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How to Get to La Clusaz from the UK: Everything You Need to Know

With all-year round activities for the whole family, La Clusaz is a great option for your next mountain getaway. In this article we’ll cover how to get to La Clusaz from the UK by plane, train or car, and the pros and cons of each option.

Where is La Clusaz?

La Clusaz is based in the heart of the Aravis ski domain, in the Haute-Savoie region.

How high is La Clusaz?

La Clusaz is based at an altitude of 1100m – 2600m.

How to get to La Clusaz from the UK…

By plane

The best and most efficient way to get to La Clusaz from the UK is to fly directly to Geneva airport. You will find direct flights to Geneva from most UK airports and visitors from Ireland can depart from Dublin. Conveniently, La Clusaz is only one hour’s drive (traffic dependant) from Geneva airport – so for those who don’t like spending too much time on the road, it’s the ideal resort.

What do I need for the journey?

Travelling from Geneva airport to La Clusaz requires crossing the border from Switzerland to France. Usually, you will be able to cross without showing passports or documentation, but it’s a good idea to have these at the ready just in case.

Geneva airport > La Clusaz route:

Map showing the route from Geneva airport to La Clusaz

Equally, Chambery airport is a viable option when flying, as the transfer time to La Clusaz – in most cases, takes under one and a half hours.

Chambery airport > La Clusaz route:

Map showing the route from Chambery airport to La Clusaz

Travellers arriving at Lyon airport and Grenoble airport can expect their onward journey to La Clusaz to take roughly just under two hours.

Lyon airport > La Clusaz route:

Map showing the route from Lyon airport to La Clusaz

Grenoble airport > La Clusaz route:

Map showing the route from Grenoble airport to La Clusaz

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If you’re travelling with younger children, then taking a private transfer from the airport to La Clusaz may be easier for you. As the vehicle is exclusively yours, it means you don’t have to wait at the airport for as long and you won’t have to travel to different stop off journeys.

If you’re a group of friends, or travelling alone, then a shared transfer may be a better option. The benefit of sharing the transfer is that you can keep costs down, but you may be limited to more restrictive timings and longer waits, as well as having more stops on the way.

Here are some transfer companies who can get you from your arrival airport to La Clusaz:

Pros of getting to La Clusaz from the UK by plane:

  • it’s quicker
  • there are plenty of direct flights to nearby airports
  • it’s located close by to a variety of airports

Cons of getting to La Clusaz from the UK by plane:

  • it’s more expensive, especially if you’re taking skis and snowboards
  • you don’t have your own car in resort

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Car hire

Hiring a car is another option, especially if you’d like to have the option to drive whilst in resort, however La Clusaz has an efficient ski bus system in resort, so a car isn’t totally necessary. If you’re flying into Geneva Airport, then it’s worth checking with your car hire provider whether there are any different requirements or pick up points for your vehicle if you’re travelling to France.

However, if you’re visiting in winter and are not confident driving in snow and using snow chains, we probably wouldn’t recommend hiring a vehicle. La Clusaz has plenty to do in the town, which is very pedestrian friendly and there are plenty of ski-in ski-out properties in the area.

By car

Families often prefer driving to their chosen ski destination, and La Clusaz is no different. Driving tends to be a cheaper option, particularly for families of experienced skiers who want to take their own equipment with them on holiday. Also, many of us are now opting to take our pets with us on holiday, so knowing how to get to La Clusaz with your four-legged friend is important too!

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Driving from the UK to France will involve you either boarding a ferry crossing or taking the Eurotunnel.


Getting a ferry from the UK to France will take you from Dover to Calais. The DFDS service runs up to around 15 times per day and takes around an hour and a half.


The Eurotunnel is a great option if you’re travelling with children and pets. None of you have to leave the comfort of your car and the journey to France conveniently takes just under 40 minutes.

Calais to La Clusaz

Map showing the route from Calais to La Clusaz

Both the Eurotunnel and the ferry will arrive in Calais. From there, you will have an onward journey of just over 8 hours (break times not included), therefore it may be an idea to plan in an overnight rest stop along the way, especially if you’re the only driver, or you’re travelling with young kids.

Although driving saves costs when it comes to expensive plane tickets and luggage, do bear in mind that French tolls are frequent and add up quickly. We’d recommend budgeting just under 200 euros for the tolls for your round trip.

What will you need?

There are a few things to consider when driving from the UK to France. For example, you will need headlight converters, as well as other documentation. To get all the details, take a look at the advice on this website.

As mentioned above in the article, driving conditions can be challenging in the mountains. When you’re in the French Alps, you will legally have to carry snow chains in your vehicle and know how to use them safely. Check out this article to learn more about using snow chains.

Please note that the old-style GB stickers are no longer permitted for use outside of the UK. Take a look at this article by the BBC to find out what you need to do.

Pros of getting to La Clusaz from the UK by car:

  • it can be cheaper than flying if you’re travelling as a family
  • you aren’t as restricted with luggage
  • you can be more flexible with timings
  • you have your car with you in resort

Cons of getting to La Clusaz from the UK by car:

  • it takes much longer than flying
  • you need to be a confident driver in trickier conditions
  • at peak times, traffic can make the journey more difficult

By train

Getting to La Clusaz by train is also a feasible option. To do this you would need to take the following route:

  1. London St. Pancras > Paris Gare du Nord Station (Eurostar)
  2. Paris Gare du Nord Station > Paris Gare de Lyon Station (Metro)
  3. Paris Gare de Lyon Station > Annecy
  4. Annecy > La Clusaz (Private transfer or the 62 or 63 bus)

This trip will take you around nine and a half hours.

Pros of getting to La Clusaz from the UK by train:

  • it can be cheaper than flying in some cases
  • there’s the opportunity to easily have a stop over in Paris
  • it’s more eco-friendly

Cons of getting to La Clusaz from the UK by train:

  • it takes much longer than flying
  • you have to make a lot of changes, including the metro, which can be difficult to navigate with ski equipment

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