Property Management in Samoens

Our professional property managers in Samoens offer peace of mind for owners and their guests

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Looking for an alternative to Airbnb?

If you’re looking for a professional property management service in Samoens then OVO Network can help. We’ve partnered with the best property managers in our resorts to support chalet owners looking for peace of mind through a complete rental solution.

Selection Process

Every manager is selected for their expertise, approach & contacts

Training Programme

Bespoke training ensures a consistently high level of service

Manager Charter

Managers Charter maintains quality for your home and your guests

Regular Feedback

Regular guest feedback to monitor delivery


Owners have access to the training programme to provide clarity


Advice on management pay structure in every resort

Finding the perfect Property Manager in Samoens

Renting out your chalet in Samoens can feel like a big step - who will manage it, who will meet the guests and who will handle any problems? The solution to all of this is a professional property management service - someone who will give you complete peace of mind that your home is being well cared for and who will give exceptional service to your guests.


Bespoke Training

But finding an experienced property manager with the right approach and contacts can be difficult. Now OVO Network is helping chalet owners in Samoens by partnering with the best property management services in the resort. For those new to property management, we’ve developed a bespoke training programme to equip them with all the skills and knowledge they need to deliver a high end chalet service.

We’ve been working with four and five star chalets across the French Alps for the last 10 years and know what makes an outstanding property manager. Developed and delivered by our expert trainers, the training covers everything from the guest welcome and concierge services to problem solving and cleaning protocols.

In addition, every manager signs our Managers Charter, committing to deliver the minimum service level we ask for. Our owners too benefit from access to the training, enabling all-round visibility of the roles and responsibilities.


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