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How to Attract Hikers to Your Ski Chalet

The global adventure tourism market is set to generate a huge $1,169.09 billion by 2028 according to Allied Market Research. And the growing trend of valuing time spent in nature enjoying crisp, fresh air has only increased since Covid. So it makes sense to target these types of tourists by providing suitable hiking accommodation within beautiful destinations.

In this post, we’ll discuss several ways for owners to attract hikers to their ski chalets in the French Alps.

Signpost key hiking attractions 

  • Put yourself in the shoes of potential guests looking for hiking accommodation – what would you want to see? Think stunning natural beauty spots and prominent local landmarks. 
  • Offer an area guide within your property and provide leaflets and maps of nearby attractions suitable to hikers. 
  • Many properties in the French Alps enjoy an abundance of breath-taking trails, which are a real draw to tourists. Do point these out, as they could be a key selling factor for your property, especially in off-peak season. 
  • Check out this brilliant example: Chalet Riparian sits just above La Clusaz village and has a picturesque walking trail to a nearby museum (website in French only). 
View of the walking path on the other side of the bridge from the chalet.
View of Chalet Riparian from the walking trail.
  • Familiarise yourself with your properties’ surrounding walking trails and their difficulty levels, and provide the relevant information to guests. 
  • If you have a blog or website, include plenty of hiking information and be prepared to respond to potential questions. 

Provide walking equipment 

  • Offering walking sticks, backpacks, first aid kits and reusable water bottles that guests can help themselves to will be a big draw for those seeking hiking accommodation.
  • Including a picnic kit is also a thoughtful idea for those who are looking to try beginner routes. Alternatively, simply offering some Tupperware containers that guests can take their own packed lunches out in will be appreciated.
  • For repeat guests, instead of offering a welcome basket, why not put on a guided walking activity with a local provider? This kind of personal touch is exactly the type of thing that guests value and look back on fondly.

Create space for kit

  • Guests on the hunt for hiking accommodation will appreciate a dedicated space in the property to store equipment, shoes, coats and suchlike. This is especially true if your property is located somewhere near muddy, off-road walking trails. 
  • Many ski chalets already have allocated ski rooms, which are the perfect solution to store guests’ kit in the summer.

Recommend related activities and wellness information

  • Those looking for hiking accommodation are likely to be active guests who may be keen to try other outdoor activities. These include things like cycling, trail running, wellness activities and water sports. 
  • Make sure you communicate to guests the variety of pursuits available out of doors in your local area. This is also a fantastic way to attract repeat guests returning to try out new and novel activities next time!
  • This type of guest may also be health-conscious, so point them in the direction of your closest bio or health food shop. And recommend restaurants with nourishing, nutritious dishes on the menu to enjoy after a long day spent hiking.

Welcome furry friends

  • Holidaying with pets is also becoming far more commonplace, especially with higher levels of domestic travel since Covid.
  • Walking or hiking holidays are the ideal opportunity for guests to bring along dogs. Providing things like collapsible dog bowls and water bottles, dog waste bags and yummy treats is a considerate touch that will also help to attract loyal guests.
  • Make sure you note down all of the best routes for dog walks in your area. You could also offer up your own personalised recommendations and top tips that will appeal to guests in search of hiking accommodation.

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