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The top 4 things to do in Argentière

Located less than twenty minutes from the centre of Chamonix, you can find the resort of Argentière. Famed for world-class advanced skiing and incredible views of Les Grands Montets, it’s no wonder this spot is so popular amongst mountaineers from over the globe. But, what else is there to do there other than skiing and boarding?

We asked our team members from Chamonix about their favourite things to do in Argentière. Here’s what they chose…

It’s worth acknowledging that Argentière is primarily a hub for extreme skiing. The main bulk of activity may require you to drive elsewhere, however, we’ve narrowed down some activities that are as nearby as possible…

1. Visit Emossan Dam

Although not in Argentière itself, you’ll be in a great location to visit the Emossan Dam. This trip will require you to cross the border either by driving or by taking the Mont Blanc Express towards Martigny and get off at Chatelard.

Click here to find out more about this experience including how to get there, information about the dam and even where you can find dinosaur footprints!

2. Biking

There are a whole range of road cycling routes on your doorstep when you stay in Argentière. To follow some routes exactly, you may need to travel to nearby start points or get public transport. But there are plenty that pass through Argentière.

Road cycling in Argentière

The Chamonix to Col des Montets route is one of the most famous for road cyclists, which passes through Argentière. You can adapt the ride so that you start and finish in Argentière if this suits you.

Another recommended route is Col des Montets – Barrage du lac d’Émosson Loop from Chamonix – Aiguille du Midi. Again, this route passes through Argentière and as it is a loop, you can be flexible with start and endpoints.

Mountain biking in Argentière

For mountain bikers, we would recommend Le Planet – Le Tour trail. It’s 4.6km in distance with an elevation gain of 155m, so it’s one for advanced bikers. Find out more about the trail here.

If you want to find out more about cycling in Chamonix, then take a look at this guide. Also, if you need to organise bike hire for your stay in Argentière, take a look at the following rental shops:

Winter biking in Argentière

Legend’CHX rent out ‘Fatbikes’, which are heavy-duty bikes that can withstand snowy conditions. This means you can enjoy mountain biking even in the winter months.

Once you’ve rented the bike, Ambition Outdoor can then meet you at the rental shop to take you on a guided tour! Check their website for more information about this service.

Fat bikes are essentially mountain bikes for the snow. The fat wheels have a larger surface area which prevent you from sinking into the snow. Photo by Tim Foster.

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3. Hiking & Snowshoeing

There are plenty of hiking options in Argentière. Hikers will find a variety of trails with a range of difficulties. Some ideas of trails are:

  • Argentière – Logan – Glaciar de Argentiere
    This trail is a bit of a challenging one that’s probably more appealing to more advanced hikers. It takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes but it’s worth it to see the impressive views of the glacier.
  • Argentière – Lac Banc
    Lac Blanc is a must-see attraction when visiting Chamonix or any of the surrounding villages. You can get from Argentière to Lac Blanc on foot in around 2.5 hours, unless you’re making pit stops or detours on the way.
The views whilst hiking to Lac Blanc are unbeatable! Photo by Clémence Bergougnoux.

The best way to discover hiking trails that suit your ability is by asking at the tourist office. They can provide maps, advise on weather conditions and let you know which lifts might be open for your hike.

Winter hiking in Argentière

If you want to continue hiking when the snow arrives in winter, then that’s also possible by hiring snowshoes or ‘raquettes’, which are essentially shoes with a large surface area that you can attach to your feet to avoid sinking into the snow.

Snowshoeing is a great activity for non-skiers or if you have problems with your joints and want to try a gentler exercise on the snow. Ask your local ski hire shop about snowshoe hire or contact Chamonix Guides about guided tours.

4. Cross country skiing

In the winter months why not try a different type of skiing and discover the 15km of nordic ski tracks? Cross country gear can be hired from most local ski hire shops, but remember to book ahead for peak times. A day pass for an adult is 10€ and it’s 5€ for a child.

Find out more via the tourist office website.

Cross country skiing is a great alternative if you want to improve your general fitness but still want to discover the mountains! Photo by Greg Rosenke

5. Eat out

La P’tite Verte

Hearty Savoyarde dishes can be found on the menu at La P’tite Verte, as well as kids’ options and a good selection of entrées and fish. It’s open daily for dinner and they serve lunch as well on the weekend.

Aux Dix Vins

Locally sourced ingredients and French classics make up the menu at this traditional alpine restaurant.

Perfect for filling up after a day on the slopes!

Le Dahu

The core of the menu at Le Dahu is still simple, classic Savoyrade flavours, but with some slightly more refined dishes that may suit guests without children, or those celebrating a special occasion.

Le Stone

If you fancy a different cuisine, you could head to Le Stone wine bar and pizzeria. They serve a variety of pasta dishes, pizza, salads and more.

If you want to discover places to eat outside of Argentière, take a look at our guide to eating out in Chamonix.

How to get to Argentière

Getting to Argentière from Chamonix centre is fairly simple. It’ll take you around 15 minutes in a car, depending on traffic.

Alternatively, you can take the bus to Chamonix, which passes through Argentière.

If you want to learn more about getting to the Chamonix area from the U.K. then take a look at our blog post about how to get there by plane, train or car.

So, there you have our top 5 things to do in Argentière! If you’re looking for a few more activities to fill your itinerary, then our other pages about Chamonix may be useful to you…

Also, make sure to browse our selection of hand-picked partner properties in Argentière here.

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