Meet the team: Danielle Goodman – Lifestyle and food blogger

Over the years OVO Network has grown from a small operation with just three team members to today’s team of 20+, all experts in their field. In this series we will meet the whole team and find out what makes them all tick. First up is one of our resident bloggers, Dani.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am an adventure seeking food lover who happens to be a parent of two beautiful boys. I have a background in extreme sports coaching and I’m passionate about health and nutrition. If I’m not cooking up a storm in the kitchen you can find me in the great outdoors, biking, trail running or doing yoga.
Female snowboarder riding an open off piste run with blue skies overhead and a snow covered mountain in the background
Chef pour a golden yellow sauce over brie and sultana toasts

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging when people started asking for my recipes. I realised I had written so many down that it might be easier to get them all in one place. At the same time, I got my Canon EOS 600D camera and I fell in love with taking photos of my creations. I felt I could really capture the essence of the food in a natural, unstaged way. The combination of the two led me to start blogging. Then I realised I had much more to talk about than just food. My passions are so varied and creative, it made sense to write about it all.

Favourite recipe?

I don’t think I have just one favourite recipe. I love making and eating Lebanese and Mediterranean food. It’s great for sharing, as well as being so colourful and full of beautiful fresh flavours. I also love making a good sponge cake, coming up with different flavour combinations that surprise and intrigue people!

A block of feta seasoned with chopped green herbs, sesame seeds and a purple wild clover

In winter what would you be riding?

I’m one of the few boarders at OVO Network and I ride a GNU Pickle. It’s great fun off piste and it’s super responsive, which gives me a lot more confidence exploring the tight tree runs of La Clusaz.

What item do you always have with you when on the hill?

I always take a snack or two. Normally a homemade energy bar, a piece of fruit and a good handful of mixed nuts.

In summer where would we find you?

In my life BC (before children) you would find me on my mountain bike ripping up the enduro tracks in La Clusaz. In the evenings I’d be playing tennis and enjoying a BBQ with a glass of rosé by the lake, or in the back garden. These days there is a little less time for biking and tennis, but they’ve been replaced by small human adventures, like bear hunts in the woods!

What do you love most about the Aravis?

My 20s consisted of winters in the mountains, skiing and snowboarding, then summers by the sea, windsurfing and mountain biking. Here in the Aravis I get the best of both worlds. I get to ski in the mountains in Winter and in Summer I can enjoy the beach vibe by the lake!

What do you do when you’re bored?

Life in the mountains with two young boys is rarely boring. However, if I do get bored…. I’d probably end up perusing Pinterest for inspiration for new recipes and interior design, or taking the chance to do a quick work out!  

Tips and favourites in the Aravis

Where is your favourite area to ski?

I am a massive ‘off piste’ fan. When I get out you can usually find me hiking up to the top of l’Etale in La Clusaz and finding fresh tracks down Happy Valley. Tetras is also a strong contender. It is so varied, fun and challenging – it never gets boring.  

Where can you find the best view?

I love the view from Les Confins back down towards La Clusaz. It changes so much through the seasons. It’s particularly stunning when there is a storm brewing; it’s strangely calming and exciting at the same time!  

What is your favourite walk in the summer?

This is a hard one! We have a dog with lots of energy so we get out for walks a lot. My favorite is probably the walk from La Clusaz up to Beauregard, Le Blé. It can be quite a challenging walk with a lot of steep sections, but you get rewarded at the top with a great view, and a nose numbing French cider at Le Piste Bleu.

Our son, Jasper, is two and he loves walking and exploring. A great place to let him burn off lots of energy is the family trail along the river in Le Grand Bornand. The river is lovely and there’s an assault course along the way. We have a lot of fun hunting for snails and jumping over rocks!

What is the must-see place on a holiday in the Aravis?

It’s a must that you go for a walk around the Col des Aravis. In both winter and summer it’s a beautiful hike or snowshoe, and the views are second to none.

What is your favourite restaurant?

We have had some great family meals at La Ferme. It is popular all year round for great reason! The restaurant is full of character and the staff are always lovely. We have gone for meals there with both our boys ( a 2 year old and the other 3 months old), as well as our dog, and they have been very welcoming (and understanding…).

Your favourite Savoyard dish?

Being vegetarian in the Savoie is not easy. I’m not a great cheese or potato person either, so this means most savoury dishes are out! Since having children I have developed more of a sweet tooth though and I’m a sucker for a Tarte au Noix. Although, being a picky cake person, it has to be just right – toasted walnuts covered (not drowning) in a caramel that has been taken to just before burning point and lightly topped with a touch of flaky sea salt. I don’t ask for much!

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