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8 ways to boost your chalet rentals

With the arrival of spring, holidaymakers are planning their trips for the May holidays and the months to come. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to increase your rentals throughout the year!

OVO Network has put together eight tips to help you increase the number of nights booked by holidaymakers.

Communicate efficiently 

It is vital that you are quick to answer enquiries from potential guests. If they want to check the availability of your chalet or ask you any questions about their stay, they expect a fast response. This will speed up their decision about their holiday chalet and prevent them from booking another property.

That’s why a response within a few hours is recommended to improve your customers’ experience, their confidence in their booking and thus your reputation. That way, you’ll get more rentals!

Similarly, you can offer an instant calendar, which allows holidaymakers to check the availability of your chalet in real-time, and book it without going through the owner. This is very often the more popular choice, as people like to know their holiday is confirmed instantly. However, one consideration with this option is that you won’t interact as much with your guests, and the solution can be difficult to set up and maintain.

Feature something new

If you want to attract more guests or encourage former guests to return to your chalet, it’s a good idea to create something new in your chalet. This can be done in several ways.

One option is to add a specific item such as a painting, a pair of decorative skis, change the colour of a wall or get a new sofa, while a more comprehensive alternative is to completely rethink your decor. You can do this by changing the style of a particular room, or by reviewing the entire interior design of your property. Renovation is an effective way to increase your rental rates and build customer loyalty.

Another way is to think of your decor according to the seasons and events of the year: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, summer, autumn, etc. You can find some tips on how to decorate throughout the year with our Construction & Design archives.

You can also invest in kitchen or wellness equipment. This investment will bring real added value to your chalet and allow your guests to enjoy a unique experience.

The beautiful hot tub at Chalet Meringue, with deck chairs, champagne towels and a great view
The addition of facilities such as a hot tub means you can increase your rental rate and ensure a great experience for your guests. Chalet Meringue – Le Grand Bornand

Take new photos

Improving the visibility of your property is another great way to increase your bookings. The quality of the photographs in your advert is very important. Professional, well-taken photos highlight the quality, atmosphere, space and facilities of your chalet. This allows holidaymakers to picture themselves in the chalet, to fall in love with it and therefore to book.

Try to take photos of each room from different angles to produce a realistic impression that will allow potential guests to get a feel of the place.

If you want to understand more about taking good property photos to increase your rentals, you can read our article: How to make your property photography work.

Sunlight streams through the windows into the living area at Chalet Xanadu in Morzine, where cosy sofas and chairs are arranged in front of the fire
A wide-angle, bright photo allows guests to visualise the room and imagine themselves in your home
Chalet Xanadu Morzine

Review your adverts

Although photos are important, your entire advert needs to be perfectly constructed and written to attract more guests. If you have few bookings, it may be because your advert is not clear and attractive enough. Make sure it gives all the information that holidaymakers need, highlighting all the features of the chalet, its facilities, availability and prices. And, as mentioned earlier, great photos help to illustrate this and make people fall in love with your property.

Other information might also be appreciated by holidaymakers, such as places to visit and activities, shops and restaurants, and transport.

If all these elements are explained in a clear and visual way, your advert will attract new guests and ensure a successful experience.

A hiker stops for a break near a mountain stream
Giving guests information on great walks near your chalet can attract holidaymakers with a sense of adventure
©Office du Tourisme

Update your rates 

Another reason for a low booking rate could be the rates. Ask yourself these questions: Do your rates compare well with the market price? Is your property too expensive? Are your rates competitive?

You can answer these questions by looking at the prices charged by your competitors, which will help you adjust yours accordingly. However, you will need to ensure that you maintain a rate above your floor price, which is the minimum price at which your rental business becomes profitable.

Also, bear in mind that it may be worthwhile to make special offers at certain off-peak times. It is better to rent at a lower price than to leave your chalet empty! You could offer discounts for certain dates, or for last-minute bookings. It is also common to price according to the season: high season, low season and intermediate season (depending on the region).

Don’t hesitate to contact professional property advisors, who will help you to propose rental prices in line with your chalet, which will convince holidaymakers and thus get you more bookings, all while maximising your rental income.

Open your calendar for short stays 

Another way to secure more bookings is to open your calendar to short stays, rather than limiting bookings to entire weeks.

This also targets holidaymakers who are looking for accommodation for a weekend or just a few days. This strategy can help you to expand your customer base and increase the number of bookings. It is also a good way to fill any gaps in your calendar. To avoid a loss of income, it is important that your pricing strategy is in line with your costs and objectives.

Once again, professional advice can help you develop your project and maximise your rental income.

A booking diary open on a table
Organising your rental calendar will help you increase your income

Highlight the benefits for certain guest types

It might help you attract more guests if you allow small children and/or pets.

If you state clearly in your advert that your chalet is pet-friendly, it will give you more exposure to pet owners who may be looking for holiday accommodation where their four-legged friends are welcome.

As far as children are concerned, it is important to provide all the necessary facilities for their safety, meals, bedding, games and activities. You can also mention these facilities in your advert to attract holidaymakers who are looking for a family-friendly property.

At OVO Network, if your chalet is equipped for younger children, you can obtain the Cool for Kids label. This will allow you to be listed alongside the family-friendly chalets and thus increase your visibility.

Two young children sledging in the mountains, wearing snowsuits, hats and sunglasses
Adapting your rental for children will allow families to spend unforgettable holidays with their children – Pexels

Change your marketing strategy

Our final and perhaps most crucial tip for increasing your bookings is to change your marketing strategy. This includes the points listed above but is mainly about your booking method.

With many owners deciding to rent out their second home when it’s unoccupied, the competition is fierce! That’s why it’s crucial to adopt a professional marketing strategy. That’s why we recommend trusting rental experts! The property advisors at OVO Network, can help you own a successful holiday rental business and enhance the resale value of your property while hardly lifting a finger.

Through our website and our multi-channel marketing, we do everything possible to improve the visibility of your chalet, thanks to quality adverts, professional photos and optimal referencing. This is reflected in our results, with an annual occupancy rate for our partner chalets of 78%!

By applying these tips, you can improve your guests’ experience, increase your online profile and attract more bookings throughout the year.

If you own a chalet in the Alps, then contact one of our advisors, who will be able to answer any questions you may have and help you with your rental business.

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