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10 Modern Dining Room Ideas for Your Alpine Property

Are you on the hunt for modern dining room ideas for your holiday rental property? We’ve got just the thing with this selection of chic, small and large dining room ideas from OVO Network properties.

Chalet Alyssum

  • The open-plan dining area in Chalet Alyssum benefits from views of the fireplace and a panorama across the balcony and mountains beyond.
  • Understated yet sophisticated, a light-toned table with brushed grey chairs blends well into the wider space.
  • The table is perfectly positioned to enjoy an abundance of natural light, whilst copper-toned lighting from above brings colour and warmth.


  • Look no further than this industrial-style arrangement at LoftYaute to inspire modern dining room ideas for smaller spaces or apartments.
  • A high table with handy plug sockets attached to the wall is coupled with plush brown bar stools.
  • Natural tones with black accents run throughout the space reflected even in the bespoke stairway and hanging plants beneath, with subtle hints of colour in the wall art.

Chalet Colombine

  • If you’re looking for large dining room ideas, the setup at Chalet Colombine should provide some welcome inspiration.
  • A bright spot with multiple fully glazed sliding doors provides the ideal setting for the expansive 19-seater table.
  • The inset feature fireplace at one head of the table adds a warm glow to sociable mealtimes.

Lodge Alta Clusa

  • Lodge Alta Clusa’s impressive dining space is also ideal for larger groups, with the long table easily seating fourteen.
  • The vast vaulted ceiling only adds to the incredible space and openness of the room, with slatted views from all angles and easy access to the terrace.

Chalet Le Mousqueton

  • Chalet Mousqueton effortlessly achieves desirable open plan living with a colourful, artistic feel.
  • Transparent Perspex ‘ghost’ chairs are not only a stylish addition to this modern dining room idea, but also draw the eye to the architectural table.
  • A slim lighting fixture above the table defines the dining space and ties in with the chairs.

Chalet Woodman

  • Ideally situated between the lounge and kitchen, the joyful dining room in Chalet Woodman continues the sunny colour scheme.
  • The dazzling pendant lighting suspended at various levels above the table is a real statement piece and serves to pinpoint the dining area within the wider space.

Chalet Les Cerises

  • There’s a darker theme with sharp attention to detail in Chalet Les Cerises, with a black radiator, chairs, black and gold artwork and emerald green curtains.
  • The freestanding gold-toned uplighter and fur-covered hanging lighting fixture bring both warmth and a playful edge to the space.

Bleu Infini

  • Blue Infini’s sizeable dining room demonstrates clean lines and arresting contemporary style.
  • Two slim chrome LED circular lights hang from the lofty ceiling to gently illuminate the 16-seater table.
  • Comfortable yet smart tan leather chairs enhance the luxury feel, with plenty of natural light and views provided via the balcony and high glazed panels.

Chalet Victorina

  • The indulgent feel of Chalet Victorina extends to its thoughtfully styled dining room, with rich hardwood flooring, skylights and picture windows.
  • Employing a space with a sloped ceiling is a clever choice, with multiple lights suspended from the gnarled timber beam above the table.
  • A range of darker tones within the furniture and furnishings provide an elegant ambience to the space.

Chalet Riparian

  • Chalet Riparian boasts an inviting, tranquil atmosphere within its dining space, with light-toned wood and white Scandinavian-style chairs.
  • A pair of large statement glass lights hang above the table, whilst the integrated sideboard displays a carefully arranged selection of both decorative and practical pieces.

Hopefully, this post has got your creative juices flowing and filled you with modern dining room ideas to suit your property! If you’re also considering a more conventional Alpine style, you need to check out our post 9 Traditional Dining Room Ideas for Your Alpine Property. Don’t forget to check out our Top Dining Room Ideas for Rental Properties, and for even more, peruse our wide-ranging construction and design archives.

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