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Seasonal rental: which are the most profitable weeks of the year?

Do you want to increase the profitability of your chalet in the Alps? The first step is to determine the most profitable weeks of the year, in order to maximise your occupancy rate as well as your rental income. Have a look at this guide …

Winter: the most rentable season

Chalet Riparian in the snow surrounded by woodland
Chalet Riparian in the snow, in La Clusaz, France

Winter is THE season for great rentals! The snow has arrived, and it’s time to get out and enjoy it. Holiday guests are flocking to the mountains and the snowy slopes.

The most profitable week is New Year’s week, as it’s the most expensive week of the year. This is followed by the school holidays in February and Christmas week itself.

It’s worth noting that the most popular weeks with guests are the school holiday weeks.

Generally speaking, rates are as follows:

  • Christmas week is the same price as the two biggest weeks of the February holidays. 
  • The first and last weeks in February are about 15% cheaper than the other weeks in February.
  • New Year’s week is about 5% more expensive than the Christmas and February holiday weeks. 

January is becoming increasingly popular, especially among working people without children who don’t go on holiday in December when prices are higher. It’s also in demand with groups who want to avoid the busy resorts and long queues at Christmas, opting for the quieter slopes in January. 

Note that the addition of extra facilities, such as an indoor pool, hot tub or sauna, means you can expect a higher rate in peak season and make your property more attractive to guests.

According to a recent study of properties listed on our site OVO Network, the addition of a hot tub can generate an additional gross revenue of 21,000€ per year, and sell an average of 25 additional nights per year.

Summer – a Good Rental Prospect

The hot tub at Chalet Tinatha
Chalet Tinatha, in La Clusaz, France

You can increase the profitability of your chalet by offering it for rent during the two summer months.

The last week in July and the first two weeks of August are about 35% cheaper than February. This is enough to attract many holidaymakers during the summer season! These are also the most popular weeks of the summer.

Summer is an increasingly popular period with travellers who love hiking. It’s an ideal time for those who prefer the peace and quiet of the mountains to the heat, hustle and bustle of seaside areas.

More and more resorts are developing activities for guests to enjoy in the summer: swimming, horse-riding, summer sledging, tree-top adventure courses (the mountains are the perfect place for ziplines!), canyoning, rafting, cycling, Nordic walking, via ferrata, paragliding …

If your property is close to any of these summer activities, you will be able to extend your rental season and increase the profitability of your chalet. Ask your local tourist office about activities and facilities available near your property, so that you can recommend them to your guests!

Helpful Tips

The more facilities that your property offers in the summer, the more profitable it will be and the more it will stand out from its competitors.

For example, a swimming pool and a terrace are becoming a must. Make sure you provide garden furniture on the lawn – sun beds, parasols and tables mean your guests can make the most of the outdoor space. An outdoor swimming pool will justify higher rates in summer, but won’t help your winter rent as it won’t be usable.

Spring and Autumn

The outdoor swimming pool and terrace at Villa Flying Dragon in Talloires
Villa Flying Dragon – Talloires, Lac d’Annecy, France.

Outside high season, prices for a week are generally 67% cheaper. In autumn and spring, it is important to set a nightly rate as there is a high demand for short stays.

Prices are very attractive in spring and autumn, and it is still possible to enjoy some of the outdoor activities offered by the tourist office and local service providers.

In La Clusaz, for example, holidaymakers can enjoy beautiful hiking trails, paragliding and via ferrata.

Spring and autumn are also great times to enjoy a break in the great outdoors. Guests can enjoy the spectacular colours of autumn or admire the spring blossom.

Out of season, there are many properties available on the rental market. Extra facilities are a great way to make your property stand out from the competition. They will be a real advantage at a time when demand is lower and there are many chalets available. Note, for example, that an indoor swimming pool can be used all year round, so will justify a higher rent in any season!

In addition, extra facilities often earn a mention in online reviews and comments left by guests, showing that they make their stays more memorable.

To summarise, winter is still the most popular season for holidaymakers, followed by summer and then spring and autumn.

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