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How to Attract Families to Your Holiday Rental Property

Families are a very important market for almost all of our owners. Many OVO Network owners are parents and create child-friendly spaces in their properties for their own kids to use and enjoy while on holiday. 

In addition, guests and managers often tell us that the extra facilities offered at many OVO Network properties are the deciding factor at the time of booking.

Taking all of the above into account, we have put together a list of some of the most popular extra facilities our younger VIP guests enjoy. Here are our guidelines for attracting families to your holiday rental property…

Add a Games/Play room

Rooms without windows don’t really make great bedrooms, however, they can make superb games rooms.

They don’t necessarily have to cost owners a fortune, and families are on the lookout for chalets with games rooms to keep younger guests entertained.

What makes a great games/play room?

  • Comfortable, soft seating
  • Low tables and stools for games or craft activities
  • A selection of toys and games for kids of different ages
  • Family board games
  • Books
  • Craft materials
  • Games consoles
  • Comfy couches
  • Bean bags
  • A pool table
  • Table football
  • Dart board
  • A great sound system

Handily placed tables, shelves or bars subtly encourage guests to keep snacks and drinks away from expensive playing surfaces.

Add made to measure shelves for books, games, puzzles and toys in areas that have limited headroom for adults. This creates as much clear floor space for play as possible and a cosy space for younger kids.

Create a Pool Room

Pool, or snooker, are great games for all ages. Lights above the playing surface create a more serious, professional feel to matches, especially in the evenings! Ensure there is enough clearance space around the table for players to be able to line up their shots without knocking artworks off the walls. Also consider wall mounting the cues to keep the rooms safe and tidy.

The owners of Chalet les Brevins wanted a more grown-up feel to their pool room. The cafe style deco and a choice of spectator seating mean guests can enjoy the action on the pool table in comfort while waiting for their turn to play.

Child friendly ski chalets - the pool table and cafe vibe at Chalet Brevins
The grown-up games room at Chalet Les Brevins

Set up a Games Console

Some parents prefer – or insist – that their kids steer clear of electronic devices while on holiday in the Alps. However, others are happy to enjoy down-time themselves while the kids hook up to arcade games or gaming consoles.

Child friendly ski chalets - the retro games consoles at Chalet Batieu
The games console at Chalet Batieu is housed in a retro arcade game shell.

Several of our chalets have Playstation, X box or Wii with media for guests to enjoy.

Include a Home Cinema

If there are enough bedrooms in the property, and there is an awkward space without a designated purpose, consider making it into a home cinema. Spaces without windows are ideal for home cinemas, and they can certainly provide a “Wow” factor.

Cinema style seats, projectors and surround sound systems combine to provide fabulous private, in-chalet, big-screen experiences. We’re always amazed how quickly our managers become experts on operating the various facilities.

A surround sound system can bring the enjoyment of watching a film on a big screen to a whole new level.

Design a TV Room

Until recently, a TV in every bedroom was often seen as a mark of a five star property. Nowadays, many guests watch YouTube or stream films, the news and sporting events through mobile devices, so are TVs in every room necessary? Plus, a TV license fee/ PRS type fee is payable for each screen in a rental property, therefore a TV room can be a great alternative.

A TV room can be a very useful facility for grandparents looking after kids at the chalet while parents head off to ski together, or if someone in the group wants a day off from the slopes.

Throwing a thick, fluffy, soft rug on the floor minimises sound transfer to other areas of the chalet, and makes the space comfy for kids to play/sit or lie on!

Child friendly ski chalets often include work spaces and quiet second lounge areas
This first-floor lounge at Chalet Rollon has been divided into a home working space and a cosy second lounge area.

Low tables, rugs and stools are perfect for quieter activities like jigsaws, drawing, puzzles, card games, or dominoes. We welcome guests of many different nationalities, therefore non-language specific games are ideal. And while kids may not like the fact they have holiday homework or revision, a designated study space may help them get into a good work/play routine.

Don’t forget the Garden

Child friendly ski chalets - the swings and slide at Grange a L'Ours
This classic swing and slide set sits well on the flat garden at Grange a L’Ours !

We covered how to create great outdoor space in an earlier post in this series (links listed below). Kid-friendly outdoor spaces are also cool for kids. At this chalet, kids can play in the fresh mountain air while taking in the views!

Anyone for (Table) tennis?

Table tennis can be fun for all the family – a mini tournament is a great way to pass a couple of hours and get some exercise!

Child friendly chalets - a table tennis table
The table tennis table at Chalet Gran Shan.

Bring the table indoors during the winter, then roll it outside once the weather begins to warm up. As with the pool table, ensure there is plenty of clearance around the table to chase down those smashes! Remember to have a stock of spare balls when the table moves out of doors – they do, and will, run off down the hill!

Add a basketball hoop and trampoline

Some owners steer clear of trampolines as misuse can result in horrible accidents, but trampolines can be fun and great for keeping fit if used responsibly. We strongly recommend providing safety nets, and make sure guests know there are guidelines on how to use trampolines safely in the chalet A-Z guide. Take a look at these guidelines issued by ROSPA for more information.

Child friendly ski chalets - with trampoline and basketball hoop.
The basketball hoop and trampoline at Chalet Beauvoir 12

Ball games can be rather a challenge in the Alps, so think carefully before setting up a basketball hoop to ensure kids don’t spend more time retrieving the ball than practising shots!

Most owners put the trampoline and basketball hoop away during the winter months, so reassembly time is a good opportunity to check that all is in good working order. Take this time to order replacement parts if necessary.

To summarise, focusing on younger guests helps owners to create child-friendly ski chalets that stand out from the competition. These properties provide lots for kids to see, do and most importantly enjoy whilst on holiday. 

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