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Who Do Property Managers Need In Their Local Network?

To ensure a rental business runs like clockwork, property managers should assemble a network of trusted service and maintenance providers. Having systems and procedures in place to deal with any issues quickly and effectively is vital for a positive customer experience and therefore fundamental to maintaining the good reputation of the business.

In this post, we’ll be advising on the kinds of providers to consider utilising and offering a variety of relevant, practical tips for property managers. 

Key considerations

  • Many property owners will have an established set of local connections and preferred providers in place. So make sure you have this discussion before sourcing your own. 
  • Sometimes, property managers and/or owner-managers opt to undertake certain roles themselves. If that’s the case, make certain that you have time and availability to take on additional tasks on changeover day. If not, having a trusted network who do is imperative. 
  • Having strong relationships with other local property managers is extremely beneficial for sharing information on service providers in the area. 
  • Consider that weather conditions in the mountains can make certain service and maintenance tasks a lot more challenging! For example, access for large vehicles can become limited. Ensure that you’re well prepared for all possible eventualities. 

Gardens and snow clearing

  • To prepare the properties’ grounds for the summer season, you’ll likely want to employ gardening services in spring. If the property owner doesn’t already have a gardener, you’ll need to locate a reputable local service with adequate availability. 
  • Additionally, some properties, especially those at higher altitudes, will also require regular snow clearing. This is a health and safety consideration, so prepare for the winter well in advance by locating a snow clearing service.

Fires and chimneys

  • The property you manage should be equipped with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Detectors need to be checked weekly by pressing the test button, while fire extinguishers require an annual check to be carried out by a licensed inspector. 
  • If the property has a fireplace, it will require routine sweeping before each winter season. You should also be scheduling regular log deliveries to ensure sufficient stock levels. 

Pools and hot tubs

  • It’s essential for hot tubs and pools to be professionally maintained for reasons of health and safety. The type of pool or jacuzzi will usually dictate the level of service required. 
  • Clear, detailed instructions should be provided for guests on the safe use of hot tubs
  • Often, the company that supplied or installed the pool or hot tub can provide relevant maintenance contracts.
  • You’ll also need to perform regular upkeep, which will require a level of training. This can also often be provided by the supplier, or the property owner may be able to offer guidance on proper maintenance procedures.

Cleaning and linen

  • You’ll need to have a dependable, thorough cleaning team in place and set up a precise schedule and scheme of tasks within given time frames. 
  • Again, owners might already have a linen service. For those with smaller properties, this may fall into the property manager’s role. 
  • If not, you’ll need to source a well-regarded provider. Some services offer delivery at cost, otherwise, dropping off and picking up linen may be a part of your role. 

General maintenance services

  • A team of specialist maintenance services you can call on is crucial to the smooth running of a rental property. This should include an electrician, heating engineer, service contract/ technician, a plumber and of course, an all-round handy person!

We hope this post has provided you with a good understanding of the key providers that you’ll need within your network to support your role as a property manager. You can also discover a wealth of additional guidance on becoming a property manager within our OVO Network accredited training programmes.

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