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30+ Ways to Save Energy at Your Holiday Rental Property

Looking for ways to save energy at home and in your holiday rental property? In this post, we’re outlining a plethora of energy-saving options with simple, accessible tips for both owners and guests. Although our focus is on chalets in the French Alps, there are plenty of useful tips in this guide for owners of all types of properties.

Read on to discover numerous ways to save energy at home…


With below freezing outdoor temperatures in the French Alps for many months, guests expect to return to a warm, toasty chalet!

What can you do?

  • Plan different thermostatically controlled zones for guest bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Set the communal areas thermostat to a comfortable daytime temperature during the winter.
  • Add plenty of cosy carpeting and plush rugs to your floors to encourage heat retention.
  • Provide thermal blinds and curtains for insulation in the evenings and through the night.
  • Check seals on windows, doors and fireplace dampers, and update or repair where necessary before each winter season.

What can you ask guests to do?

  • Encourage guests to raise the temperature in slow increments.
  • Ask them to lower the thermostat when leaving the property for long periods rather than leaving windows open.

Water Heating

An essential for warm baths, steaming hot tubs and laundry after time on the slopes!

What can you do?

  • Regularly check the condition of your hot water pipes for drips or leaks.
  • Ensure that all pipes are well insulated. 
  • If your property will be unoccupied for a longer stretch of time, turn off your water heater if safe to do so, otherwise lower the maximum temperature to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Set a maximum temperature on your water heater.

What can you ask guests to do?

  • Leave tips for guests on colder and more eco-friendly laundry settings.


Although the French Alps are chilly in winter, in the summer season temperatures can reach balmy highs of 35°C, so you will need to factor in efficient cooling systems, too. 

What can you do?

  • To ensure your cooling system is running at its best, schedule regular air filter changes.
  • Make sure that your property has adequate wall insulation.
  • An adjustable thermostat will allow comfortable temperatures to be set through the day and night in communal zones.

What can you ask guests to do?

  • Ensure external doors and windows are closed when an air conditioner is running for maximum efficiency.
  • Interior doors should be left open where possible to let cool airflow throughout the property.
  • Many Alpine chalets are fitted with shutters. Encourage guests to close the shutters if they go out for the day, to keep the hot air out of the property as much as possible. Windows can then be opened in the evenings to allow the cooler mountain breezes to cool the interior temperature.


You want to provide quality appliances to ensure a fuss-free and pleasant stay. Leave easy to follow instructions for guests on how to save energy at home when using them, especially for more complex appliances.

What can you do?

  • Always check the ratings and opt for energy-efficient appliances where possible.
  • Provide drying racks for guests to air dry laundry in the warmer seasons.
  • Check the temperature and door seals on your fridges and freezers.
  • Ensure that the lint filter in your dryer is regularly cleaned on each changeover day to avoid build-up.
  • Provide a range of appliances for food preparation as well as an oven, so that guests can use smaller, more energy efficient machines such as toasters and microwaves where appropriate.


Think entertainment systems for cosy nights in, plus plenty of accessible charging points throughout for phones and laptops, including in dedicated working spaces. 

What can you do?

  • Provide extension leads for guests so they can easily plug all their electronics in and simply turn them all off once they’re finished.
  • Make sure televisions in your property have good energy efficiency ratings.

What can you ask guests to do?

  • Put reminder notes in your rental property for guests to turn off battery chargers once they’ve finished charging. 


Ambient lighting is a great way to create an attractive atmosphere throughout your indoor and outdoor spaces, and there are some really simple ways to save energy at home with the bulb choices you make.

What can you do?

  • Replace any incandescent lights with LED alternatives.

What can you ask guests to do?

  • Remind guests to turn off the lights when they leave the room or property.


Windows are simply the best way to flood your spaces with natural light, and simultaneously frame those impressive views of the surrounding landscapes.

What can you do?

  • Check windows are as energy-efficient as possible, and that double or triple glazes units are appropriate for the altitude.
  • Ensure any gaps are sealed with caulk or silicone.
  • If necessary, use draft excluder.

We hope these tips have been helpful! We advise you to have your manager perform a thorough walkthrough and explanation of your property and its features with new guests, and demonstrate how to efficiently manage the heating.

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This content was written in collaboration with Porch.

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