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How and Why to Apply for the Accueil Vélo Label

Properties in the French Alps that provide suitable facilities and services for cyclists are eligible to be awarded the coveted Accueil Vélo label.

In this blog post, we’re exploring some facts about tourism and cycling and highlighting the many benefits of attaining the accreditation. We’ll also explain what you need to provide at your property to qualify and how the application process works. 

Fun cycling tourism facts

Did you know that…

  • 21 million French nationals cycle during their holidays
  • France is the second most popular cycling destination in the world after Germany
  • Cycling is the second most popular outdoor activity in Savoie Mont Blanc
  • In Haute Savoie, there are approximately 3000 kilometres of cycling routes
The French Alps is the perfect location for active guests to explore.

Why should you apply?

Aside from the above, this information from the I&D tourist office also explains some of the advantages of the Accueil Vélo label:

“The number of bicycle tourists is increasing and this trend continues to grow every year. Accueil Vélo is helping to make France the world’s number one destination in the world for bicycle tourism by 2030.

This small green logo, widely recognisable by the general public and sportsmen, ensures high visibility as well as the promise of a quality welcome for cyclists and mountain bikers in France. In Europe, this promise is carried by similar brands.”

I&D tourist office

Not only this, achieving the label for your property may additionally help to increase low-season bookings.

How do you apply for the Accueil Vélo label?


You must meet these basic criteria before applying:

  • Your property must be situated under 5 kilometres from the nearest cycling route
  • Your property also needs to have an official classification.

This handy in depth guide explains who can apply for the label, what the advantages are and how to apply.

What kind of equipment is it necessary to provide?

To properly cater for cyclists and achieve the Accueil Vélo label, you’ll need to provide the following facilities at your property:

  • A bicycle rack or wall rack
  • An outlet for guests to recharge electric bikes 
  • A bicycle repair kit
  • A brush
  • A water supply – a hose is sufficient, as long as there’s a bicycle rack adjacent so that guests don’t have to clean their bikes on the floor.
  • Alternatively, a cleaning kit that doesn’t require water is also an option – as long as it allows guests to adequately clean and take care of their bikes.
This example from Chalet Crechoua is a fantastic example of how to turn an unusual space into a practical storage area for bikes.

Services and information

You’ll need to put together all the relevant information that cycling tourists might need to meet the standards required for the Accueil Vélo. This should comprise:


  • Details regarding nearby cycling routes – check out our comprehensive blog post about Cycling in the Alps for some useful pointers
  • Information about service providers, such as bike repair shops and taxi transfer services for bikes
  • Consider putting together a small booklet full of all the kinds of useful information that cyclists might need – you can find all the necessary details in your local tourist offices.


  • Your property will need a reliable internet connection so that guests can easily plan their itineraries
  • If your property manager offers food services of any kind, ask for healthy options to be made available.

What does the Accueil Vélo application process entail?

  • It costs 90 euros to apply and is valid for three years once obtained
  • You’ll initially apply by filling out the application form – we’re more than happy to assist our partner property owners complete the form
  • You’ll then agree upon a date with the organisation for a visit and inspection of your property
  • As long as you comply with all of the mandatory criteria, the certificate and the accreditation logo will be delivered to you on the same day!

If you’re interested in obtaining the Accueil Vélo label, get in touch with the organisation here.

Alternatively, owners looking for a hassle-free business solution for their property in the French Alps can get in touch with our friendly sales team on (+33 (0)4 56 67 42 13) or try our rental yield calculator to see how much you could earn……

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