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OVO Network’s expert chalet rental solution

Are you in need of a professional chalet rental solution to boost your business and increase your earnings? Despite running a successful chalet rental for several years, have you recently observed a decline in bookings? Perhaps your chalet is full during the winter season but you wish to generate more income in the summer and off-peak periods…

Are you spending too much time managing guest requests or struggling to keep up with the growing competition in your resort? Do you feel that your website or online listings are underperforming?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or know that your chalet has untapped potential, there’s no need to worry. OVO Network offers a solution that allows you to own a successful holiday rental business and enhance the resale value of your property, while hardly lifting a finger.

Discover how we can help you transform your business today…

Desperate stressed businesswoman sitting on the floor surrounded by crumpled paperwork
Reservations, maintenance, contracts, rental ads, taxes, renovations, tenant requests… It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re offering your chalet for rent

Unlocking success with OVO Network

OVO Network is the leading rental management platform for top-of-the-range properties in the Alps. Our aim is to improve your business by:

  • Taking care of your rental advertisements;
  • Boosting occupancy rates;
  • Managing stays and schedules;
  • Communicating with guests;
  • Drawing up rental contracts;
  • Maximising your revenue.

In fact, these are just some of the tasks that OVO Network can take care of for you. Get in touch to find out how we can tailor our solution to your needs…

The perfect match: who can benefit most from OVO Network?

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results when owners are open to embracing our approaches and strategies. And by trusting our 10+ years of experience, we can build a strong partnership and help you achieve remarkable success.

If the following points align with your values, OVO Network presents itself as an ideal solution for your needs…

You value industry knowledge

At OVO Network, we diligently track market trends and maintain constant communication with key stakeholders in tourism and the region. Plus, we take pride in sharing our valuable findings with our esteemed owners.

Through our unwavering commitment, we have fostered dedicated teams specialising in various domains that continually evolve. Our workforce of over 40 employees comprises experts in sales, rental management, marketing, IT development, revenue management, and other crucial areas. Their expertise and specialisation enable us to deliver exceptional services and stay at the forefront of our industry.

Our ultimate goal is to leverage our experience, skills, and global market perspective to empower your chalet to generate exceptional rental income.

Pleased business man relaxing at his desk in an open-plan office
Sit back and relax while OVO Network takes care of your all rental management issues

Uncover your chalet’s rental income with OVO Network’s expert management, providing you with extra time, and peace of mind, while saving you money.

You recognise the potential of advanced technology

Powered by our own in-house technology, OVO Network can anticipate evolving demands and effortlessly adapt to a dynamic online landscape.

Our innovative system seamlessly connects property owners with holidaymakers, optimising holiday rentals, occupancy rates, and rental income for our partners. With detailed listings, we empower individuals to effortlessly secure their dream rental with just a few clicks, delivering a streamlined online experience tailored to their needs.

For property owners, we have crafted a dedicated online platform that equips them with all the necessary tools to efficiently manage their chalet. If you’re eager to hear more about our Property Management System, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Man holding a digital pictures of business graphs
As the premier chalet rental platform in the Alps, OVO Network provides unparalleled exposure for your chalet, ensuring maximum visibility

You’re willing to rely on us for pricing recommendations

As you reach out to us about pricing, consider this fundamental question: Is it more advantageous to rent for a few weeks each year at high rates or every week at lower rates?

Ultimately, the answer lies in a combination of both approaches. In reality, the key is to maximise the number of rented weeks throughout the year while setting an appropriate price. Overall, you want to avoid overselling, or underselling your offering.

Our team of revenue managers utilise our digital solution to devise a tailored strategy for each owner. Through this, they provide recommendations for opening your calendar, as well as detailed pricing advice.

By aligning your chalet with its target audience and maximising its occupancy rate, you can ensure the ultimate goal: increasing your rental income.

Close-up of a hand holding blocks spelling out the word GOAL over a large pile of coins
OVO Network‘s mission is to advise you on how to set realistic, achievable targets, help you manage your chalet and maximise your rental income

You hold the guest experience in high regard

At OVO Network, we believe in creating more than just a place to stay. Together with our partners, we curate extraordinary moments that leave a lasting impact on our guests. From the first engagement with our platform to the moment they bid farewell to your chalet, every step counts.

Say goodbye to the hassles of endless communication between owners and holidaymakers, language barriers, round-the-clock availability, and the complexities of managing pre-arrival documents. With our efficient platform, holidaymakers enjoy a stress-free booking experience, and owners can relax with the knowledge that we have everything covered.

Our approach includes a warm welcome from dedicated property managers, a thoughtful welcome basket, and personalised recommendations for exceptional experiences. All of this contributes to loyal, returning guests, positive reviews and a smooth operation for the owner.

A couple on the balcony of their chalet wave at friends on the piste
The most important thing for your guests is the customer experience – quick and easy bookings, contact with the manager and the team, and a warm welcome

You appreciate the importance of guest reviews

We place special emphasis on the quality of the chalets we provide to our holidaymakers, as well as the care taken by them towards the properties they book. To ensure this, we carefully consider all the feedback and comments from our guests regarding their stay, experience, and the chalet itself.

Similarly, we encourage our owners to do the same by maintaining or renovating their spaces, and replacing damaged items such as broken appliances or furniture. Your chalet deserves to be in impeccable condition, meeting the highest standards for your guests.

A hand holding a smiley face above dice showing five gold stars
Guest reviews will help you improve the customer experience at your chalet, as well as gaining online visibility and credibility

If this has made you reconsider your business approach and you’re ready to partner with a reputable leader in rental management, with a collection of over 180 partner properties across the Alps, then it’s time to take action and reach out to us.

If you need a little more time to think about it, we invite you to fill in our rental income calculator to estimate how much you could earn with OVO Network.

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