La Clusaz piste map

La Clusaz piste map showing all the ski runs

Discover the ski area of La Clusaz with this full-sized map

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La Clusaz piste map - winter ski slopes and ski trails

Not sure how to get from La Clusaz centre to the best ski area for you?

Try Beauregard for beginners and family fun, complete with restaurants for those who need a break and more challenging pistes if the greens get to easy.

Cret du Merle provides access to the snowpark and is easily accessible from town, ensuring you're never far away if you need to get back quickly.

Take a bus or the lifts to Manigod areas of Merdassier and Croix Fry for a great variety of tree-lined runs and something for all levels, including a mini snowpark.

Thrill seekers might prefer La Balme and l'Etale for off-piste powder and steeper terrain. All these areas are included in the standard La Clusaz lift pass, and with such a vast ski area, many of our guests find that they have all the fun they need on whichever peak of La Clusaz is closest to their accommodation.

Remember to always check the weather before heading out for the day.


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