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How and where to advertise my ski chalet?

With multiple booking platforms and management options on offer today, knowing how and where to advertise your ski chalet can feel a little daunting.

In this article, we share the difficulties individual owners face when advertising their ski chalet, and how OVO Network’s services can easily resolve these problems.

Read on to discover our solutions…

1. Where should I advertise my ski chalet?

What’s the challenge?

When asked, several owners who have previously self-managed their rental business, stated it was difficult to decide “where should I advertise my ski chalet?”. We’re also asked:

  • Which platforms are the best for my property?
  • Which markets should I be aiming to attract?”
  • Do some platforms prioritise guest’s interest above owner’s interest?

How can we help?

We target various markets and list out properties on a variety of major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Using historic findings, we can determine which OTAs will work for which property types. This ensures that your property is advertised to the widest, most suitable market, in order to maximise your bookings. OVO Network are able to advise you on which OTAs will meet your expectations and suit your preferences.

Striking a balance is vital when advertising your ski chalet. Therefore, selecting the correct platforms that prioritise the needs of both owner and guest is key. Covid-19 was extremely difficult for all in the travel industry, including individual property owners. Areas of the travel industry have either evolved, succeeded or failed due to reactivity and willingness to think outside the box. Our aim was to remain fair to owners and guests, as well as chalet teams throughout.

We were fortunate that the French Government promptly ruled it acceptable to offer credit notes rather than refunds (for the period between March and October 2020), and that overall, our guests accepted this solution. Some owners preferred to offer immediate refunds and between us, we found solutions that worked for the majority of the time.

2. How do I successfully maintain advertising my ski chalet?

What’s the challenge?

Some owners identified where they wanted to advertise their chalet, but found entering information and managing enquiries on some of the OTAs tedious. Additionally, they said monitoring enquiries and dealing with issues was time-consuming and intrusive. Others didn’t have the language level required to use some platforms.

How can we solve the problem?

We onboard all properties onto the relevant listing sites, update pricing and information and manage all enquiries. All of our website copy is written in French and English, by professional copywriters in their native language. As well as this, all enquiries are handled in French and English.

3. How can I manage multiple listings?

What’s the challenge?

Many owners express concern that listing on more than one OTA risks double bookings, as calendars have to be synchronised manually.

How can we solve the problem?

Our bespoke platform ensures that all calendars on OTAs are synchronised at all times, so there is no risk of double bookings. We manage enquiries, bookings and payments for you 24/7, taking the hassle of managing a rental business away from the owner.

4. How can I make my property stand out on the OTAs?

What’s the challenge?

With an overwhelming selection of properties listed on OTAs nowadays, these platforms seem saturated with rental businesses. This results in many owners asking the same question – “How can I make my property stand out?”

How can we solve the problem?

Together, our in house photography team and home stylist contacts boast years of experience when it comes to presenting your property. Our aim is to highlight the best features of your ski chalet, to attract the maximum amount of guests. But we also have to ensure your listing is as honest and accurate as possible, so that all guest expectations are met on arrival.

A dining room table at Chalet Ibusta staged beautifully with cutlery, crockery and glassware.
Our home-stagers enhance the features of your chalet to present it beautifully on the website for guests.

5. Suggested listing sites

We advertise all of our properties across a variety of OTAs, including:

Listing on the above-recommended sites, which are trusted by guests, helps your listing reach a wide, international audience.

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Advertising and running your ski chalet can be daunting, so if you’re looking for rental solutions, have a look at how OVO Network can help here. Alternatively, leave us a message on +33(0)4 56 67 42 13.

For further reading about running your rental business, visit the ‘Owner’ section of our blog to find out more.

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