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Property Management courses part 2 -Hospitality cleaning and set up

Completing a changeover day efficiently, under Covid protocols, can be hard work. That’s why we have created bespoke property management courses to help! In this blog, you can learn more about our hospitality cleaning course. This course covers how to prepare and present rental properties for guests with high expectations.

Course 2 is delivered insitu by our experienced trainers. Candidates will have access to tools, techniques and protocols to ensure every holiday gets off to a sparkling clean start! 

Read on to find out more about our hospitality cleaning course…

Why are property management courses necessary?

We want our future property managers to benefit from the skills of our existing managers. Consistency is key, so we aim to share the experience, tools and resources fine tuned by our management community.

Training Course 2 is also an opportunity for owners and their chalet team to agree on who is responsible for what tasks.

New property managers and cleaners often ask for guidance and support. Course 2 is an opportunity to discuss and agree when and how tasks should be completed.

Similarly to local property management training courses, we teach candidates about protocols and systems that are in line with our own standards and ways of working.

Our Property Manager course encourages managers to use the photography on the property web pages as a guide for set up.
Managers ensure properties are “Guest ready” prior to photo shoots, as in this twin bedroom at Chalet de Paul et Marie in Manigod. Photo shoot assistants check the details before each shot is taken. Chalet teams can then use the images on the website as a set up guide.

Why is guest feedback important?

Guest feedback keeps us all on track, and makes the team’s effort worthwhile. Owners provide the properties, OVO Network provide the guests, and local teams prepare for and support the guests before and during their stay. Guests have the opportunity to provide feedback to everyone, using our feedback questionnaire.

Property managers and their local teams work together to…

  1. Check the property is correctly presented after each stay
    The OVO Network team invests time, effort and care into presenting properties as honestly as possible online. Property Managers can use the websites as a guide when prepping for guests to ensure expectations are met. Happily, feedback often states that the property was exactly as guests expected from the website, or better! 
    In the event of damages or breakdowns, the property manager has a protocol to follow, to ensure the chalet is back to standard for the next guests wherever possible. This means owners can rest assured that their property is being cared for. Our property management courses advise candidates on what to do in these events.
  2. Clean to a high standard
    When coordinated efficiently, changeovers are not difficult or complicated, but they are hard work! Teams feel more motivated when they can see their hard work has paid off, and that guests are happy!
  3. Set up and present the property appropriately
    More often than not, guests comment on the fantastic cleanliness of the property. Similarly, owners like to know their assets are being looked after, and happy guests will come back!

How can you prepare a rental property efficiently?

  • work with a detailed and precise schedule of tasks, and know when the tasks should be completed
  • have a qualified, coordinated and experienced team, who are clear on what is expected in the time available
  • be organised and ensure appropriate products, cleaning materials and tools are available when required
  • give yourself time to get through the designated workload
  • agree in advance on what to check following each departure 
  • prepare the welcome basket
  • complete a final check to ensure that the property is guest ready
  • as an owner- appreciate and recognise the effort made to clean and prepare a property to a high standard

Property managers and their teams know their properties inside and out. Extra final touches and attention to detail make all the difference! Our property management courses will help you identify what to look out for.

Property Management Training Course 2 summary:

  • Where? 

The training is delivered at the rental property. 

  • When? 

Ideally the best time to take the training course is before the first guests arrive. However training works equally well in rental properties that have been operational for some time.

  • What? 

Trainers will work with managers to create a bespoke cleaning schedule for the whole team. Careful planning and execution ensures that guests with high expectations will find properties sparkling clean and ‘just like on the website’ on arrival. 

  • Who? 

Training providers
All our trusted trainers have relevant guest and property management experience, that will be invaluable to candidates.

Property Managers and their teams
To ensure requirements and responsibilities are met, the team will agree on a collective way of working.

Trainers can work with first time, or experienced individuals or groups. The training provides continuity of service across OVO Network, support, and tried and tested systems for property teams, so that guests and properties are well cared for.

  • How much? 

Course 2 costs 250€. The organisation of the course is made directly with the training provider, who will also issue the invoice for the course.

Our property management courses will help you present a property to meet expectations. Just like in this image of a Home Cinema
The Home Cinema / Games room at Chalet Parakima in Manigod will keep the kids entertained for hours. Happily most guests leave the properties as tidy as they find them on arrival. The local teams still have to check all is good to go before new guests arrive, which is where our property management courses will be applied.

How to register for Property Management Training Course 2 – Hospitality Cleaning and Preparing for Guests

You can head to our property management page to find out more, or if you would like to Apply Now, click the button below, register your details and one of our team will get back to you!

Keep an eye out for the next blog in this series which highlights the benefits of becoming and working with an OVO Network accredited manager – from a manager and from an owner point of view.

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