artwork. Find out more at Chez Babayaga.

We caught up with Mademoiselle Caroline to find out a little bit more about her and why she loves life here in the Aravis…

Mademoiselle Caroline, first things first, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name’s Caroline, I’m 44 – nearly 45 – and I have three children of two different ages, an adorable husband and a perfect dog. I live in an isolated chalet in Manigod, at the end of a valley. I ski and play rugby, which is my passion.

Mademoiselle Caroline logo

How did you end up living in Manigod?

I came here on holiday in 1986, my parents have a chalet here. So when we decided to leave Paris, where we work, Manigod seemed the obvious choice!

What do you love most about living in the Aravis?

The snow, the genuine people, the solitude of my chalet, the peace, the changing of the seasons, the beauty of the valley, it’s extraordinary.

Mademoiselle Caroline Quitter Paris

When you’re not in your studio doing your illustrations where would we find you?

On a rugby pitch, either playing or watching; on skis; in Les Landes for two months a year; or increasingly rarely, at the cinema.

What inspired you to start doing illustrations?

I don’t know, I’ve always drawn … like all children, except I’ve never stopped.

Mademoiselle Caroline working on one of her designs

I hear that you love shoes, The Beatles and guys with beards! Can you tell us a little about why you love them and how they influence your work?

Shoes because I know they will always fit, which isn’t always the case with clothes, and because they are the finishing touch to an outfit. I judge people by their shoes …

The Beatles because in year 6 a music teacher made me listen to them and it was a musical shock to my system. I have all their albums, and I know all the songs by heart.

And men with beards? Well that’s because my man has had a beard as long as I’ve known him, long before hipsters were fashionable … and I like real beards, not the beards worn by these new guys who think they have invented a look.
Mademoiselle Caroline Voeux 2019

I saw that you offer family portraits, they look fantastic! Can you tell our readers a little about that and how they can order theirs?

It’s all on this website:

It’s really easy :

Just fill in the order form at  “bon de commande
And choose:

  • The format
  • The number of people
  • The names you want to include
  • Anything you would like included in the frame
  • The date you need it by

Note – I will need photos to personalise the design


As soon as I receive the order form I’ll send you a quote. Then I’ll send you a sketch. Once you have approved the sketch, I’ll add colour. I send the drawing, on glossy paper, protected by cardboard.

Mademoiselle Caroline’s Tips and favourites in the area

Where is your favourite area to ski?


Where can you find the best view?

From my chalet

What is your favourite walk in the summer?

I love hiking up the Pointe Percée !!!

What is the must-see place on a holiday in the area?

In summer, Lake Annecy is so beautiful that you have to visit, walking along the edge of the lake is magnificent in summer and winter. Walking on the Beauregard Plateau and at the Gorges du Fier are pretty impressive too.

What is your favourite restaurant?

I have just discovered Le Binome in Annecy Le Vieux – it’s to die for! Apart from that the beignets de David at “Matins Clairs” in Beauregard, Jean-Mi’s fondue in Manigod or the elegant decor of La ferme des Vônezins!

Your favourite Savoyard dish?

Fondue! I could eat a whole pot full!

Follow Mademoiselle Caroline on Facebook and Instagram to see her latest art and to keep up to date with her news.

Mademoiselle Caroline has also recently collaborated with the talented Manigod ceramicist, Laurence André. Their ceramics can be purchased online from the website, or directly from Laurence’s workshop ‘Atelier Polkadot’ and the cafe Lo Garajo, both in Manigod.

Ceramics from collaboration of Mademoiselle Caroline and Aterlier Polkadot

To find out more about Mademoiselle Caroline and to see and buy her work, visit
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Mademoiselle Caroline Prescripteurs
Mademoiselle Caroline Difference Invisible
Mademoiselle Caroline Mon Programme Anti Depression
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